Sometimes, when Lizzy drags Ciel around London, chatting about the latest fashions the scenery, Ciel watches her. Watches her curled pigtails bounce as she moves, her eyes bright and with an everlasting smile on her face. Watches her scurry to and fro, gaping at the latest Funtom product that had just hit shelves, and then watches her prod him endlessly about it. He watches her, and wonders how. How does she manage to maintain such a persona? With the blood stained on her hands, her dress and her blade, the smell of rotting flesh polluting the air, a furious gaze and an oath to protect him, how can she revert back to being Lizzy without any hassle? He ponders about it, and doesn't realize that she has notice his lack of resistance.

"Ciel, what's wrong?" she asks him, her eyes wide with innocence.

He clears his throat and looks away, "I just remembered something I need Sebastian to pick up later."

"What is it? Something for Funtom?"

"No, I need him to pay a visit to the Undertaker," he looks back at her to gauge her reaction. Her eyes flash with understanding, and her smile drops, replacing it with a slightly fiercer look. To his disappointment, she quickly recovers. "Oh, I see. Just tell him when we get back; I still need to find you an outfit for Countess Olivia's banquet!" Elizabeth quickly dragged Ciel to the next store as if nothing happened.

When they return to the Phantomhive Manor, both laden with shopping bags, Sebastian immediately comes to take their burden. "I have news for you milord, about Sir Gregory's case," he mutters, as he takes their bags. "Good, file a report for me as I send Lizzy on her way," Ciel replies, watching the blonde hum to herself mindlessly. When Sebastian leaves, leaving the pair alone, Elizabeth immediately turns to him. "I hope you'll inform me of what you and Sebastian were chatting about," she says casually, "And you'll need to tell me about Sebastian's chat with the Undertaker as well." Ciel's eyes widen in surprise as she kisses his cheek lightly and heads to her room. He drags a hand through his bangs and groans, nearly stomping in frustration back to his study.

"Is there something wrong milord?" Sebastian smirks, watching his master roughly slam the door behind him and sink into his chair.

"What the fuck is up with her?" he groans, "She spends nearly months acting like the Campania never happened, but the minute she catches wind of another case she's demanding information. How the hell can she even do that? And…" his face reddens as he remembers her kissing his cheek.

"My Lord, I believe there's no better way of figuring out information then interrogating the subject itself," Sebastian replies in amusement.

Ciel glares at him and sighs, "What have you learned about Sir Gregory anyway?"

Sebastian hands him a folder with a detailed synopsis of Sir Gregory, including a photo attached at the top of the page. Ciel scans the information as Sebastian recites everything he had found out while Ciel and Elizabeth were shopping. As Sebastian finishes, Ciel puts the folder down and collects his thoughts.

"We'll have to put the investigation on hold milord, as the next opportunity we'll be able to interact with Sir Gregory will be at Countess Olivia's banquet this Halloween, which I believe you and Lady Elizabeth are attending. Would you like me to keep an eye on him while you and Lady Elizabeth enjoy the festivities?" Sebastian asks with a sly smile.

"I'll find a way to get rid of her and then I'll catch up on you for that," he says, opening the folder and shifting through various documents. With a sigh, Ciel closes the folder once more and eyes the paperwork sitting on his desk. "And this is?"

"Order forms for materials milord."

Ciel slowly nods, "Very well. You are dismissed." Sebastian bows and quietly exites as Ciel takes the top sheet and begins filling it out. It wasn't until much later that Sebastian comes back with a hot pot of tea. "Lady Elizabeth is leaving now milord, would you like to see her out?"

He sets down his pen and sighs, "Might as well. My hand is beginning to cramp with all the signing I've had to do." Shaking the pain out of his hand, he leaves his study and enters the great hall, where Elizabeth was putting on her coat. She smiles at him as he descends down the stairs.

"CIEL!" She immediately engulfs him into a hug, nearly knocking the wind out of him, "You came to see me off? You never do that!" He shrugs, "I needed a break from my work." She smiles warmly at him, "Thank you! Don't forget to visit me sometime too okay? Promise!" He hastily fulfills her wish and walks her to her carriage. "By the way Ciel," she says, as they put her luggage into the car, "It isn't appropriate for a lady to discuss things like murder cases in public. Just in case you didn't know." She steps into the car and loudly says goodbye, leaving Ciel mystified in the dust.

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