It was a terrifying thing to know people were after you, people you never realized could turn on you so quickly for so simple an object. Still, it's happening and I can't help but feel frustrated about the entire situation. Pushing my anxiety aside for the moment, I burst out of the hall closet and sprint for the front door only to be tackled in the living room.

"Terasa," the man shouts from the kitchen," hold her down!" Where his accented voice used to be comforting, now it was hard as stone and held an authoritative note.

"I'm working on it," Terasa snaps, sitting on my back and pinning me against the hardwood floor. "Give it to me, Katherine."

"No," I cried, struggling to get the stronger woman off of me. "Get off, you ass!"

"Katherine Diane Maxwell, you'll hand it over this instant." Her tone was the same stern one I used on my pre-school kids, one meant to force children to obey in that instant. Too bad for her that it doesn't work on stubborn twenty-two year olds!

"You guys don't even like this kind!" The man kneels in front of me, his dark green eyes locking with my brown ones as he holds out a hand expectantly. Carl was supposed to be on my side, not siding with a woman he can barely stand to be around. When exactly did I become the enemy?

"Kit," he implores quietly, using my nickname in the off chance that it'll soften my stance in this. "No one needs to get hurt here." I shake my head stubbornly, redoubling my efforts to escape. Man, for Terasa to be the fit one of all of us, she weighs a ton! "Just give us the Pop-Tart."

"It's the last cherry one, so fuck off!" He gives Terasa a defeated look, inclining his head. Terasa adjusts herself on my back so that she's straddling me and then she had me in a headlock that I couldn't escape from. Of all the things my self-defense classes taught, escaping headlocks wasn't one of them. Bastards. "Alright, I give for Christ's sakes!" I throw the Pop-Tart across the room, watching in slight satisfaction as my roommates scramble after it in a mad dash to get there first. Laughing a little, I stand and brush my pants off before starting for the kitchen where we had pudding stored.

"You were wrong, Kit, this one's s'more!" I look at them over my shoulder, finding both of them sitting on the floor with the Pop-Tart split in half. "Where you goin'?"

"To get some pudding out of the kitchen."


"That's the only kind we buy, dork." With a grin, I continue into the kitchen and open the refrigerator, rummaging around for where I usually store the last pudding cup and finding nothing. "One of y'all are going to be missing a few teeth! Who the hell ate my pudding?"

"That might have been me," Terasa admits, her and Carl coming in after me. "I was hungry and training really wore me out. You know how it is for us defenders of justice."

"You're a lawyer, Rasa, not Batman."

"Close enough, we both crush souls for a living and end up rich." Shrugs, nudging me aside and bringing out the chocolate pie I'd made yesterday and some whipped cream. "Get the plates and a butter knife, Kit."


I take the knife from Katherine and begin to dish out the pies on the plates, trying my best to keep the slices even and around the same size to keep Carl from throwing a hissy fit. "Guys," Katherine says after a moment, gripping the edge of the counter hard enough to make her knuckles turn white," I don't feel so hot."

"Did one of those little snots you're teaching give you the flu," Carl asks in concern, moving closer to her as she begins to sway.

"I don't—" And then she was falling and Carl barely caught her before her head collided with the counter.

"Carl," I mumble, starting to feel a little dizzy and feverish. Before I can say anything else, I'm joining my friend in unconsciousness.


You never realize how heavy your friends are until you're left holding their dead weight, the three of us slowly sinking to the ground. "Why can't you both pass out at different times," I grumble, gently moving both women to the floor next to me. "Alright, ambulance." I try to stand only to fall back in shock as the bodies disappear, scrambling backwards against the wall. "Fuck's sake, what the hell is going on?!"

And then I was falling sideways to the hard floor, feeling cold then hot with aches that seemed to knock the air out of me. If this is how the others felt, then I don't see how they managed to stay conscious for so long! I let out a strangled gasp of pain, eyes rolling into the back of my head.

And then there was a flash of light and I felt the ground under him give way.


Calypso gives a little laugh to herself as she moves the three trinkets around on the board in front of her, rotted teeth showing as a portal opens up to allow her to see exactly what was going on. She needed those three back in their proper dimension for things to go according to plan. She watches with interest as the three adults chattered away in the kitchen, using her limited magic on the brunette woman before moving on to the blonde one, and then the young man.

She knew the man and brunette woman well, having protected both of them when they were only sixteen years old until it was time to send them away. She had watched all three kids for a while, watched them grow up and get jobs, made sure they stayed close to each other for when this day came. And now it was time, and she smiled as they fell through the gap between worlds, the three adults coming back into consciousness only when they breached into the world Calypso resided in.

Despite how serious the situation was, Calypso couldn't help the laugh that escaped when Katherine landed on the newly appointed Commodore, knocking him right into the dirt.

Yes, she would be good for the strict man and all three of them would help Calypso get her freedom back.