After putting Dimitri and Ana to bed, I curl up on my couch, thinking of the times James and I would lay on the couch in his house, reading whatever book I'd summoned. We once read a Baldknobbers joke book and he laughed so hard, he nearly fell flat on his face; I remember the day I told him I was pregnant—the joy on his face was unmistakable! Sighing, I close my eyes, imagining what my life would be like had James survived. As I begin to drift off, I feel as though everything is spinning.

It's nearly impossible to open my eyes again, as if some force is keeping them closed. Panic surrounds me and the only thought that crosses my mind is I have to get to my kids! My limbs feel as if they are made of concrete, it's impossible to move them.

"My babies," I manage to gasp before darkness swallows me.


I can hear a faint beeping noise, like a heart rate monitor in a hospital. That's impossible—they haven't even been invented yet, not in this world at least! The smells of chemicals burn my nose, causing my eyes to water a bit. Slowly, hesitantly, I open my eyes and see white, a lot of white.

There is an I.V. in my arm and the beeping I hear is coming from a heart rate monitor that is connected to me. My eyelids are heavy, ready to fall at any given moment. A woman is quietly sobbing next to my bed, holding my right hand tightly in both of hers.

"Where," I croak out. The woman raises her head and I see that it is my aunt. "William," I murmur. My aunt smiles at me and pushes a button that will call the nurse Where is my son? Where is my little boy? I want to shout the questions at her, but soon I am falling back into the dizzying slumber, dreaming of nothing…surrounded by darkness.


A nurse pushes me outside in a wheelchair; the doctors said it would be good for me to spend some time outside. I breathe in a lungful of the fresh air. Apparently, there was a gas leak in Chandler's, Terasa's, and my home; it caused us to become dizzy and pass out, the doctors say we were lucky to survive. Chandler says that she doesn't completely remember being transported into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, but Terasa and I think she's somehow blocked certain things from her memory, like James dying.

Terasa and I remember everything though. Sometimes, when I go to sleep, I dream that we're back in the other world and I'm fighting side-by-side with my brother, Captain Jack Sparrow! When I wake up, I can hear faint sobs coming from Chandler's room and the sound of Terasa typing what had happened in her own dream. That's all it is I guess, just a dream—a story that will never be told. After all, I'm only twenty-two.

(A/N): If I end up writing Chandler, Terasa, and Carl into the fourth movie, then I'll just move this epilogue to the end of it. I hoped you guys liked this story!