Authors notes- This (different ending) is set at the end of the first book Katniss, cato and peeta are standing on top of the cornucopia. Cato is holding Peeta.

Cato just laughs "shoot me and he goes down with me". He's right. I can't shoot Cato without Peeta going down to. He can't kill Peeta without guaranteeing an arrow in his brain.

We stand staring at each other. My muscles straining ready to do something, just what. Peetas lips are turning blue I need to do something soon. Before he suffocates. If he dies Cato is going to use his body as a shield.

As if in a last-ditch effort Peeta raises his hand from his leg dripping with blood from his leg, but before his hand reached Catos arm it falls limp to his side.

Without thinking my arrow flies at Catos head, but he's to fast he picks up Peetas body and holds it in front of his face. The arrow prices Peetas stomach. Cato lowers Peetas body, a scowl of pleasure crosses Catos face.

The smiles what did it. The pleasure Cato had in Peetas death, in my defencelessness. I had no arrows left, but I'll tell you what I did have, I had furry at Cato, at the game makers, at the Capitol for what they've done to me, for what they've done to all 24 tributes. I swang at him, hit him right in the jaw. He defiantly wasn't expecting it, he stumbled back a few feet but not far enough to fall.

That was it my last attempt. The next thing I knew Cato had thrown me over the edge. The teeth of the mutts priced my skin, for what felt like hours but was probably less then a few minuets all there was was pain. Then there was nothing, nothing ever again.

me again- just so you know in no why do I want this to be the ending. I wrote this for English a few years ago I got 18/ 20 tell me what you think.