"Casey! Casey wake up!" Derek screamed. Casey's eyes fluttered open, she was lying in the middle of the hall way with everyone looking at her with concern.

"Case can you hear me?" Derek asked. Casey looked up at him.

"Yeah..." Casey's head was pounding. "What happened?" She asked standing up, she stumbled and fell against Derek.

"You fainted." He told her helping her gain her balance.

"What? Why?" Casey asked.

"I don't know!" Derek told her. Just then Emily walked forward.

"Casey, I think we need to talk in private." Emily gently pulled Casey into an empty classroom, little did they know Derek was listening in.

"Casey do you remember what you told me before you fainted?" Emily asked.

"No..." Casey shook her head.

"Okay well you told me that Truman tried to uh, rape you, and you said that he slammed your head against the wall, and then you trailed off and fainted." Emily gently broke it to Casey. Casey sat down in a chair.

"Now I remember. Do you think I fainted because it was painful to remember?" Casey asked. Emily rolled her eyes and sat down next to her.

"No Case, I think you fainted because he slammed head against the wall." Emily told her.

"Well what should I do?" Casey asked.

"Go to the hospital." Emily told her.

"Emily I can't miss my classes! I'll go right after school." Casey walked out.

Derek had heard enough and went straight home to tell George and Nora what had happened to Casey. Casey got through the rest of the day without fainting, she actually felt better and figured the reason she had fainted was more emotional pain than anything else.

Casey decided that some fresh couldn't hurt so she walked home when she entered the house George, and Nora were sitting on the couch and Derek was sitting in his chair.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Casey asked.

"Casey sit down." Nora told her. Casey sat in the chair opposite Derek.

"Honey, I want you to be honest with us. Did Truman try to um, take advantage of you?" Nora gently asked. Casey's eyes widened. How could they know? Emily was the only one she told... unless..

"Der-ek! How could you listen to my PRIVATE conversation with Emily?" Casey stood up and felt a sharp pain in her head.

"Because it's what I do." Derek smiled.

"So it's true Casey?" George asked. Casey looked at them.

"Yes it's true, but seriously I'm feeling better, and he didn't succeed, I was able to get out before he did anything, and I did break up with him." Casey told them.

"Really? Well is the reason you fainted because he slammed your head against the wall?" Derek smirked. Even he could find humor in a horrible situation. Nora and George exchanged looks.

"What?" They said simultaniously.

"Thanks Derek." Casey sneered.

"Casey we are taking you to the hospital, we need to make sure everything is alright with you." Nora got up to get her coat and Casey's. George went to get the car ready and Derek stood up.

"I did this for your own good." He told her.

"My own good? I think I know what's best for me. All you do is prank me, and make my life miserable!" Casey yelled.

"Hey you know it's all in good fun, but someone almost raping you and abusing you is serious and I would've thought you would've told Dad and Nora the minute you found out." He told her.

"Derek, why do you even care?" Casey stepped closer. He had nothing to say to that, as George and Nora came up and draped Casey's jacket over her, and they left for the hospital. Derek groaned and sat down in his chair. Two hours later George came back in the house.

"Dad what are you doing?" Derek asked.

"Talking to you son." George told him. He put a hand on Derek's shoulder and turned the T.V. off.

"What's going on?" Lizzie came up.

"Guys, your sister-"

"STEP sister." Derek reminded him.

"Guys, Casey is going into surgery tomorrow." Lizzie's eyes filled with tears and Derek was in shock.

"Dad how shape is she in?" He asked.

"She has some brain damage." George told them. Lizzie collapsed to the couch and Derek collapsed to his chair.

"We'll go see her in the morning, okay guys. Lizzie why don't you go tell Edwin, and we'll figure something out to tell Marti." Lizzie went upstairs to break the news to Edwin, as George put a hand on Derek's shoulder.

"She'll be okay." He told him.

"But what if she isn't, the last thing I said to her was fighting not to mention I broke her heart when I pushed her away." Derek put his head in his hands.

"Son, it'll be alright, we'll see her before her surgery tomorrow and you can apologize then." He told him. Suddenly Derek stood up and grabbed his coat, just as Lizzie walked down the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Lizzie asked him.

"Sam's." He told her.

"What?" George asked.

"I'm not going to stay in a house, where Casey's not, and I can't face her, I mean three weeks ago I broke her heart, than she rebounds with a guy who could've killed her, and now she has brain damage and needs surgery. Wish her luck tomorrow." Derek told George.

"Derek, this is not right." He told him.

"Sorry Dad, but I'm 18 and I can do what I want." Derek winked and walked out.

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