Hikaru sighed tiredly, staring at his mobile phone. He wanted to call her, to see where she was, but he couldn't. She had specifically asked the hosts not to call her, for reasons unknown to him. That irritated him slightly, Haruhi shouldn't keep secrets away from the host club, and it just doesn't work. Everyone eventually finds out. They always do.

"She'll be fine; she said she needed to leave early for something important, it's probably just something she's doing with her dad or something. You know, she doesn't usually get to see him much with work and all?" Kaoru said in a convincing tone, trying to cheer Hikaru up. It obviously wasn't working, since Hikaru just sighed again and pocketed his phone.

"I just wish she'd at least tell us where she's going, or who with?" He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. The day at the host club was slow, their guests had already left, and it was just Tamaki who still had ladies to entertain. The twins didn't bother talking quietly, since none of the girls would know who they're talking about if they continued to refer to Haruhi as 'she'. As if having a sudden thought of pure genius, Hikaru turned to his twin with a grin stretching up his face.

"How about, next time she does it, we follow her?" He chuckled, rubbing his hands together in a positively evil manner. It made Kaoru raise an eyebrow. Did his brother really want to piss Haruhi off that much? Then again, he probably did, Haruhi was always funny when she was angry. Kaoru smirked, wrapping his arm around his brother.

"You're diabolical, you know that?" He chuckled, wearing the same evil look as his brother.

"Who're you going to follow, Hika-chan, Kao-chan?" Honey asked, bouncing over to them excitedly. He always did love the twins' plans; they were always so much more fun than Tamaki's plans, which were also fun, but just not as fun. The twins glanced at Honey, the mischievous grins still playing on their lips. Making sure that Tamaki's guests were gone, they decided it was okay to mention Haruhi's name.

"We're going to follow Haruhi next time she leaves us again. This is the third time this month! And it's always on Wednesdays..." Hikaru mumbled and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"It saddens Daddy to know that my daughter keeps voluntarily leaving us once a week" cried Tamaki, scratching his cheek. "Where do you think she goes?"

"Maybe she has a secret lover who she meets at the park on Wednesdays..." Kaoru snickered, watching the look of anguish engulf Tamaki's face.

"What, my daughter better not be frolicking off with a scoundrel to the park!" cried Tamaki, flailing his arms around in anger and stomped his feet. "Daddy won't allow it!"

"I'm sure she has a good reason to leave us on Wednesdays, she sounded like she really did need to be somewhere. I highly doubt she's with a boy, since she doesn't really have time to meet other boys since we keep her with us most of them time." Explained Kyouya as he pushed his glasses further up the brim of his nose, of course he knew exactly where Haruhi was, and she didn't try to hide it from him, since he'd find out sooner or later.

"Right, next Wednesday, we follow my precious daughter to...wherever she is going, and kick the scoundrels butt!" Cried Tamaki, throwing a fist in the air as a determined look crossed his features. You could almost see the flames behind his eyes.

'Wednesday is going to be a long day...' Kyouya sighed.