It was a dreary morning, at least for Madeline Masterson, graduate of school of fear, ex-insect and spider fearer and girl who still liked learning about world leaders. She was very pretty- raven black hair, blue eyes (?) and slim figure. This day was very dreary because she was moving away from her beloved country to America. Her parents were moving for some unknown reason. Madie started texting her friend Lulu Punchower (sp?) for tips.

Lulu: Shop at vspink, urban outfitters, forever 21, gojane, claire's icing or anything that's not preppy like

Maddie: so I'm a rocker chic

Lulu: yes

Maddie : gotta board the plane now la8er

Lulu: la8er


"Madeline dear we're getting off now." her mum said waking Maddie from her nap

"Where are we exactly?"

"Florida, now hurry up."

When they boarded off Maddie saw a bunch of cute surfers maybe she should learn to surf... and flirt. Her phone rang and played her ringtone: Bad Reputation by Joan Jett.

"Hello, Maddie speaking."

"Mads word on the street is that your in Florida."

"Yes Theo and stop talking like that you sound like a twit."

Theo pouted " Thanks Mads, anyway can you help me? It's Lulu."

"What did she do this time?" Maddie said with a bored tone, she was used to the talks about how to get Lulu to stop hitting Theo.

" I think I like her."

" I don't have advice for that except show you like her. Orchids are her favorite flowers, big macs are favorite foods, she likes Twlight books not the movies, we both like Green Day, and she likes Kick Ass."

"Thanks you know a lot."

" It's a girl thing bye." Maddie turned off her phone. She got into her mercades that was brought to Florida before she left. All her luggage was stuffed into the trunk and Maddie drove to the nearest mall.



Garrison's girlfriend, Tori kissed him hard and passionately. It has been years since Garrison overcame his phobia of water and he was still a the top of the cliques at Miami High. Tori was blonde, green-eyed, perfect tan, and was bratty. The only reason that Garrison was dating her is because she raised his popularity staus.