A/N: Written for the Prompt of the Day: first kiss on the Hogwarts Online forum.

I think this is the shortest thing I have ever written. It's also my first Harry/Ginny. Enjoy!

She's had a million first kisses, but only one of them ever counted.

There was Michael Corner – he kissed her on a Friday, and it was simultaneously the best and worst day of her life. Best because no one had ever kissed her before, and worst because even after all this time she had still believed that Harry would be her first kiss. But since she's Ginny and if anyone could ever seize the moment it's her, she decided that no matter what happened, Harry would still be her first kiss.

Then there were two boys between Michael and Dean Thomas – kisses in classrooms and deserted hallways, but never anything special. And after each one she started over fresh and new, but each time she gave up a little more hope.

Dean Thomas was wonderful a boyfriend, really, and she thought for awhile she could actually be happy with him if there was no way for her to end up with Harry in the end. But the longer she went out with Dean and watched Harry from afar the less happy she was, and finally realized that there wasn't going to be any happiness unless it was with the one person who was probably never going to kiss her.

So she broke up with Dean, and waited to see what would happen.

It took weeks – but what are mere weeks when she had been waiting for six years? – but he finally, finally realized or gave in or got up the courage or whatever the hell it was. Harry kissed her in the common room, in front of everyone, and it was the most extraordinary kiss Ginny had ever received.

But it was also her first, and as first kisses could go, Ginny thought it was perfect.

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