Hello all! Are you ready to read what the plan is? The songs that the people sing are in bold. Also according to Santana in the latest episode of Glee, she is a lesbian.

Warnings: Contains lots and lots of slash. Karofsky is still kind of out of character. Also will contain homophobia by one of the teachers. Strong language as well.

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Santana walked into the school, her cheek still swollen. She walked slowly to her locker she sighed when she saw Brittany beside it at her locker. Brittany looked up and smiled.

"Hey! What's up?" Brittany asks chirpily, "OMG! What happened?"

"I'm fine." Santana says trying to hurry up and get out of there.

"Santana seriously? What happened?" Brittany asks concerned.

"I SAID I'M FINE!" Santana screamed slamming her locker shut. Karofsky came up beside her.

"You know this isn't going to work if you keep doing that." Karofsky says. Santana rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I know. I just don't want to tell her I broke up with Sam." Santana says.

"Why?" Karofsky asks, eating a Slim Jim.

"Because she's gonna think it's her fault. God, do you ever stop eating?" Santana asks. Karofsky laughed.

"I'm a growing boy I need my protein." Karofsky says with his mouth full. Santana rolled her eyes again.

"Well I'll see you in second period." Santana says, "And no skipping math today." Karofsky just nodded and waved.

Second Period:

Karofsky looked around and spotted Santana sitting in the middle row. Santana looked up and waved him over.

"Why do we have to sit here?" Karofsky asks, sitting down.

"Would you rather sit in the front?" Santana asks. Karofsky shook his head, "Then shut up." A man walked in with medium blonde hair.

"Where's Mr. Ziggles?" Karofsky asks Santana. Mr. Ziggles is the nickname for their health teacher his real name is Mr. Ziggler. Santana shrugged. The man wrote "Sexual Orientation" on the board. Santana looked at Karofsky who looked scared shitless. The bell rang signaling the start of class.

"Right. My name is Mr. Anderson. Mr. Ziggler is out sick today." Mr. Anderson says, "Sexual orientation…the three words: Homosexual, Bisexual and Heterosexual. Let's go around the room and share, shall we? I, for example, am heterosexual, meaning I like girls." He pointed to the next person. Most of the people said they were heterosexual. It came to Santana. She paused and took a deep breathe.

"Homosexual." Santana says. The class snickered.

"We got a lesbo in class!" A classmate yelled. Santana looked at the teacher who did nothing. In fact he was smiling. The class continued to be mostly heterosexual. It hit Karofsky. He looked at Santana for comfort. 'You can do it!' Santana worded.

"H…homose…sexual." Karofsky stuttered out. The class gasped. The teacher frowned.

"You two…get out!" The teacher pointed to Santana and Karofsky.

"What?" Karofsky asks.

"You're an abomination. Get out of my class." Mr. Anderson says.

"You can't do that!" Santana yells.

"I can and I am. Get the fuck out of my class." Mr. Anderson says. Santana got up and told Karofsky to do the same. She walked past Mr. Anderson. "I see you got what's been coming to you. You should be beaten." Karofsky couldn't take it anymore. He ran towards Mr. Anderson tackling him to the ground. Mr. Anderson fought hard to be on top of Karofsky. The students were crowding around, Santana trying hard to break it up. Karofsky punched Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson finally was on top of Karofsky and started pounding on his face. Santana couldn't watch this happen to her best friend. She ran to Mr. Schue's class. She was out of breath when she walked in.

"Santana? What's wrong?" Will asks.

"Karofsky…he's being beaten up…by our substitute." Santana says. The students gasped and Will ran out of the room to get principal Figgins. The students from Mr. Schue's class ran to see the fight. When Santana walked in, Karofsky was still on the floor, bleeding and Puck, Finn, Sam and Will were all fighting to keep the substitute off of him. Santana ran up to Karofsky helping him up. Karofsky smiled at her and turned to Mr. Anderson. Karofsky gave a hard punch in the jaw to Mr. Anderson. Anderson fell backwards. Karofsky smiled smugly.

"That's for calling me a fag." Karofsky says, he came up to Anderson and kicked him in the groin, "And that's for calling my friend a dyke."

"Holy crap, Karofsky's gay!" One of the students says. Puck rolled his eyes and pushed him.

"Who cares?" Puck asks, "He's still the same old Karofsky."

"Except he's a fag." Jacob says.

"No, Puckerman's right." Finn says.

"No he ain't." Azimio states, "He's a fag."

"Come on, Karofsky let's get you cleaned up." Santana says. Santana lead Karofsky through the crowd of students. She led him out to the hallway in which Azimio followed. He shoved Karofsky into a locker. Santana growled at him. Azimio chuckled nervously and ran away.

"After you're done meet me in my office." Principal Figgins says to them.

In Figgins office:

"I've hired some security." Figgins says, "There has been way too much violence in my school. I'm also looking into a vampire slayer." Karofsky rolled his eyes.

"Mr. Figgins, there is no such thing as Vampires." Santana tells him.

"Santana, just forget about it." Mr. Schue says, "I think that's a great idea, sir."

"Thank you, Will." Figgins says.

"This is a horrible idea!" Sue yelled.

"Why is she even here?" Santana asks.

"Shut up, Lopez. We'll be wasting more of the cheerios money." Sue says.

"It's happening, Sue." Figgins says, "I think they'll be here by next week."


Randy and John were on the couch with their two boys, Mark and Kane. Hunter was out with his girlfriend and Phil was sleeping. Mark was in the middle of Randy and John looking at Kane sleeping in John's arms. Mark looked up at John.

"Can I hold him?" Mark asks. John smiled and handed him to his brother.

"Watch his head." John says.

"I know! Hi…baby brother." Mark whispers to Kane. Hunter came stumbling into the house obviously drunk or under the influence of some kind of drug. Randy looked over to him. He sighed.

"Get upstairs and clean yourself up. Then meet us down here." Randy says with a stern voice. Hunter sighed.

"Whatever." Hunter says heading upstairs. John looked at Randy who shook his head.

"Come on boys let's get to bed." John says grabbing Kane.

"I'm not tired." Mark says rubbing his eyes. John laughed.

"Come on, buddy." John says. Randy sat on the couch. Mark ran back into the room and hugged him.

"Night, daddy Randy." Mark says. Randy smiled and kissed Mark's forehead.

"Good night, Mark." Randy says. Mark ran back to John. Randy sighed. He didn't know why Hunter wanted to do this stuff. If Phil found out that Hunter was doing this…he didn't even want to think about that. John came back into the living room. He sat down next to Randy.

"He's only 17." John says. Randy sighed.

"Exactly. That's what worries me." Randy says, "I think it would be better if we just left here. He needs a new environment. He needs to get away from these friends of his." Before John could answer the phone rang. He sighed and went to answer it.

"Hello?" John says, "Oh, uh…I'll have to check with my husband…give me a second." John says, "Hun…there's a job in Lima, Ohio. They say it's the perfect kind of job for us. It's at a local high school." John says.

"Yeah we'll take it." Randy says.

"We'll take it." John says, "Oh…uh…yeah we'll try to be there by next week. Thank you." John hung up the phone.

"We'll have to leave by at least Wednesday." Randy says, "Then we'll have to check out the houses and things. I hope we're doing the right thing." John came over to his lover and kissed him on the lips.

"Don't worry." John says, "I'm gonna look at tickets and some houses online. You call your dad." John says. Randy groaned. Randy dialed his father's number.

"Dad?" Randy asks.

"Ugh, do you know what time it is?" Randy's father yells.

"Dad, we've found a job in Ohio." Randy says.

"Randall…you're moving?"

"Yes, Vince. I'm moving." Randy says, "It's what's best for the family. Hunter came home drunk again. And Phil gets picked on way to much at school."

"I understand, son." Vince says.

"Uh, Dad, I'll call you back someone's at the door." Randy says he hangs up his phone. He opened the door to find Zack Ryder with his social worker. "John!"

"Coming!" John says getting off the phone with a land lord in Ohio. They just got a house because he's married to Vince McMahon's son. John wrote down the address.

"Come on in." Randy says. John gasped and walked over to his lover.

"Did it go through?" John asks.

"Yes, he's your problem now." The social worker says, smiling a sad smile. Phil yawned as he made his way downstairs.

"ZACK!" Phil screams as he ran hugging his best friend. Zack smiled and blushed.

"Thank you so much." John told the social worker, shaking her hand.

"Zack…these are your parents now. You be good for them, okay?" The social worker tells Zack.

"Oh, we are moving to Ohio. Will that be a problem?" Randy asks.

"No since the adoption is complete, there will be no more unexpected visits from social services." The social worker says. She sighed and walked toward the door. Zack ran and gave her a hug.

"Bye, Mrs. McCool." Zack says. Michelle was trying not to cry as he hugged Zack back, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too buddy. But you have a family now." Michelle tells him, "A real family, Zack." Zack nodded. Michelle kissed him on the forehead. "Bye, Zack." Zack waved goodbye to her as she walked out the door.

"We're brothers now!" Phil says, "We're moving?" Phil asks his dads.

"Yes." John says. Phil shrugged.

"That's okay…I have my best friend with me." Phil says hugging John and Randy, "Thanks, dads." John smiled.

"Zack where's your things?" John asks. Zack opened the door and pulled in a small suitcase. John smiled. Phil grabbed it and dragged Zack up the stairs.

"Thank you, Mr. Cena…Mr. Orton for doing this for me." Zack says.

"I've got to call Vince back." Randy says. Kane started crying, John ran to his room, but by the time John got there Mark had pulled him out of his crib and was sitting in the rocking chair.

"I think he's hungry. I don't want to get up. But I can feed him. I can do that." Mark says. John smiled and went to make Kane's bottle. John couldn't believe how mature Mark was at 6 years old, but he had to be, Paul wasn't exactly the best person to inquire custody of the boys after their parents died in a fire. But somehow he did and Mark had to take care of his brother for 3 months at least before John and Randy came along. Mark had always been smart so it didn't surprise John, but still a 6 year old shouldn't have to take care of their brother. Turns out Paul started the fire to get back at Mark and Kane's dad. Phil had had it even worse. His parents were drug addicts and at the age of 9 they were so fucking high that they thought it'd be fun to drug Phil. The next day Phil walked into school with needle marks on his arm. Randy saw this and brought him to their office. The minute they started questioning him, he broke down crying and told them everything. Phil's parents ended up getting 10 years for child endangerment and 5 years for possession of narcotics. The worst thing was it wasn't the first time it happened either. When he reached 5th grade he had vowed never to do drugs, drink or have sex. He's 14 now and still as passionate about that as ever. Hunter is Randy's son with girlfriend who just left Hunter with Randy. Randy was only 17 when he had him. John remembers when he first met Randy it was because of Hunter. Hunter had run off and bumped into John. Randy came running up with a cart full of grocery's. Randy smiled at him and John just full out asked him out at that moment. Randy laughed and said why the hell not. John didn't know what had gotten into him, but the minute he saw Randy he knew he was going to marry him. He remembered when he first found out Vince McMahon was his father. John had gotten a wrestling video from the video store. He popped it into the DVD player. Randy came home and saw what John was watching and started laughing. John didn't know what was so funny. That's when Randy said it, 'Poor, Dad and Shane getting a shit bath.' John tried to say something but nothing was coming out, 'Yup Vince is my dad.' John couldn't believe it. Randy didn't use the last name of McMahon so how the hell was he supposed to know. John sighed as he walked back to Kane's room. He stopped at the door when he heard Mark whispering to his brother.

"Come on. You can say it, Kane." Mark says, "It's just like Mama. But of course we don't have a Mom. Well…I guess daddy John would be our Mom. He's like a Mom. My name's Mark. And I'm your brother." Mark says. John tried to keep quiet when Mark said he was like a Mom. "Mark."

"Mark." Kane says. Mark looked down and laughed. John gasped. Mark looked up and smiled.

"That's me." Mark says. Kane's first word, his brother's name. John walked in and gave the bottle to Mark. He knew if he told him he had to go to bed he'd get upset. "He's getting bigger. I think he's starting to look like me. Don't you?" Mark asks, John smiled and nodded. "Hunter wasn't very good tonight was he?" John was taken aback by that comment, "Daddy Randy looked very unhappy."

"Yeah. You're too smart. You know that?" John says. Mark giggled and nodded.

"Yeah I know." Mark says, "How old is he again?"

"Hunter's 17, Phil's 14, your 6 and Kane's 14 months." John says.

"And Zack's 13." Mark says. He pulled the bottle out of Kane's mouth. He put him in his crib. "Can I sleep in here tonight?" John sighed but nodded. John pulled in the futon and pillows and blankets. "Good night daddy John." Mark says yawning. John kissed his forehead and tucked him in. John went to the bedroom. Randy was already in bed.

"We have 3 potential babysitters for Kane; Matt Hardy, Bubba Ray or Christian." Randy says.

"Okay…I'd say it's between Matt and Christian." John says.

"I knew you were going to say that." Randy says, "Good night, baby."

"Good night, babe." John says kissing Randy's lips.