I decided to write the Ghost Hunters/Twilight crossover first, so here is the summary again as well as the pairings.

Summary: Set during Eclipse. Charlie and Bella notice some strange happenings occurring in their home, so Charlie calls in the Ghost Hunters to see if their house is haunted. While investigating, a huge rainstorm rolls in that prevents the Ghost Hunters from leaving for a week. They soon meet the mysterious Cullen's, learn of their secret, and help them fight the newborns all in a weeks' time.










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Bella's POV

My dad and I are sitting on the couch when all of a sudden the lights start flickering and we hear a bang from upstairs. Charlie gets up to go and check it, coming back down after a few seconds.

"So what was it?"

"I do not know. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and nothing is knocked over."

"This is the tenth time this week that freaky stuff like this has happened. Should we get someone to come and check it out?"

Right as I said that the TV turned back on but it was on a different channel then the one it had previously been on.

"Tonight on Ghost Hunters TAPS…"

I tuned the rest of the words out as my thoughts took over. I had heard of TAPS. They are a group of paranormal investigators that travel around America, trying to prove or disprove if places are haunted or not.

That's it!

"Why don't we call the ghost hunters?" I said.

Charlie looked at me funnily for a second before grinning "That's a great idea Bells! I'll go see if I can get a hold of them now!"

TAPS Headquarters

Jason's POV

Grant and I sat down at the round table across from fellow investigator, Kris Williams. "So what have you got for us Kris?"

"Well guys we just got a call from a guy named Charlie in Forks, Washington. Apparently he and his daughter Bella have been noticing strange activity occurring throughout their house."

"What are the claims?"

"They have heard loud bangs come from upstairs but when they check to see what caused it, they have found nothing out of the ordinary. They also reported that their house shakes at odd times during the day and night and the lights flicker."

My eye widened and I turned to Grant to find he was in awe as well. Rarely do we ever hear claims like this; I mean this is just outrageous. I am now excited to take on the case.

"Anything else?"

"Yes. They have seen apparitions of a man and a woman who look like they are from the 1900s and appear to be a married couple walking down the stairs. They have also seen objects moving and another apparition of a man who looks like he is from the early 1900s walking around the house."

"Wow that is a lot of claims. I say we get the team out here and we'll head out as soon as possible."

Next Day - on the way to Forks, Washington

Grant's POV

Kris has just finished filling in the rest of the TAPS members. I am excited to take this case because there are some great claims and we also have Steve, Tango, and Amy for the case.

I look over at Jason who is driving "How much longer until we get there?"

"Not too long. About 5 minutes or so."

"Okay. I am excited to tackle this case. Hopefully we can find something to help this family with their problem."

"Let's hope so G."

Five minutes later had us entering the town of Forks, Washington. It is raining heavily, but from what Kris researched, this is normal weather for this town. Hopefully it does not interfere with our investigation.

Looking out the window I noticed a sign that reads "Forks Welcomes You!" We passed many small businesses and houses before coming up to our clients' home; a plain, small white house with a police cruiser parked out front. That's right, this Charlie guy is a police officer and his daughter is a senior about to graduate from high school. We all parked our cars, getting out together and going up to the door. Usually it would be just me, Jason, and Steve, but once the other caught wind of the claims, and they wanted to go on the tour.

I knocked and after several seconds a dark-haired man answered the door. He motioned for us to come in.

"I am so glad you could come on such short notice."

"It really is no trouble; our job is to help people with the paranormal."

Jason took over from here "So I understand you have had some interesting claims?"

"Yes actually…" before he could finish the sound of the door opening and closing with several feet walking towards the room we are in sounded.

"That must be my daughter Bella and her friends."

Just then a girl with brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and pale skin walked into the room. Behind her are the most beautiful people I have seen in my entire life and I could not help but gape at them. Turning to Kris, Amy, Tango, Steve, and Jason, I could see them gaping at the strangers as well.

"Hey dad."

"Hey Bells. This is TAPS members Jason and Grant, Steve and Tango, and Kris and Amy. This is my daughter Bella."

"Nice to meet you Bella."

"Nice to meet you as well."

Curiosity burned and I just had to ask "Who are the people behind her?"

The group behind her seemed to tense a little "Oh sorry about that, the bronze-haired guy is Bella's boyfriend Edward Cullen. The girl next to him is his sister Alice. Carlisle and Esme Cullen adopted them. They moved up here not too long ago from Denali, Alaska."

The girl named Alice stepped forward and Charlie gave her a fond smile "Yes we have cousins up there that we lived near. Bella has met them before when they came up last." Her voice is like a tinkling bell sound.

Charlie looked surprised "You did? When?"

"When Alice kidnapped me for that sleepover."

"I did not kidnap you."

"Yes you did."

"Well I would like to meet them too sometime."

"Next time they are up we will le them know."


We all cleared our throats, bringing the attention back on us "Well I guess since they are going to be investigating tonight I will just stay over at the Cullen's again."

"Alright, but are Carlisle and Esme going to be there and is it alright with them?"


"Good. Okay then have fun Bella." Charlie followed Bella upstairs to help her pack.

With that Bella walked upstairs, leaving Edward and Alice with us. Well all stood awkwardly, looking back at the two Cullen's.

"So do you have any siblings?"

"Yes. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett."

"Well that was nice of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen to you all in." they smiled at us.

"Thank you. Bella was the only other person who said that to us."

We stared at them in shock "Really?"

"Yeah the kids at school are too afraid to approach us and think we are weird because me and Jasper are together and Emmett and Rosalie are together since we live together. Only a girl named Angela thought to point out that we are not technically related."

"They also believe us to be weird because I am always happy, Jasper looks like he is in pain all the time, Emmett is buff and scary looking, and Rosalie is cold. As for Edward, a girl named Jessica has a grudge against us because she asked Edward out when we first moved here and he turned her down. She is still bitter about it, especially now that he and Bella are dating."

We stared at them silently "Wow. Well don't take it to heart. Kids these days can be mean."

Alice beamed at us "We don't let it bring us down. We just stay away from them and usually the talking stops."

We all smiled back at her. Her happiness really seems to rub off on you. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Edward smiling, trying to hold in a laugh. I wondered what was so funny. He caught me staring and composed himself.

Charlie and Bella came back downstairs, Charlie helping her carry some of her stuff.

"So you are off then?"

"Yup. See you dad." Bella gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek before she left with Edward and Alice helping her carry her bags.

"The Cullen's seem nice."

"Yes they are, but unfortunately I and my daughter are really the only ones in town not afraid of them or talking bad about them. I respect them, especially Carlisle. They are all good kids. They achieve high grades in school and they hardly ever get in trouble."

"Now I am sorry for the interruption. Shall we get back to the tour?"

"We would like that."

Charlie gave us the tour and now we are back out at the vans, taking out and hauling equipment into the house. For some reason I could not stop thinking about the Cullen's. They were inhumanly beautiful and their voices sounded like bells and angels. They seemed really stiff even though they were interacting with them. They also look like they have not seen the sun or a tanning salon in years. I could only wonder what the rest of the family was like.

Looking up at the sky I could see it lightened up a bit. Maybe it won't rain hard and interfere with our investigation then.

Swan Residence – Into the Investigation

Jason's POV

Steve showed us the camera angles and we locked them in, breaking into our usual groups; me and Grant, Steve and Tango, and Kris and Amy.

We decided to send in only one team at time since it is a relatively small house and we want to avoid any possible contamination of the evidence.

Me and Grant are the first team to go in. We decided to start with the living room. I turned towards the camera man for a usual session, talking about the claims while Grant searched. As I was, the house started to shake a bit and the lights flickered on and off. Searching for Grant, I found is staring around in awe.

"Whoa. Tell me we got that on camera!" he said.

"We did." I said just as enthused.

"So there is one claim. Why don't we try to find evidence now?"

"Sure." Me and Grant searched for any possible explanation; faulty wires, maybe and small earthquake tremors had been running rampant for the last week, but every idea we came up with was disproven; we had no explanation for what just occurred.

We did an EVP session and searched around more before letting Steve and Tango take over.


Steve and Tango

Steve's POV

"Jason and Grant said they experienced shaking and flickering lights in the living room and told us to keep an eye out while were checking the stairs. Now the claims here are that apparitions of a couple that look like they are from the early 1900s have been seen walking down these stairs."

"Okay so an EVP session first?"


Me and Tango asked a few questions but nothing happened. Just as we were about to give up, we saw the most shocking thing of our lives; translucent ghosts of a man and a woman from the early 1900s are making their way down he stairs, smiling at us. I stood frozen, coming closer to Tango's frozen form and grabbing his hand. He squeezed mine back as we watched the ghosts make their way down to us.

The pair came closer and the woman opened her mouth, trying to speak but it seemed like she could not. Neither could the man. They both stared at us sadly before disappearing. We stood there for a few moments in shock before the sound of Jason over the walkie, telling us to come out and let Kris and Amy get in here rang through the room.

Shakily I replied "O-okay."

"You okay Steve? Is Tango okay?"

"Yeah were fine, just a bit shaken up. We will tell you when we get outside."



Grant's POV

"So your saying you saw the apparitions of the couple?"

"Yes. They came down the stairs and tried to speak to us but for some reason they could not."

"Wow. Did the camera's record the experience?" I hoped so.

"I think so. Let's check."

Steve motioned to the camera guy that was with them to hand over the camera. Once the camera man did, Steve sat it down and played back to the beginning to their investigation. Me and Jason watched intently, not wanting to miss anything important.

A few minutes into the recording we received the shock of our lives; the camera had recorded the what transpired. A ghostly pair could be seen walking down the stairs towards a frozen-looking Steve and Tango.

After we saw them try to speak, the recording ended. We all stood silently in shock and awe.

Kris and Amy's voiced broke use out of our stupor as they came down the stairs hurriedly, looking scared.

"Whoa! Slow down! What happened?" It is unusual to see Kris and Amy so shaken up since they usually are pretty brave and strong.

They started talking quickly at the same time "Whoa! Just try and calm down so we can understand what you are saying."

They took a few deep breaths before Kris said "We saw the apparition of the man from the 1900s. He came after us and tried to hurt us. He said something about revenge against all women, especially one named 'Rosalie.'" We all stared at her in shock. That is the third time tonight that something amazing and frightening has occurred. Just then I thought of something "Didn't Edward and Alice tell us that they have a sister named Rosalie?"

Their eyes widened "You think he was referring to her then?"

"Maybe. But we do not know for sure. It could be another girl named Rosalie, but just to be safe maybe we should meet her."


"I think we should call it a night since we have some amazing evidence."

With that we packed everything up and headed back to the inn we are staying at, our minds heavy with what we experienced tonight. We definitely have to stick around another night and investigate again. Looking up at the early morning sky, I could see dark clouds rolling in. Great. It looks like it is going to downpour.

Hopefully this does not interfere with us staying another night to investigate.

So I decided to write my Ghost Hunters/Twilight crossover first. Let me know what you think.

And sorry if the investigation part of the whole first chapter in whole is bad or went to quickly and if you have any ideas for something in the story.