Haruhi sighed in relief; the last of her customers had just left. It was tiring, running about the place like a headless chicken, but she couldn't deny that she loved the host club, even if she wouldn't admit it vocally. She smiled slightly to herself, looking around the room with a content smile. She had many good friends here, and she was grateful for them. It was just a shame not all of her friends could be here. But that was a silly thought, Aoi had to stay where she was, if she didn't, there's no telling what would happen if she suddenly got worse. 'At least I can still see her on Wednesdays' Haruhi thought 'I don't know what I'd do without her...'

A hand waving in front of Haruhi's face brought her back to reality. She blinked several times, trying to regain her bearings, before realizing Tamaki was looking at her with a worried expression written across his face.

"Hey, Haruhi, what's up with you lately, you keep spacing out..." Tamaki trailed off, his gaze was shifting slightly around the room before continuing, "Is something wrong?"

Haruhi blinked in surprise. Had Tamaki sensed that something was wrong with her already? And here she was, thinking he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. She smiled in reassurance, though in reality, she wanted to tell him, but she knew how he'd react. He would try and move Aoi to a different hospital, all to make Haruhi feel better. She couldn't do that to Aoi. There was a reason Aoi loved that hospital, and if she was going to die anywhere, it would be there. But Aoi wasn't going to die, she already promised Haruhi she wouldn't. She smiled at that, how could she promise such a thing? It was absurd. But then again, Aoi never broke a promise, and she prided herself on that.

"Haruhi, you're spacing out again!" Tamaki cried "No doubt having thoughts of that scoundrel!" Haruhi blinked, staring at him as if he had grown an extra head, though with Tamaki's ego, another head would help relive his current one of all the air.

"No, Tamaki-sempai, I was just thinking of a friend of mine." Haruhi sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She could feel a headache developing already. Tamaki blinked, and stared at her with his mouth wide open. Was she about to tell him? Was his daughter going to open up to her father? Was she-

"But I'll tell you about that another time, sempai." She finished, giving him another reassuring smile, before she stood up and made her way over to the changing room where she kept her bag. Tamaki hid in his corner, rocking back and forth repeating "she doesn't trust me!" over and over again. Kyouya looked up from his laptop, though it may not have looked like it, he had been listening to the conversation between Haruhi and Tamaki. This was getting stupid, and frustrating. He really wished Haruhi would tell them, if only to spare him the constant headache his best friend enforced on him every waking moment, constantly asking him if he should tell her he knows already. And his answer was always the same. No. They shouldn't tell her, they shall wait patiently, or impatiently, Kyouya didn't really care, but he didn't want them to force Haruhi to speak, or for her to think he had betrayed her in some way.

"Tamaki, just leave her be, she'll tell you when she's ready." He commented, typing away at his laptop. He really should tell Tamaki not to worry about this 'scoundrel', but it might do Tamaki some good, to realize where his jealousy is coming from. It failed tremendously, but Kyouya believed a second threat to his 'daughter' is exactly what he needs. Haruhi walked out the changing room, checking the mobile phone the twins had given her. Her eyes widened, before settling back down into a small smile onto her lips. She walked over to Kyouya, a smile hidden rather well on her lips. She obviously didn't want to alarm the rest of the host club with her sudden happiness, as most of them still had customers.

"Hey, Kyouya?" she said quietly, pulling up a seat beside Kyouya at his personal desk. He also had run out of customers, since it was coming towards the end of the day.


"I just got a text from her; she says that the doctors have been saying that her condition is improving. They took another blood test to confirm it." She said, biting her lip. Kyouya smiled, it was obvious how Haruhi was trying to suppress her joy, and she looked very similar when Kyouya offered to transfer Aoi to one of his family's elite hospitals in the area.

"That's wonderful, Haruhi. I'm glad for both of you. Perhaps one day, she will visit the host club?" He asked, glancing back down at his computer. He found a data file and quickly wrote down the new information he had learnt about Aoi. You never know, she could change her mind at anytime, not that the hospital wouldn't have her files or anything, but it was just a precaution. Kyouya didn't know if the files at the commoners hospital were written or typed, hopefully typed, if she were to change her mind. It would be annoying to have to postpone her treatment until a doctor could type all her information in.

Haruhi paled, a grimace setting on her face, making Kyouya smirk inside. It was inevitable; the other hosts were eventually going to want to meet her, even if they didn't know 'he' was a she. That made him want to laugh more, how they thought that Haruhi was in love with a boy who was extremely ill. It sounded like some silly television drama.

"No thanks, Kyouya. She would probably die from shock at these guys' antics, never mind the leukaemia!" she exclaimed, though quiet enough so that the other hosts wouldn't hear. And luckily, she didn't say it a few seconds prior, since Tamaki came bounding over, a stern look on his face. Kyouya frowned, it looked like Tamaki was...angry, jealous? 'This isn't going to end well...' Kyouya mused.

"Haruhi! I hereby forbid you from leaving the host club on Wednesdays! You're abusing you duty as a host." He exclaimed, jealousy all over his face, but it was only visible by Kyouya. Haruhi's eyes widened, before quickly turning into anger.

"What? You can't do that! I have somewhere important to be!" She cried she looked so...furious; Kyouya would be surprised if she didn't hit Tamaki. But then again, she doesn't know that he knows, so she can't blame him for that. Be he knows he knows, so he would definitely be having a word with him later on tonight.

"Oh, and the host club isn't important?" Tamaki grumbled, he was slowly calming down, but he was obviously still angry.

"Not as important was where I need to go! You can't do this, Tamaki-sempai!"

"Yes, I can. And next week, you're going to be here. In the host club. Doing your job!" He shouted, finally losing his temper, before storming to the door. "And that's final!" He shouted, finally slamming the door closed. Kyouya looked back at Haruhi. She looked furious, and frustrated nearly to tears. He sighed. This was one of the rare occasions Tamaki got angry at Haruhi without a valid reason. He would definitely need to talk to him about this.