—Katherine—Two Hours Ago—

I squirm in my seat again, knowing the main way to catch the henchman's attention is by faking the need to pee. Beckett has been gone for twenty minutes and the guys guarding me have just changed shifts. "E-excuse me," I call out with fake timidity. "Excuse, I n-need to use the bathroom." I bite my lip, looking at them with a pleading expression.

They share uncertain looks, the younger of the two shifting his grip on his rifle. "Beckett never said anything 'bout what we should do if she needs to pee." The other, older man gives a shrug, setting his rifle down and pulling out a knife from his boot. It's nice, the type you'd spend a lot of money on and probably only use when gutting an animal. Or a person depending on your job description. "Make a move I don't like and I'm cutting your throat."

"Y-yeah, just get me out of these ropes so I can pee!" I squirm a little more for affect, giving the younger man by the door desperate looks over his partner's head. "Please hurry!" He cuts through the ropes quickly and effectively, grabbing the front of my shirt and hauling me out of the chair. "Thank you, mister." He doesn't have time to register my quick change between pleading and totally calm before I snatch the knife out of his hand and bring the hilt down hard behind his ear.

He dropped hard, but not nearly as hard as his partner did when he passed out. What a pansy. I roll my eyes, picking up one of the rifles and leaving the room. There's hardly anyone in the building, so my escape from there on out was a simple one involving the usual act like you belong method. If it looks like you're supposed to be there, then no one questions you. I keep my head down, making it to the front door when word of my escape was brought to everyone's attention.

"Where is she," I hear Beckett snarl just down the hall. "You idiots had the simple job of guarding a woman, one single woman!" I look over my shoulder at the man, enjoying the way his eyes widen when he notices me, the way his face turns cherry red as the rage takes control, and I give him the biggest grin I can manage before sprinting outside and away from the building. It's not too far out of town limits, so it doesn't take me long to make back to the safety of my house, taking in the beat up pickup truck and a brand new Honda Civic parked in my driveway.

Terasa's car didn't surprise me, she was supposed to be coming over to help me work out details before my meeting, but Car should be finishing his job in the city. Had Terasa called him and made him come home? Oh shit, has she found James and Will? Knowing I was just prolonging the inevitable, I open the door to my house, stepping inside and turning to find my group of friends locked, loaded, and ready for battle. "Told y'all," Carl states in a bored tone.

I stare at the group with raised brows, flipping some of my long hair over one of my shoulders. "Hot damn, I had a search and rescue team this time," I grin, shutting the door and locking it.

"Did you take care of the problem?"

"A tiny fraction of the problem escaped before I could finish it." I shrug, kicking off my shoes and flopping back on the couch. "That fraction is going to give us a few problems in the future, so I hope we stay one step ahead. Which, considering who it is, shouldn't be too hard." I let my words hang in the air for dramatic affect before continuing. "Beckett's back."

"That's impossible, we saw him get blown to bits," Terasa says disbelievingly.

"He must have jumped before it happened, I don't know. The point is he's alive and he's had guys looking for me because he thought I knew how to get back. He must've been booted back here at the same time as us or something." James sets his old sword down on the coffee table, kneeling down so we were eye to eye. "He wants to get back, but if he gets there who knows what he'll fuck up this time…."

"So let's get rid of him," Carl suggests," just like all the others I had to deal with. This one'll just die in pain for what he did." I grin at his suggestion, leaning back on my elbows as I think through the multiple ways of killing Carl had taught me over the years. "In the meantime, Terasa, Will, and I will go put these up so you two lovebirds can make up wasted time." Terasa looks ready to protest, but Carl merely grabs her shirt and drags her along after him with Will following.

"What exactly is it that Carl does for a living," James asks, sitting on the edge of the couch and looking down at me.

"He kills people. There's no reason to sugarcoat it, so I'll just be blunt; he gets a payment from the government—in secret, of course—and then he tracks down criminals who weren't properly punished for their crimes and he puts them down. No muss, no fuss, and few questions asked." I shrug, used to the idea of death at this point. "I use to help him find the guys when I was younger, but now I go with him to lure them away from other people. We call it fishing."

"I've only been here two hours, but I am fairly certain that murdering people is a bad thing."

"Only if you get caught and can't cry your way out of an arrest." James snorts, his head resting in his hands.

"You will be the death of me, woman."

"Ah, don't be like that Jamie. I've gotten out of that life and now I'm working on a movie script." He looks at me between his fingers, eyebrows raised. "Um, moving pictures that make noise. My sidekicks and I nosedived into the movie you were part of, but when we got back it was like Pirates was erased from existence—not a single solitary shred was left of it so I thought I was crazy for about three months." I twist my ring on my finger, a nervous habit I picked up the day I woke up back in this world.

"It came with you." I was confused about what he meant until I realized that his emerald gaze was fixed on my wedding ring. "You kept it on even though you thought I was just a hallucination…."

"Yeah, I guess I did." I laugh a little, running a hand through my unmanageable main of hair. "Ya know what?"

"Hmm?" I give a wicked smirk, pulling him closer to me by the front of his shirt.


I lead the way back into the living room again, figuring that the couple had worked enough out that it was safe to rejoin them. I had just opened my mouth to make a comment when I saw what had the lovebirds so occupied, the words coming out as a choked squeak. James was laying half on top of Kit with her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands grasping the back of his shirt tightly.

"Back away slowly," Terasa advises quietly," baby sister's finally gettin' some." I don't move, staring at the unexpected sight with an open mouth. I have known this woman all my life and I never expected her to be the dominant type, but here she is, taking charge even from the bottom position. "Carl!" The hiss makes me jump and I don't get much time to relax before Terasa drags me back down the hall by my ear.

"Are you alright," Will asks cautiously when I begin to tear up and sniffle.


"I've never been so proud of her in my life," I tell them with a smile.