The door at the back of the hall opened and mother and father entered. I jumped up, behind then were Ollo. Yarry and Areida. Then came the duchess and Dame Ethele. Ijori's smile was wide enough to touch his ears.

I ran up the aisle and saw zhamM in he door way. Everyone was here, but why? Ijori answered my question. He came up behind me and sung in my ear. "Come Aza. We planned it in secret to confund the fairy Lucinda. We need no magic gift." He reddened. "And I wanted to see your joy when your family came. It's our wedding day, love."

The choirmaster walked up and in a daze we began the wedding song.

We were coming to the end when there was a loud bang and all the light flickered.

In the middle hall stood the person I had seen but never met. The fairy Lucinda! "so you tried to fool me did you? Am I not important enough for the princes wedding" her voice echoed around the hall. She look ever mad and imposing. "it's to bad to. I had the most amazing gift I was going to give you." At the thought that she might give us a gift Ijori stepped forward.

"you were not invited please leave. We do not want your gift."

"Oh would you be quiet" and with a swish of her wand Ijoris mouth was gone. I horror I stepped forward.

"what have you done to him" I yelled. Ijori was struggling to open a mouth that was no longer there.

"Nothing he didn't deserve. In fact nothing more then you all deserve." Then with a flicker of light and a loud thundering bang. Everyone in the room no longer had mouths. The fairy Lucinda was gone and the royal palace never sang again.