A/N: Hi! This is just going to be a drabble series featuring our lovely Lady Elizabeth. Timelines may range from Chapter 31 of the manga, Episode two of the Anime [season 2], or several years after the canon. In short, this will be really random timeline wise. Will mostly be LizzyxCiel, sometimes onesided LizzyxCiel. May or may not have implied SebbyxCiel. Depending on my mood.

Elizabeth was happy to get out of the house, happy that her father let her out, happy that her mother didn't follow her, and happy that she got to see Ciel, who she never got to see despite the fact that they were engaged. When her carriage stopped at Ciel's manor, she ran full speed into the manor and cried out, "CIEEELLLLLL!" as her voiced echoed throughout the mansion.

Finnian was the first to hear Lady Elizabeth, and immediately came rushing to her.

"Lady Elizabeth!" he gasped, surprised.

"Finnian, do you know where Ciel is?" Elizabeth asked at once, her eyes widening with curiosity.

"I believe the Young Master is out doing business right now M'Lady." Finny said, thinking. "Although I'm sure the Young Master will be home soon."

At this, Elizabeth pouted in annoyance. "I was hoping to see him too…" her voice trailed off. "At least that gives me time to redo the manor!" she said brightly. "And I can lay out his outfit I want him to wear on his bed too!"

"Um, Lady Elizabeth… I don't think that's the best idea…" Finnian said nervously. The Young Master would be furious if Lady Elizabeth even changed one thing to his mansion.

"I just want to make him happy…" Elizabeth said sadly, "You will help me, won't you?" She put up her best puppy dog look, and Finnian couldn't say no to that face.

"Well, I can't deny her Lady's request…" he said slowly.

"Perfect! I have costumes for you all for the ball we'll be holding!" her eyes lit up, and as if on cue her maid, Paula, came in with all sort of racks and boxes containing costumes, dresses, bonnets, ribbons and many other things to decorate with.

So, they spent the remaining hour putting on costumes, decorating, glittering everything, and being thoroughly bossed around by Elizabeth. By the time they were done, They heard another carriage pulling into the Phantomhive Manor, which without a doubt was Ciel.

"We finished just on time too! I can't wait to see Ciel now!" Elizabeth said happily.

A/N: A Cliffhanger, so to say? I suppose so. XD This was just random fluff in my head, what I thought happened a bit before episode three of the anime and chapter two in the manga. And we all know what happens after that… so there was no point of including it. But don't worry, Elizabeth won't always be so… canon-like. I'll have her… thinking deeper soon.