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Chapter 1:

Phantom69: Are you serious! They make gummy ocutpuses?

TooSexyForThis: Indeed, young Daniel. However, I believe the plural is octupi.

At this, Danny literally laughed out loud and nearly fell out of his chair. Vlad was a really fun person to talk to. They had been conversing -and flirting- for the last month, varying amounts of time each day.

Phantom69: Wow, well, now I really want some... *licks lips*

TooSexyForThis: Hmmm... keep doing that and I'm going to give you something else to eat;)

Phantom69: *blushes* Of course! XD

TooSexyForThis: So, what are your plans for the weekend?

Phantom 69: I suppose I'll end up trying to go the mall with Tucker and Sam, get blown off once more, and end up on the computer. You?(:

TooSexyForThis: Flying to England for business. I won't have a computer :/

Danny frowned. Vlad had become a daily part of his routine, how could he go a weekend without talking to him at all?

Phantom69: Oh... well, it's okay, I guess. We'll talk when you get back, right?

TooSexyForThis: I actually had an idea, but it's probably going to come off creepy...

Phantom69: What is it?

TooSexyForThis: Well, I know you said you had a cell phone. We could text. But, if you don't want to, that's fine.

He thought it over for a moment. His parents had always said not to give out his number to people on the internet... but, when's the last time they paid attention to him? 'Would serve them right if I ended up murdered by some serial killer!' And, he did trust Vlad... and like him... A lot.

When he looked back to the screen, he noticed a few missed messages.

TooSexyForThis: Nevermind, I shouldn't have suggested it even.

TooSexyForThis: I'm sorry if I freaked you out :/

Phantom69: Sorry, I got up to fetch my phone! Here's the number: (567)-868-1516.

Danny got nervous when he didn't answer. A minute later his text message ringtone went off, Lady Gaga's voice filled the room... "I was born this way, yeah, I was born-" He pressed the silence button and flipped open his phone.

(419)-320-7429: Hey, babe;)

He chuckled and entered the number as a new contact before responding.

Danny: Lolz, really now?

Vlad: Mhmmm... If I waited, I wouldn't know if you gave me a fake # :)

Danny: I probably should of... jk!

Vlad: I'm deeply hurt, Daniel! I may have to go and cry myself to sleep now!

Danny: I'm sure. Is that you're way of saying you love me? XD hahah.

Vlad: Oh, of course;)

Danny: Kay, well I'm gonna go to bed now. Ttyl.

Vlad: Good night.

Danny turned plugged his phone into the outlet to charge and turned off the lights. He got into bed and under the covers. He closed his eyes, but found that he couldn't fall asleep. Everytime he tried, his mind wandered back to Vlad. What did he look like? What was his job? How tall was he? Danny was desperate for any bit of information he could get about the older man.

Even after talking for a month, he didn't know all that much about him. Just his opinions on different things and that he was 28. Danny still felt back about lying and saying he was 26 when he was only 18, still only a senior in high school. Of course, he graduated in another month, but still! Would Vlad hate him if he found out he was much younger than him? Danny only hoped he didn't... But he couldn't imagine how much bigger their age gap really was.

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