I'm terrible at prologues and my A key doesn't work, so I'm sorry if there's any mistakes/it sucks right now!


"Terasa, hold her down," a man with a slight Irish accent yells.

"I'm working on it!" The raven-haired woman is currently sitting on my back and pinning me against the hardwood floor of my living room. "Give it to me, Chandler!"

"No," I shout, struggling to get away.

"Yes." Her voice is stern, like she's talking to a stubborn child instead of a twenty-two year old woman.

"You guys don't even like this kind!"

"Chandler," the man, Carl, yells.

"What?" I look up at him through the thick curtain of my platinum blonde hair.

"Give. Me. The. Pop tart!" I shake my head, holding my treat closer to me. They will never get their slimy hands on it! Never, I tell you!

"It's cherry not S'more!" Carl snatches the pop tart out of my hands when I was trying to push Terasa off me and tears it in half. "Nooo, my poor cher—hey, it was S'more." Carl and Terasa sigh, splitting the pop tart. I get up and head towards the kitchen.

"Are you getting a cherry pop tart," Carl asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Nope," I smirk," I'm getting some pudding." I love pudding; it's so good and chocolate-y.

"Chocolate?" It's like he can read my mind! Hmm, if you can read my mind say pickles! ...Okay, so he can't read my mind.

"Yes, duh." He throws the rest of his pop tart to Terasa and the two of us race to the fridge. He barely gets there first and scarfs down the last pudding cup! Glaring, I grab a butter knife and he quickly backs away with his hands in the air.

"Come on, Kit, it was just pudding." I shrug nonchalantly, grabbing the chocolate pie and whipped cream. It does me good to scare him sometimes, makes me feel so alive—not, it was just too easy to pass up since nobody round here trusts me with a knife.


I walk into the kitchen and see Chandler with some pie, so I grab two plates from inside a cabinet. Chandler has the pie on the plates and is just about to put the whipped cream on it when she passes out. Wait a second, Chandler never passes out. "Carl," I mumble, starting to feel a little dizzy. Before I can say anything else, I'm joining my friend in unconsciousness.

It feels like I'm floating, I think as I slowly begin to come to. I open my eyes, look to my right, and see Chandler floating beside me and eating whipped cream. She holds out a second spoon for me and we both begin to happily munch away. I figure if Kit feels safe here it probably is.

I open my mouth to say to ask her about safety, but no sound comes out. Oh well, I shrug. I look around for Carl, but I can't find him. Chandler and I look at each other. She then randomly begins to play the air guitar. Ah, she never passes up that opportunity.


I stare straight ahead, still in shock from when Terasa and Kit passed out and then they and the whipped cream disappeared. How in the heck does that happen?! "Wait, why didn't I disappear? Am I not special enough?"

That seemed to trigger something as the next thing I know I'm in a black space with Terasa and Chandler. Why are they playing air guitars? I float over to them and pick up the whipped cream, feeling like a ninja when they didn't notice me. I look in the container only to find it empty.

Dang it! I look up at the others and see the two of them smiling at me. That's not a good sign. Chandler floats cross-legged and Terasa starts to spin in circles. I shrug and sit across from Chandler.

She tries to sign something to me, but she's going too fast for me to understand. She finally gives up with a sigh and crosses her arms. They may only be twenty-two, or in Terasa's case twenty-one, but they're as mature as fifteen-year-olds. Will we ever grow up?

The world may never know….