I didn't think it was possible for this day to get any worse, but considering Lady Luck wants my head on a pike, I guess I can understand. When I woke up the first thing I realized was that I was tied to a rather comfortable chair in a spacious room that had terrible fluorescent lights; the second was that this familiar-looking short guy was sitting in another chair in front of me, though he was rope-free. Why does he look so familiar, you might ask. I have no damn clue. His dark brown hair was cut close to his head; he also had a pale complexion, a smug look, and perfect Cupid's bow lips. "You're finally awake," he comments with a smirk on his face.

"N-no shit, Sherlock," I mumble, still reeling from whatever it is they used to knock me out. I tilt my head to the side, squinting at the man in front of me. It dawns on me then as I picture him wearing a wig and holding a pimp cane that was nowhere near as cool as Lucius Malfoy's; Lord Cutler Beckett. "Oh hell." At least he didn't pop up in my house, I think to myself. Beckett stands up and begins to pace in front of me, hands behind his back. Guess I better get cozy, this seems like it's gonna take a while.

"Do you know how long it took these idiots to track you down?" I remain silent, knowing that if I gave a smartass answer I'd only regret it later. "Too long, Katherine." Beckett stops his pacing to face me, bending down so that his face is barely an inch away from mine with both his hands on the chair's armrests. I have to cross my eyes to look at him, making him a little blurry; the image of Beckett glowering at me with four eyes causes a snort of laughter to escape me. "We need to return to the Caribbean and only you seem to know how that little trick works."

"You should fire whoever gave you your information, Shortness. I ain't got a clue on how to jump dimensions, shit just happens." He stares at me a few minutes more before backing away with a sigh.

"No, you don't, do you."

"I believe I just said that." He must like the sound of his voice, I muse as he continues to rant and rave, none of it about his master plan like most villains I've seen. I wiggle in my seat, the coarse rope beginning to dig into my wrists, leaving them sore and red. "Look," I interrupt," can we speed this up a bit? I have a meeting to get to."

"Most women who are kidnapped tend to panic, but you're completely calm."

"This isn't the first time I've been kidnapped, Bucket."


"This isn't the first time she's been kidnapped guys." I laugh at their exasperated expressions, hopping up to sit on Kit's kitchen counter and munching on an apple. "She knows how to get out of sticky situations." I narrowly miss getting punched by James, falling off the counter and onto the floor. "Really? You made me drop my fucking apple!" I scowl, picking it up and throwing it in the trash.

"What do you mean she's been kidnapped before," Terasa demands, her brows furrowed.

"Remember that week-long vacation she took a few years back? My, uh, employer was holding her to ensure I didn't back out. Poor bastard didn't realize Katherine knew some of my little tricks." I wince at the memory, remembering how much blood had managed to spurt out of his neck wound before I found him. "All we really need to worry about now is cleaning up after she's finished with the dude." I grab a new apple, knowing that Kit would hit me later if these are supposed to be for one of her baking projects.

"Enough with the snacking!" Terasa slaps the apple out of my hand and it bounces off the wall and lands in the trash can. I point over my shoulder at the trash can, giving the blonde a shit-eating grin. "Focus, you ass! My best friend is missing and our only witness is a guy who's only been here for about two hours!"

"Fair enough. Alright, tell me what you know, Squishy." James scoffs at the nickname, beginning to pace the kitchen.

"Two men put her in a…." He trails off, looking to Terasa for help.

"A car," she provides," they stuffed her ass in the backseat of a car and drove off in the direction of the Ag barn!"

"That doesn't make any sense," I state. "There's nowhere near the Ag barn to hide her and a class goes up there every other day to keep it clean. No, if the guy's smart enough to catch her by herself, then they wouldn't want her there." I shake my head, trying to come up with a list of people who both know about Kit and my line of work—the list isn't long and most of the people on it are either dead or in jail. Winchester whines from her spot in Will's arms, wiggling until he's forced to let her go. I focus my attention back on the facts, knowing the dog hated to be still as much as her owner.

"Can we at least go check it out?" I look at Terasa, noting the panic in her blue eyes matched mine in its intensity. Kit is technically the oldest in our little trio, but she's so naïve sometimes that Terasa and I consider her the youngest. "I just….I want to be sure that she's okay and I can't do that by staying here doing nothing."

"Alright, my car's parked out front, but I want to get some things before we go chasing after kidnappers." I lead the way to Kit's bedroom, going straight for her closet and removing the false back. "I had this installed before we went into the movie, my job was picking up and I didn't want Kit to be defenseless in case something happened." There's a small metal room, the closet making up the doorway; on the walls are all manner of weapons that Kit has added to since we came back. I grab a couple of nine mills and hand them off to Terasa, knowing she knew how to handle pistols.

Next I grab a Barrett XM109 for myself before opening a portion of the wall the reveal a small cabinet that held different types of swords. "Wow…She was prepared for battle, wasn't she?"

"That she was." James picks up a familiar sword, tears filling his eyes as he stares down at it. "What?"

"She kept my sword," he responds, clearing his throat when his voice cracks. "She brought it back with her."

"Ah, no, she found it in a pawn shop two weeks after we got back." Will picks out a sword of his own and we head back out of the room, sealing it up before walking into the living room. "She had a theory, but never did let me in on it. Something about important objects moving through dimensions and time or some shit." I was about to grab the door handle when someone on the other side opens it first and they step inside. "Told y'all." Kit stares at our group with raised brows, flipping some of her long hair over her shoulder.

"Hot damn, I had a search and rescue team this time," she grins, shutting the door and locking it.

"Did you take care of the problem?"

"A tiny fraction of the problem escaped before I could finish it." She shrugs, kicking off her shoes and flopping back on the couch. "That fraction is going to give us a few problems in the future, so I hope we stay one step ahead. Which, considering who it is, shouldn't be too hard." She lets her words hang in the air for dramatic affect before continuing. "Beckett's back."