Lexi: It's been like years since I've written a new story that I planned on finishing... wow. Anyways, random idea popped into my head and I thought "I could write a fanfic for this!" So here we are(: I've never done a Danny x Vlad story, but I have read plenty.

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Warning: Yeah, it's yaoi/slash. As in, two dudes, TOGETHER. If that scares you, the back button is in the upper left corner and the exit one is in the right;)


"So you can't make it tonight?" Danny asked him over the phone.

"Sorry, man, Sam really wants to go see the new exhibit at the art museum. I didn't mean to ditch you at the last minute," Tucker apologized. Danny rolled his eyes, it was stupid to think Tucker wasn't going to bail on him again for his girlfriend.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be fine. Have a good time with Sam. Maybe we can hang tomorrow?" he asked hopefully, knowing Tucker probably wouldn't come.

"Sure, see ya later, Danny." With that, he hung up the phone. Danny looked back to the screen in front of him. Some random website with a chatroom. That would keep him occupied for the night at least. He signed on and entered a random room.

Phantom69 has entered the conversation.

Danny saw there were only a few more people there. He waited for a moment to read what they were conversing about.

TooSexyForThis: I completely disagree with you. How anyone could stand women is beyond me!

DontH8thePlayer: You obviously haven't been with the right ones, then :P

TooSexyForThis: I've been with enough to know they disgust me.

DontH8thePlayer: Someone back me up here! How can a dude like another dude? That's just not right. Adam and Eve, not Adam and STEVE!

'What a douchebag,' Danny thought. Was this guy really that much of an ass to express his prejudices online? He wasn't going to stay quiet.

Phantom69: Good to know the homophobes know how to rhyme...

DontH8thePlayer: Don't tell me... another damn fag in the chatroom?

Phantom69: Honestly? You're the one going around being a stupid bigot. I have every right to stand up for others' sexuality.

Danny was getting pissed off.

TooSexyForThis: Damn straight. If you don't like talking with 'fags' then leave the chatroom.

DontH8thePlayer has left the conversation.

Phantom69: Thank God... fucking idiot.

TooSexyForThis: Indeed. And thank you for supporting me on that.

Phantom69: Well, actually, I'm gay. But he doesn't need to know that(:

TooSexyForThis: I see. So, what's your name?

Phantom69: It's Daniel, but you can call me Danny. And you?

TooSexyForThis: My full name is Vladimir, however, I answer to Vlad.

Phantom69: Oh, like the author Vlad Masters? That's cool.

Danny waited a minute before TooSexyForThis responded.

TooSexyForThis: You read his work?

Phantom69: Yeah, a bit. He's really good. I've always wanted to meet him. And I heard somewhere that he's gay. I have no idea if that's true, but wouldn't it be cool if he was? He's hot, even though he's a bit older then me.

TooSexyForThis: O_O

Phantom69: Shit... I rambled again. Sorry :/ bad habit.

TooSexyForThis: No, lol, it was kinda cute.

Phantom69: *blushes* Are you trying to seduce me, sir? *raises eyebrow*

TooSexyForThis: Depends... do you want to be seduced?;)

Phantom69: Well, I suppose that depends as well. How old are you?

There was another short pause before he answered. Danny held his breath. It seemed he was always the youngest one on these sites.

TooSexyForThis: 28, you?

Danny bit his lip... lying to people online wasn't that bad. It wasn't like you were ever going to meet them, right?

Phantom69: 26. Where do you live?

TooSexyForThis: Wisconsin. A very boring state, might I add. And you, Daniel?

Phantom69: I'm from somewhere around there. I live in Amity Park.

TooSexyForThis: I have old college friends from there that I visit occasionally.

Phantom69: Oh, really?

He glanced at the time in the corner of his screen and noticed it was after midnight. If he didn't go to bed soon, his parents were going to be upset with him.

Phantom69: Hey, I gotta go now. It's getting late, but maybe we can talk tomorrow?

TooSexyForThis: Yeah, that's fine. I should be on all day tomorrow, I don't work on weekends. Have a nice sleep, Daniel.

Phantom69: Thank you, I hope you have a nice sleep as well. See ya tomorrow.

Phantom69 has left the conversation.

Danny let out a soft sigh. For some reason, this guy made him all happy and giddy about life. He had found himself growing more lehtargic and uncaring lately, but now he just wanted to go hug a bunny, or something. It had been a while since he felt this way.

And he knew that whoever this Vlad guy was, wherever he was, whatever he was doing, they would be conversing for a while in the coming days.

Lexi: Been typing small pieces of this all day... (: I liked it. This was just the prologue and the first chapter should be up soon. This will probably end up being one of my longer ones (15-20 chapters?) Hmmmm... reviews would be nice. Just a few would get me motivated to write more!

Oh, and yes, it is rated M. So, there will be sex later... Wooh!:D

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