He watched his family walk out of the hospital room, taking what could be there last looks at Casey alive. He closed the door and looked at her, knowing if she didn't wake up within this minute she never would. He had his watch set.

"Case." He murmured running his hands through her hair. "You can't leave me. I love you, and I need you. I can't live with out you. I know that I pushed you away, but it wasn't because you weren't like the bimbos I used to date, in fact you were much much much better. You cared about me, not my body, me. I couldn't have wanted anything more in a girl, you were perfect. And I started falling in love with you..." Derek glanced at his watch 30 seconds. His vision was blurred with tears threatening to spill over her bed. He felt himself getting smaller and smaller, as pressure builded in his stomach and he became numb. He started remembering.

"Derek why?" Casey had tears in her eyes.

"Because I just think it's the right thing to do. Trust me I'm no good." He told her. She grabbed his arms, electricity shooting throughout them.

"I know that you are. You are not just good Derek, you're sweet, kind, caring and all the qualities you refuse to see in yourself. You are all of things Derek, and more." Casey told him. He had a raging storm of fear shooting through him, he couldn't handle commitement, especially not with a girl he thought he loved. With all the will power he had he removed her hands and pushed her out the door. He leaned against it.

"Sorry Case, you're just not right for me." He couldn't look at her crying so he slammed the door, collapsing on his bed allowing sleep to consume him so cries from Casey wouldn't be heart.

Derek checked his watch again. 20 seconds.

He knocked on her door. She came out and glared at him.

"What do you want Derek, I'm busy." She told him. He barged past her into her room to see an outfit that would look gorgeaus on her sitting on her bed and make-up ready to be applied.

"You going on a date?" He asked trying not to sound hurt. As long as it wasn't...

"Yeah, with Truman." Him.

"Case, he's bad news." Derek told her subtly. This got her laughing.

"HE'S bad news? You want to know what bad news is? Check the mirror." This stung and she pushed him out of her door and slammed it. She was seething.

10 seconds.

Secret Kisses

9 seconds.

Beautiful Blue Eyes

8 seconds.


7 seconds.


6 Seconds.


5 Seconds.

"Derek I love you."

His watched beeped and Casey's eyes were still closed.

"NO!" He screamed. He shook Casey.

"Wake up! God damn-it Case! Wake up!" Tears were flowing out of his eyes. He couldn't tell the difference between his heart or his stomach because they were both in so much pain that he felt like screaming. He stopped shaking her and cried in her lap. Casey was dead. He hadn't noticed his family opening the door, or the nurses trying to pull him away from her.

"No! Casey." Derek cried. His Dad and Edwin were pulling him to the waiting room so the doctor could analyze her. He didn't care who saw him cry. His Casey was dead, and that meant his world had ended. His tears were burning hot and his family had never seen him so upset. He put his head in his lap and waited for the doctor to come out. He tried to grasp her voice in his head but every time he thought he heard it, it faded just as quickly. Lizzie was balling into Edwin's chest as Marti was squeezed between Nora and George who were crying as well. It seemed like hours until the doctor came back out.

"Excuse me?" He asked slowly. Everyone looked up at him. As he spoke the next few words it seemed like it took him three hours to say each word.



Dead. Derek thought.

"Asking to see Derek." He said. Derek's head shot up.

"S-Sh-She's alive?" He sputtered.

"Yes, very much so, looks like your shaking did a number on her." He told him.

"I didn't screw anything up in her brain right?" He asked. The doctor chuckled.

"Hardly." With that Derek flew into the room and saw Casey sitting upright. He laughed with joy and went over to her. She smiled.

"Hey." She said. He decided against a proper greeting and kissed her passionately. She pulled back.

"Whoa, where did that come from?" She laughed, overjoyed.

"I'm so sorry for everything I said, I was afraid of loving you and I couldn't handle it. I'm sorry I hurt you and broke your heart, and I'm sorry about the fight yesterday." She put a finger to his mouth.

"Derek breathe." She told him. He smiled at her. "Derek, I forgive you." She told him. He kissed her again and there were many sparks that would be there forever.

Just then, conveniently, the rest of the family knocked on the door.

"Can we see our baby girl?" George asked. Casey smiled.

"Come on in George." She told him. Lizzie and Marti jumped on the bed and cuddled up next to her, Edwin took her hand, and Nora engulfed her in a hug. When Nora was done hugging her, George kissed her forehead.

"Hey, guys what's going on?" She laughed, seeing everyone's eyes red and puffy.

"Casey you didn't immediately wake up, and the doctor told us there was a chance you might not, we were worried sick." George choked. Casey's faced softened and her arms tightened around Lizzie and Marti and pulled Edwin down too. She took Derek's hand.

"You meant that right? Not just because I almost died?" She asked. He stared at her and gripped her hand tighter.

"Of course I meant it. I will never hurt you again." He promised.

"I think he means it. Edwin and I had to pull him off of you when we all thought you were... gone." George explained. Casey's hand went to the back of his neck and pulled him down for another kiss. The family awed. Derek and Casey smiled at each other.

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