She stared at his eyes, those beautiful green eyes that everyone adored and loved as they saw their winning chance in the war, but she knew they held something much more then the fighting spirit everyone else saw.

She saw the flickering pain that made those bright eyes darken when he was alone. The pain of losing the people he loved and cared for, she knew what he was feeling, for she felt it before and knew her eyes held the same pain. They were two of a kind and no one else could see that, they couldn't see the fear, numbness, helplessness and utter pain. They couldn't see past the masks they put on every single day just to keep them content and away from their secrets. No they were blind, just as it should be.

She knew that there were others who were like them, but they had their own and left them be, knowing that having outside help would just cause it to hurt more. The invisible wounds that littered beneath their skin and dragged down to the base of their core, their shattered soul, no one saw them unless they had been through the same events as they had, and no one dared to utter a word if they knew.

She continued to stare at his eyes and smiled when he leaned in and kissed her forehead, spreading the love he had for her. She loved her Harry, the last name he held she ignored for the world tainted it with their desires and lies. Yes she loved this broken young man and he loved her, an equally broken young woman; both shattered and frail, but she knew that given the chance, they would damn everyone else to their own personal hell.

"Luna?" Harry whispered her name.

"Hm?" she hummed as she laid on his chest.

"Never leave me behind" he said to her. She looked at him, her stormy blue eyes becoming clear as she did.

"I won't, not in the entire time that we're damned to be here, will I ever leave you behind" she said before kissing him softly on the lips.

Yes they were broken beyond anyone's repair, but together, they made something else entirely and it was much more stronger.