I've decided to start running this fanfic alongside Star Trek: Constance, it takes place a few years after where we currently are in the fanfic, so things are happening that will happen in Constance, but not just yet.

So, without further ado, let's get this started.





The bridge of the ship is badly damaged, looking like it had just gone through a fight as the crew scrambles around, trying to ascertain what happened. The captain, a woman with short white hair and pointed ears groans as she struggles to get to her feet.

"Captain Selva, you shouldn't be moving," a medical officer says, running a medical scanner over a cut on the captain's forehead.

"I'm fine, ensign," Selva says, struggling to get out of the captain's chair. "Commander Eroi, what happened?"

Commander Jaie Eroi, a female Joined Trill answers. "Captain, we managed to make it to the other end of the wormhole, but it was unstable on this end," she says.

"Another stable wormhole Starfleet said, I knew it was too good to be true," Selva says, and then snaps at the medical officer. "Ensign, I'll be fine, go find someone else."

"Captain, I know you Athenans are made of strong stuff, but we have to have your head looked at," the Ensign says, and finally closes the tricorder. "You're fine," he says, and heads off.

"Any idea of where we were dropped off?" Selva asks, directing the question at the Bajoran lieutenant Drash Elia at the helm.

"I'm sorry captain, astrometrics is still down," Elia says worried, but speaks up again a second later. "Information coming in, Captain, this can't be right. Lieutenant Weok, confirm my readings."

"On it," the Bolian science officer says. "Confirmed, captain, according to these readings, we've been transported several million light years. Captain, we are on the far edge of the Triangulum galaxy."

"You're kidding," Selva says, but deep down she knew that they weren't. "Commander Eroi, go and find Commander Tagai. I need to find my daughter."

"Yes ma'am," Jaie says, as the two enter the turbolift.

"Lieutenant Hernandez, you have the bridge," Selva says.















"We may be a long way from home; it may take 300 years to get back to the Federation.

But we will not give up so easily, even if it takes that long, we will survive."



"There she is, Captain Selva, the USS Helen," Elia says to Selva, it was only a few hours before the ship was sent through the wormhole. The Athenan captain is looking through the shuttle's viewscreen up at a long ship with a relatively narrow saucer section, and two long nacelles on top, and a third below. "NCC-97081, Newton-class ship, one of the first of her kind, she's built for long range science missions."

"Amazing," Selva says, picking up an Athenan girl about 6 years old so she can see the ship. "Look there Kaiya, that's our new home."

"Is that your ship, mommy?" Kaiya asks.

"That's right, she's my ship," Selva says.

"Kada was right; she is an inquisitive little girl, isn't she?" Elia says with a laugh.

"Lieutenant, have you, heard anything new about your sister?" Selva asks, and Elia shakes her head.

"No, I'm afraid not," Elia says, looking worried. "It's been 6 months since the Constance went missing, I'm starting to get worried about Kada."

"Will they ever find auntie Kada?" Kaiya asks.

"I hope so," Selva says, as Elia pulls the shuttle into the Helen's docking bay.


"Captain on deck," Commander Eroi, the blonde-haired trill says, standing up out of the captain's chair. "Captain, we're just waiting to receive our orders from Starfleet Command."

"They sent them to me while I was on the shuttle," Selva says, sitting down and taking out a PADD. "Starfleet has picked up what appears to be a stable wormhole in the Estari system, the only concern is that it borders on Romulan territory, and is frequented by Hirogen hunting squads."

"In other words, its par for the course for Starfleet," the second officer Lt. Commander Waseri Tagai, a young Elaysian woman with long brown hair says, as she was more suited to a low gravity environment, she communicated through a holographic system that projected her image throughout the ship. "It's strange; I thought only the Bajoran wormhole was stable because it was artificially created."

"Well, apparently not," Selva says.

"So, where does this new wormhole lead?" Weok asks.

"Starfleet says that it leads to the Andromeda Galaxy," Selva says, which surprises the crew, that was farther away than any Starfleet vessel had gone. "Our mission is to explore as much as we can of the galaxy, and report back to Starfleet."

"So, it's a glorified survey mission," the tactical officer Lieutenant Eric Hernandez, a human man in his 40's says, not looking too thrilled. "It's not exactly a thrilling shakedown cruise."

"Well, it's our mission, we have to accept it," Selva says, and nods to Elia who has taken her seat. "Lieutenant Drash, set a course bearing 235, mark 2, at warp 7."

"Setting course," Elia says, as the Helen jumps to warp.


"Captain, we're entering the Estari system," Elia says as the ship finally reaches its destination.

"Drop out of warp," Selva says; as the ship drops out of warp, in the distance they can see the imposing form of a massive gas giant.

"Captain, picking up the wormhole now," Weok says, as the wormhole opens up in front of them. "Readings are stable, there doesn't appear to be any discrepancies in the readings we are picking up, and the one's you brought back from Starfleet."

"Captain, with all due respect, our ship would be better suited on the front lines against the Klingons or the Shaarot, not on some glorified survey mission."

"Lieutenant, we are out where because we are fulfilling the mission of Starfleet, to explore new worlds and civilizations," Selva says.

"Captain, wait, we're picking something up on sensors," Hernandez says, and slams his fist down on the tactical display. "Captain, it's a Shaarot warship, Korsi-class, they've spotted us and are heading our way."

"The Shaarot, what are they doing here?" Selva says, cursing under her breath in her native tongue. "I thought we were far away from the Central Sphere, how did they pick us up?"

"Detecting structures surrounding the star…" Waseri says, and groans. "It's a Dyson Web, abandoned or automated by the looks of it. I think the ship was here for repairs after the battle at Tewar V, we're just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Lieutenant, set a course into the wormhole," Selva says, getting a look from Elia.

"Captain, are you sure…" Elia says.

"At this point, we don't have much of a choice," Selva says, as the Helen begins to move again.

"They're firing a torpedo!" Eric shouts as the Helen enters the wormhole, just after the torpedo makes contact with the event horizon.


"Captain, I'm getting unusual readings from the wormhole," Weok says, the Bolian seems to be panicking. "Captain, that torpedo must have missed us and destabilized the wormhole, there's no telling where we're going to end up!"

"Maintain heading," Selva says, gripping the armrests of her chair.

"Captain, is that wise?" Waseri says, and then a beeping sound is heard from his console. "Captain, I'm picking up a massive wave of energy heading our way from the Milky Way side of the wormhole."

"Can we outrun it?" Selva asks, but she was already afraid she knew the answer.

"No, we can't," Waseri answers somberly.

"Lieutenant Drash, turn the ship so our port side is facing the wave, divert all possible power to the shields," Selva orders, as the ship begins to turn.

"Captain, what is your plan?" Elia asks as she inputs the commands.

"We're going to ride that wave to the other side," Selva answers, and the rest of the senior staff look at her shocked. "'He who dares wins,' and I say we have to dare to survive."

The Helen is picked up by the wave, and is propelled along the wormhole's corridor towards destiny. You know what happened next.


"Commander Tagai, are you okay?" Jaie asks, entering the quarters for the second officer, who is currently sprawled out on the ground. "What happened?"

"When we made it through the wormhole, the result of the wave knocked out my gravity controls," Waseri says, struggling to get back up, Jaie manages to get the gravity controls back to the way they where, giving her a sense of weightlessness. "Thank you, sorry, what happened to the ship?"

"We got blown off course by the wave, way off course," Jaie says, floating up, she's a little nervous though. "We're currently in the Triangulum Galaxy."

"Triangulum, I'd say that's pretty far off course, what happened?" Waseri asks.

"We're not sure, but as far as we can tell, when the Shaarot's Transphasic torpedo hit the wormhole, it destabilized it," Jaie says. "In essence, the wormhole is gone, and we are stranded here."

"Ugh, now I know how the crew of the Voyager must have felt," Waseri says, shaking her head. "Any idea of how we're going to get home?"

"Probably not the way Voyager did," Jaie says. "The Transwarp network won't work this far away from Federation space."

"I hate to point out the obvious, but doesn't this mean that we're going to take 300 years just to get back home?" Waseri asks.

"Give or take a decade," Jaie says.

"Well, that's just great," Waseri says.

"Well, look at it this way, we'll be the first Federation ship out here," Jaie says. "If we ever get back home that is."


"She'll be fine, Captain," the ship's chief medical officer, an Orion that had left the syndicate to enter Starfleet says, using her medical tricorder to check on Kaiya, who Selva had brought to sick bay. "Just a few scrapes here and there."

"Thank you doctor Tannis," Selva says, and the Orion smiles as Selva pick up her daughter.

"Well, compared to some of the other patients I've received, she's lucky," Tannis says. "Here Kaiya, I've got something for you."

"Really, what is it?" Kaiya asks, looking up at the Orion female as she pulls out a lollypop.

"I believe human doctors used to give these to their young patients, enjoy," Tannis says, and Kaiya giggles. "Captain, before you go, I need to speak with you."

"All right, Kaiya I'll see you in a minute," Selva says, putting Kaiya down, and she heads out of the sick bay. "What do you need to talk to me about?"

"Captain, it's about the crew," Tannis says, brushing her green hair back. "They're getting uneasy, rumors are already spreading that we're in another galaxy, and unable to get back home."

"We're not ready to tell them yet, but yes, that is the case," Selva says, shaking her head. "We need to keep morale on this ship high, or we won't be able to last long here if there is uncertainty among the crew. I will make the announcement myself."

"Yes Captain, I'll keep my mouth shut," Tannis says.


An hour later, the crew was still in the dark about the situation, and the senior staff was meeting in the observation lounge.

"Commander Togri, what's our situation?" Selva asks, directing the question towards the Andorian Chief Engineer.

"It's not good," Togri answers, shaking his head. "Our supply of Dilithium is running low, if we don't restock soon; we're not going to be able to travel much further."

"Ensign Weok, is there any M class planets within range of a runabout that we might be able to get Dilithium from?" Selva asks.

"It's not looking good," Weok admits. "We may have found one however; it seems to be a center for trade. But we know very little about this area, we don't know what they trade with or anything."

"We're going to have to take that risk, Commander Eroi; I want you to take Dr. Tannis, and Lieutenants Hernandez and Drash to the planet on the Rainier."

"Yes captain," Jaie says, nodding to the two other members of the away team that had been designated.

"Commander Togri, your priority is getting the Holographic Matrix back up and running, we can't go anywhere without our second officer," Selva adds.

"Thank you captain, this is getting rather tedious," Waseri says she had to use the screen, which wasn't her favorite method of communication.

"I'll get right to work on it," Togri says.

"Well, if that is all, dismissed," Selva says.

"Captain, I think it's about time we told the crew," Jaie says.

"You're right," Selva says with a nod, she didn't like having to do this though.


Sitting down in the captain's chair, Selva presses a button, giving the order for a ship-wide announcement. "This is the captain speaking, I know you've all heard the rumors, and I wish I was here to put them to rest," she says. "I am here to tell you the truth, the wormhole we entered interacted with a Shaarot Transphasic Torpedo, causing it to destabilize. As a result, we have traveled further than we had anticipated; we are currently on the far edge of the Triangulum Galaxy, at warp 9.9 it will take us 300 years to get back home. The wormhole has destabilized, and has been destroyed; we have no way to go but forward. We have a long journey ahead of us, my only regret is that we may never see our families again, but I swear I will do my best to get us home, before 300 years. We must not forget that no matter what has happened, we are still Starfleet, and that is something that we must never give up. Even as we face this great unknown, now we truly must boldly go where no one has gone before. I thank you for your time, and good luck, to all of you."

"Captain, that was, inspiring," Jaie says as Selva shuts down the communications array. "We'll come back with the Dilithium."

"I know you will," Selva says.


The Shasta -class runabouts where a new class of runabout assigned to deep space stations and exploration ships like the Helen, used mostly for reconnaissance as an alternative to the shuttlecraft. The Helen had three runabouts, the Rainier, the Toba, and the Vesuvius, all in their special hangars. Officially, the Shasta-class runabouts where on the Helen for an initial test run in deep space exploration.

"This is the runabout Rainier to the Helen, we're ready to launch," Elia says, the Bajoran brushing her red hair back as she prepares to launch.

"This is the Helen, you are cleared to launch," the voice from the Helen's chief in charge of the runabout pad says, as Elia pulls the runabout away from the Helen, and starts on course for the M class planet at warp 8.

"Why'd they have to make these new runabouts so cramped," Tannis groans, the Orion woman is pushed against a console in the back of the cockpit. The cockpit of the Shasta-class Runabouts curved around, it was supposed to be to maximize space, but it tended to be uncomfortable sometimes.

"Get used to it, Doctor, if anything happens to the Helen, we might be stuck on this runabout for a very long time," Jaie says.

"Very reassuring," Tannis says. "And people say that my bedside manner is bad."

"The EMH Mark I had better bedside manner than you," Eric mutters under his breath.

"Children, behave, or I will turn this Runabout around," Elia says, half jokingly, as the two officers grumble.

"I don't see why I had to go on this," Eric says. "I don't see how a security officer will help on this mission."

"Considering the fact that we know nothing about the inhabitants, they might be hostile," Jaie says. "Besides, we're still working on getting a way to get Commander Tagai off of the ship without a wheelchair or a support unit; we'll need someone to fill her spot. Think of it as a temporary promotion."

"Yeah, yeah," Eric says.

"And if you all would stop talking, you might notice that we're there already," Elia says, as the image of a planet appears on the viewscreen ahead of them. "Okay, it looks like there are spacedock facilities surrounding the planet."

"Hail them," Jaie says.

"They are hailing us, ma'am," Elia says, and turns on the screen, showing the image of a male humanoid alien, he is bald, with yellowish skin and spots running across his head.

"Askaf nooti, aklag Nadori space" he says, the universal translator doesn't appear to be fully translating the words.

"Drash, try to run the message through a translation program," Jaie says.

"There is no need, my universal translator picks up new languages quickly," the alien says. "I am Riconte, Rajeeck of the planet Toriag in the Nadorian Alliance; we welcome you to our planet."

"Thank you very much, we where hoping to trade, do you have a material called Dilithium?" Jaie asks. "Or ship is stranded, and we are out of Dilithium."

"I believe we may have what you are looking for," Riconte says. "You may dock your vessel and come down to my planet. My people will find your, Dilithium, and I would be honored if you would join me for dinner."

"Very well, we will be there within the hour," Jaie says.

"I await your arrival," Riconte says, and bows slightly, shutting off the transmission.

"Well, that's a good start if anything," Tannis says.

"I don't know, he seemed too polite," Eric says.

"Lighten up, at least we're making friends," Elia says.


Back on the Helen, Selva is sitting at her desk in the ready room, sighing she leans back, picking up a picture of her and Kaiya together, with a Bajoran girl with short pink hair. It had been taken just after she and Drash Kada, her roommate had graduated from the Academy, and Kada had been selected as the First Officer of the USS Constance, which was practically unheard of right out of the academy. Selva had been made a Lieutenant, and was assigned to the USS Destiny, a new prototype science vessel, Kada had been her best friend in the Academy, and she missed her dearly.

"Captain, we're picking up more subspace transmissions," a bridge officer says over Selva's communicator. "Only thing about our crew is that they managed to arrive at the planet okay."

"Finally some good news," Selva says.

"Captain," Waseri's voice says. "I'm picking up a ship on long range sensors, its heading our way."

"Can you recognize the classification, dumb question, I'm on my way," Selva says, and exits her ready room.


"So, you come from the Milky Way Galaxy?" Riconte asks he had treated the Helen's crewmembers to a feast, talking to them while they enjoyed it.

"Yes, it's a very long way away," Jaie says. "And the way we came is closed off, so we're trying to make our way home, it'll take at least 300 years."

"Not counting stops for supplies and the occasional exploration," Elia adds.

"As long as you are in the Nadorian Alliance, you are among friends," Riconte says. "My people have managed to find your, Dilithium and are loading it onto your, runabout did you call it?"

"Yes, it's a kind of ship that we started to use about 40 years ago," Jaie says. "The Helen has three such Runabouts."

"She must have an amazing Captain, I would very much like to see your ship sometime," Riconte says.

"Well, we don't plan to stay here much longer, but we might be able to arrange something I guess," Jaie says. "I can't make any promises though."

"Commander, I would recommend not arranging tours of the Helen until you clear it with Captain Selva," Eric says. "May I remind you that we still know very little about this area of space."

"Please, Commander Hernandez, there's no reason to be worried," Riconte says. "The Nadorian Alliance is all about preserving the peace. The only problem we ever seem to have is a group calling themselves the Sintaro."

"Sintaro, we're not familiar with that term," Jaie says, tilting her head, the word must be unique to the Nadori language or something.

"Sintaro means, undesirable, a lesser form of life in our language," Riconte says. "But recently its taken on another meaning, a thief who preys on ships for their goods."

"We have a word like that, we call them Pirates," Jaie says.

"Then, this is a problem where you come from?" Riconte asks.

"The majority of my species participates in piracy," Tannis says. "Its, not something I'm particularly proud of."

"Well, the Sintaro have been hitting us hard," Riconte says, shaking his head. "We have yet to find their main base of operations, and they continue to attack our supply ships. If you where to help us, then maybe we'd stand a fighting chance."

"I'm afraid not," Jaie says, shaking her head. "Starfleet has very specific rules, the Sintaro is an internal matter, and we cannot interfere, it is our greatest rule, the Prime Directive."

"Ah, well we can't have you breaking that rule now, can we?" Riconte says as they finish eating, a servant comes in and hands the Nadorian a datapad. "Ah, it looks like the transfer to your Runabout is complete, and perfect timing."

"Thank you," Jaie says, as they all stand up, Riconte bowing slightly. "I thank you for your help. Eroi to Rainier, lock onto our signals and beam us up," Jaie says, and the away team is beamed to the Runabout.

Riconte grins to himself, and sits back in his chair, he turns around and a screen opens up. "Send a transmission to Nadori, priority one message to High Toiel Kurmia," he says, and a minute later the image of a Nadorian woman appears. "I apologize, Toiel Kurmia."

"This better be good, Riconte," Kurmia says, folding her arms, looking angrily at Riconte. "I have not forgiven you for your failure on Nasati, you're lucky to even be a Rajeeck."

"Nasati is in the past, Toiel, but I bring great news," Riconte says. "I have entertained guests who claim to have come all the way, from the Milky Way Galaxy, their ship could be very, valuable to the Alliance."


"Well, that went very well," Tannis says, the Orion leaning back in her chair, Eric was in the back examining the Dilithium Crystals. "Riconte seemed nice, at least we're making friends this early into our voyage."

"I don't think its that easy," Jaie says. "If there's one thing that living 5 lifetimes has told me, its that if something seems to good to be true, it usually is."

"Yeah, well I've lived one life, and I could have told you that," Elia says as the Rainier jumps to warp. "We're coming within communications range of the Helen, hailing them."

The miniature viewscreen activates on the console, and Selva's face appears.

"Commander, I'm glad to see you made it out of there in one piece," Selva says, the Athenan Captain seems happy about something. "I assume that you have some good news."

"Yes, we've made some friends, they're called the Nadorians, they supplied us with Dilithium and a little bit of Antimatter, it should be enough to last awhile," Jaie says, and then Selva's face turns grim. "Captain, is something wrong?"

"Commander, while you were gone, we made contact with a group known as the Sintaro," Selva says grimly. "And they warned us about the Nadorian Alliance, they are a deceitful and dangerous empire that acts friendly, and then stabs you in the back. Commander, your motives where pure, but you may have just drawn the wolf to our doorstep."

Jaie is shocked, she had suspected that the Nadorians motives weren't that pure, but to have that suspicion confirmed still shocked her.

"Captain, we'll be there in 10 minutes," Jaie says, and shuts off the communicator.


At the same time that Jaie and the others are dining with Riconte, Selva emerges onto the bridge of the Helen.

"Put the ship on screen," Selva says, and the viewscreen switches to show the image of a sleek black ship, speeding towards the Helen at full impulse. "Hail them."

"I've tried ma'am, no response," the security officer says. "Captain, they're powering up weapons!"

"Raise shields," Selva says, as the ship rocks being hit by phaser fire.

"Shields are holding captain, it was just a glancing blow," the security officer says, which puzzles Selva.

"They're expecting us to strike colors," Selva says, grinning a little.

"Strike colors ma'am?" The security officer asks, looking puzzled.

"Old Earth navy term, they're expecting us to surrender," Selva says. "Try hailing them again."

"No need Captain, they are hailing us," the security officer says.

"Put it on screen, Ensign," Selva says, and the image of a lanky alien with two long antennae appears, staring down at Selva. "I am Captain Selva of the Federation Starship Helen, why have you fired on us?"

"My apologies Captain," the other captain says. "We believed you to be part of the Nadorian Alliance, I am Captain Iwari of the Sintaro raiding vessel Octia,I apologize for the mix up."

"Its quite alright Captain," Selva says. "We haven't heard of this, Nadorian Alliance before, you might say we are new to the neighborhood."

"Your ship's classification is like none we have ever seen, but we have to be cautious," Iwari says. "We have ways of knowing that you are not Nadorian, if you are truly new to this area of space, then we have some things that we should discuss."

"All right, we'll meet on my ship whenever you are ready," Selva says.

"Then, we will meet in 15 of your minutes," Iwari says, and raises a thin hand, pressing it against his chest. "May the Lords of Roji shine favorably on your journey," he says, and cuts the transmission.

"Captain Selva to Commander Togri, how are things going?" Selva says.

"We're about done here, the holographic matrix should be operational in a matter of minutes," Togri says. "Without supplies however, we're not going to have enough power to run it for very long, we need to get this warp drive up and running."

"Great, well lets hope our new friends will be able to help us," Selva says. "Keep my appraised, I want to know the moment we have the holographic matrix back up and running."

"Yes Captain," Togri says.


15 minutes later, Selva and the rest of her command staff that hadn't left are seated around the table in the observation lounge. They are joined by Captain Iwari, and a woman with greyish skin, four arms, and ridges running along her neck.

"My apologies for the earlier mix-up Captain Selva," Iwari says, he is tall, nearly 8 feet in height, and lanky with a long flexible neck that seems to move more like a snake's. "This is my First Officer, Commander Coira, I appreciate you allowing me onto your ship."

"It is an honor," Selva says. "We are a very long way from home, I'm glad that we could find friends so soon."

"I do have a question though, you don't appear to be of the same species, you called yourselves the Sintaro?" Waseri asks, her holographic matrix had been repaired, so she was once again capable of moving throughout the ship.

"Right, you are new here," Coira says. "The Sintaro are not a species, we are a coalition of many species, united under one cause, to defeat the Nadorian Alliance."

"What can you tell us about them?" Selva asks.

"They are a dangerous, conquering species," Iwari says. "My species has, telepathic abilities, but the Nadorians have long ago figured out ways to protect themselves from telepaths. We where forced to take them at their word, they promised us glory and prosperity, but in the end they robbed us blind, and conquered our planet. All across this quadrant, members of my species the Edari are being used as slaves, many of us ran away to join the Sintaro."

"The Sintaro are rebels then," Selva says. "Where we come from, we are not unfamiliar with such races. The Cardassians for example conquered the planet Bajor, and forced the Bajorans into labor, they formed a resistance movement much like you have."

"Somethings remain the same wherever you go I guess," Iwari says, and picks up a PADD. "And as for your request for supplies, I believe we can accommodate you. Our ships run on a different system than yours, so we do not require antimatter or Dilithium. However, the Nadorian's ships do run on such, and we have raided enough to get you at least 500 light years."

"And, you're just going to give it to us?" Togri asks.

"The Sintaro know that there is value in alliances, and I believe you show us no ill-will," Iwari says, folding his arms, and Selva starts to say something. "Captain, I do not have to read your mind to discover that, long ago we learned how to read a person without reading their minds."

"We, just want to get home," Selva says. "We cannot help you in your conflict with the Nadorian Alliance, our prime directive prevents us from getting involved in the internal affairs of other cultures."

"With all due respect, Captain you may have no choice," Coira says. "The Nadorians believe that any ship that enters their space is their property. You may be able to fight them, but your supplies won't last forever, the Nadorians are a patient race. They will run you to the ground, and it will only be a matter of time before they win, if you don't make alliances."

"Just, how far does Nadorian space go?" Selva asks, but she's afraid of the answer.

"The Nadorians occupy a large amount of territory," Iwari says, taking out a datapad, and inputting data, passing it around to the Starfleet officers.

"You must be joking, this covers most of the Quadrant!" Waseri says as she see's the data. "Captain, I don't think we're going to get out of this easily."

"Unfortunately, I have to agree, and I thought Voyager had it bad," Selva says. "We cannot promise that we will aid your revolution, but if the Sintaro can help us get through Nadorian space, then we will be grateful."

"Do you ever think your, Starfleet will make it this far?" Iwari asks.

"I wouldn't put it past us," Selva says. "We are explorers, and we will strive to reach the farthest edges of the universe if we could. If we make it home before then, we'll have been the first Starfleet vessel to explore the Triangulum Galaxy."

"Well, we will help as much as we can," Iwari says. "Maybe someday, when this is all over and your Federation gets this far, we'll be able to join. But that is still a long ways off."

"We have a long voyage ahead of us, all the help we can get would be appreciated," Selva says.

"I will pass the message on to the rest of the Sintaro to provide you with whatever assistance is necessary," Iwari says.

"Captain, we're picking up the Rainier heading back to the ship," the bridge officer in command says over Selva's commbadge.

"Thank you," Selva says. "Anything else on sensors?"

"No, nothing," the officer replies.

"All right," Selva says, and gets up. "Well, it was good to talk with you both."

"We will stay nearby in case something happens," Iwari says, and activates a communicator. "We're ready to return to the ship."

The two Sintaro officers transport off the ship.

"Captain, do you think we can trust them?" Waseri asks.

"I hope so, I certainly hope so," Selva says.


"I, don't believe this..." Jaie says, looking over the data that the Sintaro had provided for the crew of the Helen. She was talking with Selva in the Ready Room, where they had met to go over the details. "The Nadorians seemed so polite."

"According to Iwari, that's how they operate," Selva says. "They start out by acting like a friend, and then they stab you in the back."

"I just can't believe it," Jaie says, and Selva nods.

"We are in the Triangulum Galaxy, millions of light years from home, we cannot expect all the politics to be the same," Selva says. "If they're right, the Nadorians are a serious threat to the ship and we have to gain what data we can."

"Yes Captain, I understand," Jaie says.

"Hopefully, we won't be stuck in Nadorian space for the rest of the journey," Selva says. "But, I'm more concerned about what lies beyond Nadorian space."

"What about this place here," Jaie says, showing a section of space in the middle of Nadorian territory not too far away. "This part of space doesn't belong to the Nadorian Alliance, the information doesn't say why however."

"Hmm, Pasori space," Selva says, looking at the limited information they where given. "Apparently the Sintaro don't know much about this area of space. They do know one thing though, that the Nadorian Alliance stays out of this territory for some reason."

"Interesting," Jaie says. "This might be helpful, if we could enter Pasori space, we could avoid the Nadorians if only for a short time.

"Perhaps," Selva says, and suddenly an alarm sounds, the two officers exchange glances and head out of the ready room to the bridge.


"Report!" Selva says, taking her seat in the Captain's chair.

"Two ships off the port bow," Eric says.

"On screen," Selva says, as the image of two large ships with a deep golden color appears on the viewscreen.

"We're being hailed by the Sintaro," Elia adds, as the image of Iwari appears on the screen.

"Captain Selva, the Nadorians have located us," Iwari says. "What is our course of action?"

"We'll provide cover for you as best we can so you can get away," Selva says. "The Nadorians can't destroy your ship."

"Captain, we have to make sure that you get out safely yourself," Iwari says. "You and your crew have got to get back home, and we want to help you."

"Then, what would you suggest?" Selva asks.

"We will be able to best assist you if we work together," Iwari says, and Selva nods. "The Nadorians clearly underestimate your ship's capabilities if they only are sending two ships."

"Be safe, Captain," Selva says, and Iwari nods as they cut communications.

"Captain, they're powering weapons and firing on the Octia," Eric says, as phaser fire rakes the shields of the Sintaro ship.

"Lieutenant Elia, try to place us between the Nadorian vessel and the Octia," Selva says, as the Helen begins to move into position. "Lieutenant Hernandez, open fire on the closest Nadorian vessel."

"Firing on the Nadorian vessel," Eric says, as the Helen opens fire on the ship.

"They're hailing us," Waseri says.

"Put it on screen," Selva says, as the image of Riconte appears on the screen. "Rajeeck Riconte, how good to talk to you."

"Cut the pleasantries Captain, why have you opened fire on my ship?" Riconte demands.

"And you better not lie to us, Rajeeck," Selva says, crossing her arms. "We have talked with the Sintaro, they have told us everything."

"You will not go anywhere in the Nadorian Alliance without facing down our might," Riconte says growling. "You will regret the day that you crossed the Nadorian Alliance."

"Its far from over," Selva says, and makes the motion to cut the transmission.

"Captain, the Octia has been badly damaged," Eric reports.

"Captain, I'm picking up massive energy readings from the Octia," Weok says, suddenly very worried. "Its coming from the warp drive, its going critical!"

"Transporter room, lock onto the crew of the Octia and send them to Cargo Bay 2 for triage," Selva says.

"We've got them on board," Waseri says. "Dr. Tannis is en-route now."

"Lieutenant Drash, set coordinates 189 mark 2," Selva says.

"Entering coordinates," Elia says. "Where exactly are we going?"

"The only place nearby that we might be able to be safe," Selva says. "Take us into Pasori space, warp 8!"

"Entering warp," Elia says, as the Helen jumps into warp.


"Thank you for rescuing me and my crew, Captain Selva," Iwari says as he and Selva walk into the lounge area.

"It was no problem," Selva says, as she spots Elia standing behind the bar, serving food and drinks. "Lieutenant, I didn't know you tended bar too."

"Sorry Captain, we didn't have time to get our lounge staff before we left," Elia says. "I did some work at Quark's on Deep Space Nine before I was assigned to the Helen, I thought that as long as we where stuck out here, I might as well."

"Fine with me, Lieutenant," Selva says, giving Elia a smile before turning back to Iwari. "What can you tell me about Pasori space?"

"Not anything really," Iwari says reluctantly. "The Pasorians are a very reclusive race, but there is something about them that keeps the Nadorians from bothering them."

"Okay, well its worth the risk to try and avoid the Nadorians for awhile," Selva says.


"Captain's log, we are nearing Pasori space and we will cross the border in a matter of minutes. It has been a day since we picked up the Sintaro, and they are merging well with our crew, hopefully they will be the first of many allies we make in the Triangulum Galaxy."

"Crossing the border into Pasori Space," Elia says as the Helen enters the determined area of space. "What should we do?"

"Drop to impulse, we want to make sure that there is nothing ahead that will be a problem," Selva says as the Helen drops out of warp. "Run a sensor sweep of the space ahead."

"Nothing so far, Captain," Weok says, then an alert sounds as the image of the Omega symbol flashes on every screen in the bridge. "Captain, what is..."

"No, not now..." Selva says, cursing under her breath.

"I think we now know why the Nadorians avoid this area of space," Jaie says.

"The Pasorians have harnessed the Omega Molecule, its the Omega Directive," Selva says, standing up. "Which means, we have to stop it if we want to keep going."

"Captain's log, supplemental, we have uncovered the reason as to why the Nadorians avoid this area of space. The Omega Directive, the only thing in Starfleet that overrides the Prime Directive, if the Pasorians have harnessed Omega, then we have to stop them."


The crew of the Helen has made enemies as well as allies, and has made a startling discovery, the presence of the Omega molecule in the Triangulum Galaxy. What reasons do the Pasorians have for harnessing Omega, and what does this mean for our heroes as they delve deeper into Pasori space?

Find out in chapter 2, "The Omega Directive."