*Now were out of the gauken setting and heading into the main series.*

The time was World War 2. Ireland was being approached by England and he requested something of his ex colony,

"Ireland, I have this request for you. Even though your independent from me you're still an English commonwealth, will you join the allies in fighting the Axis?"

"You mean after all of those years of crappy treatment and fighting and bullying me, you want me to join you in the war of the century so you and the others can get all the credit? Feck no! I'm choosing to stay neutral for this one. I joined Germany in World War one, but seeing his crazy boss as well as other things that rub me the wrong way. So I'm not joining his side either this time. But if you want some of me men have offered to volunteer. You can use them with your troops."

"But, France and America are on our side."

"And you and Norway are also part of the Allies. I'm not joining with a side that has people I hate. I'm also not joining the Axis after what they did to some of my friends as well. So go away and just use the volunteers."

England sighed as she went back to reading and he walked away. He soon met up with the other allies and announced his attempt in getting Ireland to join. They all screamed at the same time,


"I'm being honest with all of you. That potato git said she wants to stay neutral and is refusing to join any side at this moment."

America then argued,

"But her soldiers are great I need them as back up."

France entered in,

"I remember her fighting spirit entirely in the 9 years war. She doesn't back down."

"I know you're eager for her to join the allies but she still said no."

Russia lifted his pipe,

"Maybe she'll cooperate if force is used, da?"

"Use that and she won't even let the volunteers join aru."

As they kept on arguing about Ireland not joining Ireland heard the noises from far away.

"They can never learn to accept no can they?"

History time: In WW2 despite still being an independent nation Ireland was still an English commonwealth and part of the UK until 1949. During WW2 Ireland stayed neutral but did allow volunteers to fight for the allies.