The rain poured down, Hanna stood outside the local coffee shop wondering if she would ever be able to walk home with the rain falling as heavily as it was. Suddenly Hanna saw a familiar SUV pull up, She shivered as familiar dark brown eyes met hers as the window was rolled down.

"Need a ride?" Spencer Hastings asked as Hanna ran up to the car and got into the passenger seat. She leaned back in the seat as Spencer pulled away from the curve; the radio was playing softly as the rain poured loudly. Spencer's eyes remained focused on the road as Hanna turned her head to study her profile before looking back to see that they were not heading toward the Marin household. Hanna knew that that meant that Spencer wanted to talk to her; she also knew that it meant Spencer wanted to talk to her about their relationship. Not their friendship that they showed in front of their friends and family, but their intimate relationship that formed only months ago. One minute Hanna was crying in her room about Caleb and the next minute her and Spencer were kissing. They stayed under the radar about it because not even they were sure if it was real.

Spencer pulled the car over outside of Rosewood and put it in park and turning it off. She looked over at Hanna with deep warm brown eyes that Hanna pretended not to love. Her hair fell in waves down her shoulders and back.

"Did you want to talk?" Hanna asked even though she already knew the anwser. Spencer wouldn't look at her directly, "It's about us isn't it?"

Spencer just nodded and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Spencer, if you want to act like the kiss was nothing and forget about it, we can." Hanna said her heart breaking as she said it.

"That's not what I wanted to tell you," Spencer spoke up, her slightly raspy, seductive voice making Hanna's heart flutter, "Part of me thinks…part of me thinks that it is real."

Hanna Marin knows that that is the extent of the confession that she will get from Spencer, at least as of now. She knows that these things take time. Admitting that she loves Hanna will be the day Spencer Hastings admits that she is not perfect, and since perfection is so well regarded in her family, Hanna understands why Spencer needs time to admit to herself and to Hanna that she is in love with her.

Hanna reached over and grabbed Spencer's hand, interlacing their fingers and giving her hand a squeeze. She looked into Spencer's eyes, filled with love and fear. They were both afraid, Hanna admitted.

"I want to be with you," Hanna choked as the sound of rain echoed in the car. Spencer leaned closer so that their lips were almost touching, her breath lingering with Hanna's.

"Nothings stopping you," Hanna could smell Spencer's shampoo, her light perfume clouding the senses. Hanna closed the gap, moving her lips against Spencer's as she kissed back. Hanna took back possession of her one hand that held Spencer's as she buried her hands in Spencer's hair. Spencer's arms wrapped themselves around Hanna's waist. Somehow Hanna ended up straddling Spencer's lap while they made out, only breaking the kiss momentarily for breath. Spencer's one hand moved down from Hanna's back to her thigh, giving it a squeeze.

"Hanna," Hanna smiled as Spencer said her name. She loved how Spencer said her name and how is sounded when she said it. She let out a happy sigh when Spencer started trailing kissed down the side of her neck. All of a sudden, Spencer stopped and pulled away from Hanna's neck, "Hanna,"

Her voice was urgent as Hanna turned slightly to view her profile. Her eyes were wide as she looked past Hanna and at something outside of the car. Hanna turned to see a figure dressed in all black standing a few yards away from the car. Hanna felt Spencer's arms tighten around her protectively as the figure came closer to the car and stopped at the driver's side window. The mixture of rain and the fact that the figure was covering its face made it impossible to tell who it was.

Then a pocket knife hit the window. Hanna jumped back to her respective seat as the figure carved out a message in the window: Your Blood's Mine Bitches -A

"Spence," Hanna whimpered as the figure backed up a few feet, "SPENCER"

Spencer snapped out of her trance and started up the car before yanking it into drive and stomping on the gas. The car sprung to life and sped away, Spencer's knuckles white as she gripped the steering wheel. Hanna snapped on her seat belt as they sped away.

The light turned red at an intersection in front of them, a large truck was speeding down the road.

"SPENCER, BRAKE" Hanna yelled as she heard Spencer trying to slam on the brake, but the car wouldn't slow, it only sped up.

"IT'S NOT STOPPING" Spencer yelled back before the car sped into the intersection, the truck slamming into the driver's side of the car, forcing it into a 360 before skidding to a stop on the other side.