There's something about Detective Ryan that just needs a-whumpin'. So here i am, a-whumpin' him again.

I should feel bad.

Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were though there'd be a lot more Salt 'n' Peppa

The lazy afternoon sun glinted off of the windshield as Detective Javier Esposito navigated the twists and turns of a desolate warehouse area in Brooklyn where they'd been sent by Beckett to pick up a potential witness.

It had been a plum assignment, after calling the parole officer their witness was currently attached to, they discovered he'd not checked in for over two weeks now, his parole officer insisted that if his runaway parole was found, that he was called to administer a slap upside his head. It didn't take long before the team discovered that the parolee was currently showing his face in an area of abandoned warehouses, where he once used to smuggle his merch. Odds were he was trying to re-establish himself in the business.

As it was still early Detective Javier Esposito, along with his partner Kevin Ryan, had detoured to his favourite deli for some well earned lunch before heading out. It had been a slow week, a rarity for the 12th Precinct. The respite giving the team a chance to chase up leads on cases almost cold. One such lead had led to Beckett discovering a link to the known smuggler currently serving out his parole, and a murder five years cold.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive.

Detective Kevin Ryan frowned, scratching at his favourite green jacket for the fifth time since they'd left the deli. He sighed. A small moan escaped his lips. He frowned, again, and rolled his head to glare at his partner.

"What?" Questioned Esposito.

"Dude, its ruined." Complained Kevin.

"It's not ruined. It will be if you keep scratching at the fabric though."

"It's all your fault."

"How the hell is it my fault?"

"You were the one who said get that sandwich, you were the one who kept saying 'oh it's the best, bro, oh you really gotta try it, bro.'"

"Is there a point you can get to before I retire?"

"My point, bro, is that you didn't tell me the sandwich was a mission to eat and would end up leaking all over my favourite jacket."

"I told you to put a napkin in your lap."

Kevin turned to fully glare at his partner. Javier, to the best of his ability, kept the smug smile from claiming his face. Kevin's frown deepened. Javier risked a look over. His eyes found Kevin's and he sighed. No one did puppy dog quite like Kevin Ryan.

"I'll get it cleaned for you, bro." Promised Esposito. "It'll be good as new."

"Better be." Said Kevin as he turned to look out the side window as they pulled up underneath an overpass next to their destination warehouse.

The warehouse was old, but sturdy. Having survived decades of abuse and outlived countless companies that had taken up residence within its being. It stood tall and proud against the overpass. If one were to leap from the bridge, they'd find themselves nestled safely on the roof of the grey building. The car parking area was small but deserted, save for the car the two Detectives had arrived in. Javier looked over at Kevin as he exited the vehicle. His partner felt it too. There was barely a soul in sight , despite the warehouse area being mostly deserted since the economic crash, it still unnerved the two detectives.

Kevin's hand fell to rest on his holster as he followed Javier around to the front of the building.

Esposito nodded, pulling out his gun. The two men flanked and advanced in unison, almost like two dancers, hard practiced, in their finest routine.

The entrance to the warehouse resembled an aircraft hanger. The huge doors hung on mechanism's that could pull them apart in seconds. Today though, they were shut tight, the only opening, a small door off to the left of the building. It hung open, swaying lazily in the wind. Kevin gave the signal and they moved in. Javier entered the building first and swung left, Kevin entered and swung right.


"Man, I know this isn't the busiest part of town, but surely there should be someone." Whispered Kevin.

"I know." Whispered back Javier. "Something doesn't feel right."

"Door was unlocked, so there must be people in here."

"Yeah, but what kind of people?"

Kevin held his gun tighter as they began a slow sweep of the bare warehouse floor. The entire expanse was empty, save for a few upturned crates and litter. Javier made his way toward the left of the warehouse. A flight of stairs crawled up the wall. The yellow metal handles old and decaying. Slowly the Detectives climbed each step, at the top a door, thick metal with a hearty lock. Javier gripped the handle as Kevin counted down from three.

They both jumped into the room as one. Besides a few bookcases with what looked like folders and manuals, an old table with nothing but invoices strewn across it and two chairs, the room seemed empty. Just like the rest of the warehouse.

Detective Ryan moved slowly around the table. He holstered his weapon as he whistled low.

"Don't think Beckett'll be interrogating her witness anytime soon."

"Why's that?" Asked Detective Esposito as he moved to join his partner. He stood side by side next to Kevin, gazing down at their missing parolee. The man was lying on his back, eyes opened, bullet holes littered his chest.

Javier knelt beside the body and felt the man's cheek.

"Stone cold. Guess he's been here a while."

"And you couldn't deduce that from the smell, Detective?"

"I'll call it in." Esposito rose and checked his phone. He frowned as he held the offending object up for Ryan to see. "No signal."

"Try outside."

Javier stood in the warm afternoon sun, holding his phone above his head and moving in a slow circle. As Kevin exited the warehouse he fought the urge to take a picture of his partner.

"That, er, helping." He smirked. "At all?"

"No signal."

"No shit."

"I'm guessing its interference from the freeway and all the satellite dishes around here."

"Shouldn't those help boost the signal?"

"I'm not even gonna respond to that." Said Javier as he walked back toward the car.

"What?" Asked Kevin as he jogged to catch up with his partner.

Javier started the engine and headed back out of the warehouse area. His hope that once they hit the residential region he'd be able to call Beckett and get Lanie down to examine the body. He reversed out of the small car park. Paused to put the car in gear and began to move forward. As they turned back out onto the main service road a truck, travelling close to fifty miles an hour, ploughed into the right side of the car. Javier's head hit the side window, sending stars shooting across his vision. The car slid back into the car park it had just left, then caught and rolled as the truck backed off, leaving the smaller vehicle to the mercy of the momentum. Kevin braced his arms against the roof of the vehicle as it took to the sky. Landing hard but upright the car moaned as it lay broken and bleeding in the warm and hazy afternoon sun. One wheel lost to the violence of the collision, rolling by its lonesome out onto the road, falling to rest at the wheels of the truck as two men, weapons loaded and ready, stepped out from the vehicle.


Mu ha ha haaa...evil cliffie