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"I guess you can hear the endless song... my dead utopia. Ugly reality, the town I dreampt of; there's no way that the connected chains will break apart"- "Hidoor Utopia": 祭屋

Eternally Bound

First Chapter: That Yearning Angel, Fallen

Ciel, whose title was "Angel of Virtue", was utterly shocked at the "proposition" that was created specifically for him. The proposition would not only "benefit" himself, he was told- it would also benefit the well being of humanity.

For so many years, the darkness of Hell had been polluting the voids known as humans that crawled the Earth; everything covered in ruddy sin. Anywhere you looked, you could see lust starving in the eyes of man and gluttony pried upon rich nobles. Ciel vaguely remembered the earlier days when feelings were conveyed more chastely and intentions were more simple, more pure. Humans were always seen as a species to revere and protect by the angels. Now, they were only seen as muddied cavities that had no chance of repenting.

So this "proposition"- better known as an arrangement- would surely benefit both Ciel and the sake of the world… right?

The young male furrowed his eyebrows together in deep thought as he gazed upon the proposition, whom had lucid cyan eyes and golden ringlets. They were both currently sitting next to each other in the garden, the crisp black night settling in over them.

The arrangement was for his binding to Elizabeth, "Angel of Purity".

Elizabeth was the most beautiful of all female angels in Heaven. Any male angel would be unjust to not be enchanted by her high pitched peals of laughter and feminine stature- any male except Ciel, of course. To him, her emerald eyes looked like the deadening sea in the summer nightfall, her hair color akin to perishing wheat fields, high pitched giggles the equivalent of a drunken hyena. No. Ciel did not like this "proposition" arranged by the elders at all.

"Dearest, is something wrong?" Elizabeth cooed and reached a petite hand towards him. He flinched and stood out of his chair, eyeing her speculatively. She raised a slim eyebrow at this action and clutched her hands tightly to her chest. Slightly jutting her lip as a wave of agitation overwhelmed her, she turned her attention to a blooming rose bush residing next to the couple. She plucked a well in bloom white rose and sniffed it gently, closing her dark lashes in apparent reminisce.

"….Why, it is nothing, I assure you," Ciel replied laxly, wincing as he realized his tone of voice did not necessarily reflect what he proclaimed.

Elizabeth frowned and brushed aside a lock of hair. A part of Ciel felt sorry for her- she was clearly exuberant about the binding; making it a daily habit to flit about the palace making plans for the holy arrangement, chatting excitedly amongst the other holy inhabitants of Heaven. It was a shame that he viewed their binding as a wretched occurrence, not the happy one she perceived so vividly.

Binding was nothing akin to that of marriage- no, marriage was a legal term used by humans to form two families together for solidity and profit, very rarely because of amorous affections. Binding is a term used by both angels and demons- the tying of the red string of fate. Every life form in the universe has one, although very few actually find their other half. It is said in deep legends that one will immediately recognize their soul mate once their eyes meet, and that once their gaze is set, that fact and bond alone are unshakable.

Ciel had yet to meet his soul mate, which was clearly not Elizabeth- and here he was, getting bound against his will!

He was more or less being choked by his red string, feelings of fulfillment utterly depleted. He understood that if purity and virtue were bound into one coexistence, humans would be given the chance to repent and be cleansed of their unholy sins caused by the raid of the underworld. But he didn't want that. He didn't want to be bound all eternity to some unpleasant angel he barely knew, even if it meant the salvation of humanity.

Ciel snapped back into present time and peered at the woman in front of him. He assessed her over, searching for anything he could love, or even like about her.

Her figure? No, he saw it as too complex, not something he would want to hold in his arms and protect. Her hands? Utterly petite, almost alike to that of a clean skeleton's. Her skin? Ghostly pallid, more purer than the winter snow that blanketed Earth in the months near the birth of Jesus.

Elizabeth huffed and stood up, clutching the snow tinted rose tightly within her grip. She furiously stormed past Ciel, bumping into his shoulder as she hurried into the mansion. Ciel did not want to go after her and apologize, although a meager part of him felt obligated to do so.

But why should he, anyway? The apology would only be contrived, and to be quaint he wasn't sorry in the least.

He looked back up to the sky, the full moon waning over him against the sable night; select few starlets gleaming in the distance. They seemed to mock him with their luminescent lights, daunting orbs of opportunity swaying back and forth with promise of true love and limitless constraint.

No. He would not be subjected to this binding without any say.

His hands clenched tightly together in covetous yearning, an unwanted surge of jealousy aflame. Humans had the choice to fall in love, although they rarely did so and only married for profit. Humans were surrounded by different pools of people, chances of meeting their soul mate much greater. Humans never had to be holy and pure like Ciel- they could either be subjected to sin or virtue, whichever they chose to uphold.

He coveted all of these things; his passion to obtain the forbidden fruit. Yet, he could not obtain them as he was an angel.

But... he could….. as a human, that is.

The gears in Ciel's mind slowly churned out an intricate plan, and he found a smile spread across his utterly placid demeanor. He continued to look up at the dark night, surrounded by the white roses that clashed with the new birth of sin, the waning mark of a Fallen Angel.

The morning sun was beginning to bathe Heaven in newfound light, awakening all of the holy inhabitants. All except one, whom was already awake and moving about quickly. Ciel slyly walked around the wide pillars in his palace, making sure to keep a careful eye on the upcoming passages and hallways to see if any of the servants or Elizabeth were to come.

He wanted to be human. He wanted to have free rein when it came to his thoughts and feelings, and he wanted more than anything to meet his soul mate; his other half. And there was only one way to become human and forsaken his Lord, God.

Make a contract with a devil.

Ciel knew more than any being that devils were pure evil; sadistic and malevolent, toying with the minds of humans and churning out sins to and thro. But he wanted his scrap of humanity more than anything else; he wanted to have his own opinions and not be subjected to the whims of higher beings. He was willing to give up his soul, his life, and become a fallen angel just to obtain that speck of normality.

He sighed, puffing his cheeks out slightly in exacerbation as he saw one of the servants, Maylene, walk from the passageway. She was carrying a woven basket full of sheaths and tunics, getting ready to hang them outside to catch sunlight and fresh air.

Both Elizabeth and him had household servants- Maylene, Finnian and Bard. All of which were humans whom managed to enter into the holy gardens of Heaven, despite the world's recent turmoil. When they were alive they were all solely devoted creatures- Bard, devoted to ending wars and fighting for the greater good; Maylene, devoted to her human master so much that she would take a bullet for him; and Finnian, whom was devoted to preserving life and being kind to all. Ciel insisted heatedly that these three be their servants- they had the most virtue he had ever seen humans possess, and Ciel himself (being an Angel of Virtue) was utterly captivated by their loyalty.

He leaned against the pillar on the other side, waiting for her to go through the parlor and out the garden doors. She was moving rather slowly, her head constantly looking down to make sure she would not trip over the sheaths that nearly draped to the floor. Soon enough she made her way out, and Ciel carried on with making his heated escape.

Angels could not travel to the world of Hell- well, technically they could, but it took a lot of cleansing and rituals for them to summon enough strength to cross the portal to Hell, let alone suffice in the dimension once reached. He had no need to travel to the Underworld anyhow- Earth as of now was being overrun by rampant sin, he was bound to see a devil if he were to simply set foot on the ground of mankind.

He reached the front of his mansion and threw one last look at it, reminiscence clouding his mind momentarily. He was truly sorry that he could not fulfill his role as a servant of God and complete his duty of giving a second chance for humanity. Many humans would succumb to darkness because of his upfront selfishness and philosophical urges. And although he was barely fond of his supposed binding partner, Elizabeth, he felt remorse for her also; idly hoping that she wouldn't think of him as crass for pulling such a stunt.

With one last approving nod to his heavenly abode, he turned around and closed his eyes, summoning his inner power.

*"לטרוף אותי לפורטל העולם בשם כדור הארץ" he chanted lowly, the back of his eyelids beginning to heat up from the surge of inner bearings.

When he felt the power course within him, he flicked his hand upwards and summoned a portal. Nothing but tumultuous darkness showed on the inside, pieces of light barely showing through the thick plain of inner turmoil.

He wearily stepped a foot through the other end, slightly repulsed by the dredged feeling groping his leg. He finally brought forth enough courage and swung his body through, ebony pouring in as he descended to the human world; Earth, to call forth a devil and cast away his holy vow of virtue.

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