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Eternally Bound

Eighth Chapter: Those Servants, Caught

Most people, when discovering a shocking secret about someone very close to them, have two ways of dealing with the situation. One being that they seal their lips with wax-like permanence, not wanting others to find out the unknown taboo. Or the other way; confrontation. This famous technique, respectfully called "guilt trip" or "blackmail", involves cornering the person and demanding why they kept hidden such a disguised enigma, perhaps threatening to tell others of the secret. Both scenarios differed from one another; yet were the most clean-cut ways of dealing with such an ordeal.

Unfortunately, Finny was not a clean-cut type of person.

As he spotted the raven-haired man and his master zealously partaking in a high act of adultery, he couldn't help but find innocent curiosity creep upon his unsuspecting mind.

Who was this man with his master? Why were they kissing? Was Ciel really being held against his will? So many questions buzzed spasmodically throughout his overwhelmed brain, that he couldn't help but to call out to Ciel when the man pecked an abiding kiss on his temple and left the library.

"Hey, Master Ciel, who is tha-"

Maylene and Bard gasped in alarm and immediately threw their hands over his mouth, shushing him all the while. Bard pinned the young boy down further into the shrubbery, and Maylene jerked him back and forth whilst babbling countless slurs consisting of, 'O-O-Oh my, I cannot believe what I have just seen!' and 'Hush, Finny, we are sure to get caught!"

Ciel looked sharply towards the window, having heard a sudden noise outside. He pushed his chair back and walked over to the picture window, peering through the tiny slits of transparent glass that adorned the opaque fixated window.

The three servants leaned against the side of the mansion, tucking their legs under their bodies in small hope that they could blend in with the wall. They inclined their heads slightly upwards, immediately freezing when they saw Ciel's face peer out the window.

They saw the angel pucker an eyebrow as nothing but the inner courtyard showed, the fountain eroding with slight ripples as flower petals from the garden blew in whispering peace.

With a suppressed sigh, he strode back over to his desk and resumed reading.

Maylene, Bard, and Finny felt their bodies automatically slacken as danger was narrowly averted. Bard glowered at Finny with slight abhorrence.

"Finny," he castigated sharply. "If you do not keep your mouth shut, I swear I will strangle you. Even if it means I will be sent to Hell."

"Oh, Bard, do not say that!" Maylene defended, waving her hands back and forth frantically. "We all know that you would do no such thing. Finny was just…. s-shocked, is all."

They all stared at each other's blank faces numbingly, an icy thorn growing in the pits of their stomachs. This entire situation was an absolute nightmare- who would have thought that Ciel had left Elizabeth for…. for…

"A man," Finny breathed in entranced bewilderment. "I cannot believe Master Ciel's soul mate is a man."

Bard opened his mouth to protest, but clamped it shut when he wasn't sure of what to say. He would love to deny what Finny said, that Ciel had given up his immortality to be a human alongside another man, but Bard himself did not know that for sure. It seemed so surreal, so unlike their master to abandon the holy life he was bestowed upon to lead out limited mortal days with his lover.

"M-My mind can hardly process such a thing," Maylene commented somberly. She feared for Ciel even more so than before, now that it was revealed he was in an enamored relationship with a human male. If Hannah, Claude and Alois discovered this….

She felt bile well up at that back of her throat, and she quickly bade it away with a loud gulp. It would go without saying that they would have no qualms with torturing Ciel until they were satisfied with his repentance and wrought prayers.

"We cannot take him back to Heaven," Finny whispered dazedly, thinking exactly what Maylene was. "He would be severely punished- by no other than the Elders themselves! Oh, Bard, shouldn't we just leave him be?"

"I…" Bard began, slightly irritated by the fact that everyone wanted him to make the decisions now out of all the times. His throat closed gently and he quaffed. Slowly and carefully, he leaned on his knees and peeked through the window once again. His saxe blue eyes danced wildly as he tried to locate Ciel, until he finally found the latter leaning against a bookcase. He was staring at the same book he had earlier; the one with ebony depictions of angels and Earth, the same thick weaving.

"He s-seems to be really captivated by that book," Maylene observed pointedly as she kneeled next to Bard and looked into the window alongside him.

"He is trying to solve a riddle," Finny hummed. He comfortably stretched his cramped legs out from under his body. "I heard them talk about it while you two were wondering why Master Ciel was looking so befuddled."

"Do you… know what it's about?" Maylene inquired.

Finny shook his head back and forth, a light frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. "No- but he insisted that the man should not tell him the answer under any circumstances. They argued for a bit, then… m-made up, as you know." A snort sounded, and Maylene and Finny narrowed their eyes and turned to Bard, who was crossing his arms and jutting his lip superciliously.

"I do not believe that folly, not for one minute," he proclaimed haughtily, sticking his chin up in the air. "That cocky bastard is most likely hiding something from Master Ciel- I can tell."

"Bard!" Finny hit him on the arm with a paddle-like slap. "You do not know if he is really like that. Who knows, perhaps he is a nice man?"

Bard scoffed, taking slight pity on Finny's simplistic mind. It seemed that only Bard could see the barbarous man they had witnessed earlier with their master for what he truly was; a harlot whom could not keep his hands to himself. Ciel was innocent, in his eyes, despite how headstrong and tenacious he usually behaved.

He believed that deep down, under the thick inner webbings of his master's inner tides, lied utter benevolence and true virtue; something Ciel was known for.

"Finny," he explained justly, "'Nice men' do not aberrantly grope like he did to our Master Ciel. You saw him, right?"

Garnet dashed across Finny's face as he vividly remembered the unbecoming session he witnessed his master partake in. It wasn't something he wished to reminisce, but found that the scene replayed itself over and over again in his mind, mocking him with bouts of infidelity and debauchery.

"But…." he defended weakly, his will effectively tore in two. He opened his mouth to continue his protest, only to halt when Maylene put a consoling hand on his shoulder. He was meritoriously silenced as he gazed upon her consoling smile; the resolute gaze she was looking at Bard with.

"We do not know anything yet, we do not," she spoke firmly, her wavering voice now strong and unyielding. "It's rude to say such malicious things about a person if you do not even know them." Bard could feel exasperation well up within his chest, and his tongue floundered as he wished to scream out staunch obscenities.

"Are you two blind?" hesputtered fiercely, nearly spitting on the two as he leaned back up to the window. "How can you assume that a person is kindhearted after you've witnessed such a terrible thing? Do you have no respect for Master Ciel whatsoever?"

Stunned silence settled in as Maylene and Finny slowly took in what Bard said. Wind began to pick up around them, and they all shivered as the gusts swept in between their sleeves and pant legs.

Finny was the first to speak after the whispers of breeze ceased.

"….Because," he proclaimed solemnly, gazing at the skeptical man in front of him. "We are dead, Bard. We shouldn't always assume the worst of people at first glance, at least not anymore- we had our time to do that, when we were alive…." He idly recalled his mortal days that he spent so callously; his inner being filled with upheaval and ruddy uncertainty. He, as many other humans, judged every person he came across with uptight expectations and doubt- to never look twice at someone who was slightly different, and to never forgive, no matter what the circumstance.

Surprisingly, when he died, all of those disgusting feelings went away. They seemingly evaporated into nonexistence, leaving nothing but contentment and a little bit of shame on his part.

"….But now we are servants of angels, and it's our duty to always keep a clear and consecrated mind.." Bard looked at him wordlessly, mouth slightly agape as Finny's cumbersome words began to slowly sink into his mind. He did not want to mishandle the duty that was handed to him out of pure coincidence and solicitousness- he cherished the fact that the reason he was able to have an afterlife was because of Ciel.

However, he could not help but to feel spite towards the man he was enamored with, and even Ciel himself. Be it his natural human obnoxiousness welling up or just the fact that he had been abandoned, he was uncertain. He was still fairly adamant on dragging his master back to Heaven, though.

"Alright, then," he haughtily caviled after a few moments of dead air, "I will give this seemingly vile man a chance- but do not think for one minute that this entire charade is pure. Master Ciel, in a way, ran away and eloped with a man, abandoning Miss Elizabeth." Maylene and Finny gulped and nodded, taking any relinquishment from Bard that they could get.

"I am sure we will understand the situation better once we have asked Master Ciel himself," Finny sighed and leaned his beading head against the cold brick wall. He was beginning to sweat from so much apprehension, and he yearned for a cool drink of water.

"Should we tap against the window to get his attention?" Maylene asked. She peered at the opaquely designed upholstery.

"We may as well," Bard said and leaned up on his knees so that he was fully facing the window. "I would much rather do it this way than knock on the door- what if that man answered?" He extended his hands towards the pellucid glass, only to stop when he heard a rustling sound. He creased an already furrowed eyebrow in curiousness as he looked at Maylene and Finny for the source of the noise, only to receive two shrugs.

Bard turned back around to tap a finger on the window, only to hear slight clicks against the stone walkway, as if someone was approaching. The clamor began to draw nearer and nearer, the driveling sounds echoing throughout his hollow ears. After many moments of noisy continual interruptions, he turned around and shot an exasperating glare to Maylene and Finny.

"Who is making all that noise?" he seethed through clenched teeth.

"I-It is not us!" The two servants depleted in unison. Bard assessed the two honestly confused corteges, concluding that they were not lying nor playing a wrought prank on him.

He turned around to pat on the window once again, only to freeze when he saw a dark figure reflected in the glass. His muscles locked together; the fine hairs on the back of his neck standing erect. He silently swore that he would not turn around to see what was behind him, in fear that, that would be the last thing he would ever gaze upon.

Bard was vaguely aware of Maylene and Finny gasping at the behemoth in front of them. He could feel warm blusterous bile well up at the back of his throat when he heard them yelp as they were wrenched up by the collars of their tunics.

As a struggled shriek bubbled upon Maylene's dim lips, he broke his oath of staying put and whirred around. Before his eyes could adjust to the stranger that leered before him, he was grabbed by the throat and shoved against the brick siding. He gasped for air as he felt his thyroid nearly collapse; idly wondering if he had ever felt this much pain since he died.

"Why, thank you for giving a 'vile man' such as I 'a chance'," Sebastian hissed, looking down at Maylene and Finny whom had been knocked out with a callous flick of the wrist. "Although I feel as if I am not the one who is in need of mercy. Am I correct to assume so?"

Bard clutched Sebastian's hands that were wrapped tightly around his neck and summoned as much strength as he could. He silently recited a prayer in the corner of his swarming mind; that prayer being one of the only few he knew which could protect him. He grunted as his power levels reached its peak and tore the demon's hands away.

Or at least, attempted to.

Shock fizzled throughout him as his palm snapped back from recoil, a painful crack ensuing. Eyes bulging and mouth agape as pain coursed throughout his wrist, he realized that he broke it. Broken gasps ensued out of his strained neck, and his swimming eyes consumed by tears wildly gazed upon the unknown man that was attempting to kill him.

"What… the…. Hell….?" he wheezed as his face was dug further into the side of the mansion, "That should…. H-have kil…led you…. It is im….possible for a human to-" He immediately stopped mid sentence, his stomach curdling in pure horror as realization splashed against him like frozen water.

Sebastian gave a wry snicker at the servant's befuddled expression, and spoke through cool lips of solemnity.

"…. What if I am not human?"

Bard let out an incensed groan- Ciel had not only abandoned his fiancée and sanctified life for mortality alongside a male…but that male wasn't human? Oh, just leave it to his master to become swathed within a sinful immortal's grasp.

The blonde could finally feel his turbid eyes begin to focus, and was taken aback when he recognized the demon as the man Ciel was conversing with prior.

He surprisingly looked nothing like the dastardly monster he had pertained him to be- if being inanely irritated by one's impudence counted as such, though, he was the utter epitome of it. His caramelized orbs of shade peered down at Bard domineeringly; no intention of loosening his grip on the suffering buffoon's neck.

"W-well, isn't… that bloody peachy!" Bard crooned sarcastically, summoning enough energy to spit back an apathetic dictum. "What th….e hell do you mean, 'not…. human'? Whatever co….uld you possibly be- an incubus? Poppycock! You are mo…st likely a… mere imp that is trying to act haughty!"

Sebastian sighed a cool breath of exasperation passing through his lips. His grip tightened on Bard's neck as a wave of vexation overcame him- the blubbering servant had just assumed that he, this "unknown stranger", was nothing but a mere lesser demon, salvaging scraps on territory and hauteur.

How presumptuous of him.

Bard, still unaware of exactly who he was dealing with, tried to throw a low punch to Sebastian's abdomen. Sebastian immediately blocked it and bent his fingers back. Pops of bones twisting out of alignment; joints being wrenched fizzled throughout the tense dry air. Both fighters, even the bringer of pain; Sebastian, internally cringed at the excruciating sound.

"I think it is time," he proposed darkly, irritated by how much Bard was writhing and screaming, "That you take a nap." The latter opened his mouth to protest, but could not issue a word in as Sebastian lightly pressed against a pressure filled spot in his jugular.

Bard instantaneously felt all of his muscles loosen as if he had fallen into lukewarm water, and a somnolent sensation weighed across his eyelids. He slumped to the ground, head bobbing as his knees tapped against the dirt ground. He wearily looked up at the man in front of him, yearning to know what he had just encountered. It wasn't something as small as an imp, and the man certainly was not an incubi. It would also seem poor to give him the title of a feeble, derisory demon- the stranger possessed too much power and intimidation. Weaker demons merely crawled the crevices of Earth, claiming coveted areas for themselves and mutilating every traveler that happened across their path.

But this monster was different, he-

Bard's eyes began to roll back, lethargy finally succeeding in sweeping him under the consistent tides of catalepsy. He internally cursed his willpower to the fiery pits of Hades, and forced needle-like words through his raw throat and bleeding mouth.

"You are… one hell of a devil… you know… t… hat?" he choked out. He winced when he found a whimper hitch in the back of his throat.

Sebastian blinked blankly for a few moments, surprised at the sudden comment. Bard's voice held no venom whatsoever, and if anything, it sounded as if he were amused or jesting.

"Why yes," he beamed somewhat grandiosely, his pearl white fangs grazing the tips of his lips. "I suppose you could say so."

Bard snorted at the devil's smugness and shut his eyes tightly, mentally trying to reject the thought of nearly being decapitated by such a strong, evil creature.

"Well, then, Mr. Devil," he jabbed weakly, his broken wrist beginning to grow numb. "If… you are so treacherous a…nd mighty, then why are you…. taking so long to kill me? Wh….y would you spare… such… a peon as I? Have… y…ou perhaps gone so-?" He was unable to finish his interrogation. His head suddenly slumped to the side as unconsciousness overcame him, collapsing into the luxuriant courtyard shrubbery.

Sebastian peered down at the comatose man before him, his mouth agape as if he wanted to say something. His tongue yearned to taste the words of insubordination, to deny that the reason he had spared the three servants was because he knew they were tied to Ciel somehow.

He could have easily killed them, whether it be by snapping their necks or ripping their palpitating hearts out of their bosoms. But he didn't. Instead, he chose to keep them alive, and present them to his master in case he found them useful.

Sebastian sighed as he found ineptness slowly fizzle inside him. He quietly walked over to Maylene and Finny, and with a swift gesture, slung them over his shoulders and wrapped their limp arms around his neck. Deciding to retrieve Bard after he set their sleeping selves in the guest chambers, he strode into the mansion and purposefully avoided walking by the library where Ciel was currently studying; making sure to maneuver around creaky floorboards.

He would have a lot of explaining to do if he was spotted with two unconscious heavenly dwellers, after all.

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