"Come on! I thought you were a jock, they're supposed to be FAST! " Lulu keeps yelling as she dragged me,

"Come on PANSY!" I froze that is my weak point. It's what my dad called me when I was younger, I've been a sad tortured soul ever since. Dear lord she really is the Empress of Revenge "My Grandmother could walk faster than you in her sleep- and she's DEAD!"

"Here!" She lifted me up and threw me in the ambulance, damn this girl is strong! Is she an active steroid user or something? No girl can do this. I'll tell you this girl is a regular whack job done in a crack house or something.


I cried and I cried, I didn't even stop when my mascara made a black Nile down my cheek, or even pause when that stupid lying waste of my heart and soul came in the ambulance. Why was I crying? My dad was shot in front of me and the killer as just "so kind" enough to stick a card in the wound. What did he ever do to deserve this? It doesn't make any sense- at all. Why him?


2 and a 1/2 hours later…..

"I'm going to the bathroom," sniffed Maddie

"Honey you should- you look like Taylor Momsen, Lady Gaga, Kerli, and a scence queen got ran over by a train and they had to mix the makeup together to form a face." She chuckled softly " And I got you to smile." And she walked along to the girl's bathroom.

"Why you so worried about her? You guys were never really close, Theo was nice."-she fliced at Theo's name-" You acted like she was horrible to you or something, now," he sighed" You're friends"

" I know what it's like to be toyed with! You used her, played her. She's not some toy you can play with and toss out once you're done! Garrison James Feldman, she's a human, she was feelings, emotions. She used to love you, after you left her for some bimbo she was an emotional wreck- and a pregnant one at that!" No longer than those words left my mouth I covered my mouth, and his eyes were as big as saucers.

And to make matters worse Maddie was standing there, with tears forming in her eyes which were filled with betrayal, angst, and most of all- sorrow. I feel horrible, she trusted me, and I betrayed that trust. I'm now alone-no friends, no money, hardly any family. It's me against the world now.

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