1Another GrimmIchi! Kami I hope this comes out great, because seriously, this idea has been gnawing at the back of my brain since January. Please do not flame me for this is my first ever successful yaoi...

Summary: After the Winter War with Aizen, Grimmjow and the rest of the espada are resurrected and turned human due to the Hoguyoku being broken. Now they live in Karakura peacefully. But Grimmjow, who has begun falling for Ichigo is confused on how he really feels. But with a new powerful enemy who has come to Karakura and threatens to destroy human kind. But what happens when Ichigo has caught his attention and decides to take him to rule along side him as his mate, will Grimmjow's love be put to the test?

Warnings: Yaoi, violence, swearing, and slight OOC.

Disclaimer: I, Satsugai Tenma, does not have authorization to own Bleach. Fuck that, if I can't own that I can at least own this fanfiction and call it my own.

Chapter 1

Regular P.O.V

"Move yer ass out of the bathroom or I'll fuckin' do it mehself." a grouchy baritone voice growled on the other side of the wooden door acting as barrier. Ichigo, who was in the midst of brushing his teeth, stopped. But then he shrugged like it was nothing, and continued what he was doing. Grimmjow growled, clearly annoyed at the carrot top who has hogging the bathroom. Grimmjow had a 'little problem' that needed to be taken care of, and the stubborn red head was the cause and problem of it all. It's his fucking fault, if it ain't for him, I wouldn't have a freaking tent in my pants every morning. Not to fucking mention he uses the bathroom for what, like 5 hours! Grimmjow, who was about to kick the door down out of total frustration, halted when the door squeaked open, and Ichigo stepped out, wearing a white tank top and his black pajama bottom. He passed by Grimmjow and smirked.

"You can use it now." Grimmjow scowled at the retreating red head, but remembered he had to take care of something and slammed the door.

It had been over a year after the war with Aizen, and most of the espada were resurrected due to the Hoguyoku being destroyed. But with the spirit sphere gone, that had turned the arrancar into humans. With a bit of confusion and misunderstandings, the espada quickly settled down into the regular community of what Karakura was. Grimmjow stayed with Ichigo, Szayel lived with a unwillingly Uryu, Ulquiorra had decided on his own that he live with Orihime for the time being, Starrk, Harribel, and Nnoritora had found a place of their own. Everyone was equally in peace, save for a couple of arguments that had gone out of hand.

Grimmjow, who has been staying with Ichigo, has been recently experiencing these odd feelings towards the shinigami. Ever since he was turned human, he's had trouble with these new feelings, unlike being a arrancar, a hollow with no heart, being a living breathing human was a whole new world to Grimmjow. The way he looked at Ichigo was definitely different, he didn't find the shinigami a piece of trash anymore, or just a sparing partner. He even found the boy to be beautiful, his soft orange hair, barely shadowing those shining fiery amber eyes that even had a few golden flecks in there, high cheekbones, smooth tan skin, and thin lips made up what Grimmjow saw as Ichigo Kurosaki. Sometimes when they joked around, he got to see that dazzling smile and maybe hear his soft chuckle or a full-blown laugh that was a sweet melody as if.

Grimmjow shook his head, his cyan ruffled hair strands stubbornly fell upon his ruggedly handsome face. What the hell was that? Was I thinking of him again? I have to stop daydreaming dammit! Grimmjow ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"Of all the fuckin' people..." Grimmjow muttered. He exited the bathroom and got dressed in a white wife beater and black jeans. He trudged down the steps and went into the empty kitchen. He poured himself some coffee and sat down on of the chairs and grunted. After a few moments of dead silence, he tuned out everything else but the chirping of the birds outside.

"Hey Grimmjow." a baritone voice from behind called. Grimmjow nearly jumped out of his seat if it weren't for him holding a cup of steaming hot coffee. He definitely did not want that to spill onto him. He jerked his head towards the intruder of his peaceful silence and glared. Ichigo stood with one hand in his jean pocket while the other lay softly on the other side.

"What?" Grimmjow muttered, his scowl ever present on his face. Ichigo walked closer, and passed by Grimmjow to grab a mug. The smell of cinnamon and chocolate wafted into Grimmjow's nose, his senses were heightened after becoming human. Damn...the kid smells really fucking good... Grimmjow broke out his smell induced haze when Ichigo plopped down across from him and took a sip of his coffee.

"I wanted to ask you something." Ichigo began, and Grimmjow raised an eyebrow truly interested in what the shinigami was going to ask him.

"Sure shoot." Grimmjow said as he took another swig of his coffee, successfully burning his tongue in the process. He hissed in pain, and heard Ichigo softly chuckle at his act of stupidity. Grimmjow's eyes softened when he saw Ichigo laughing, his usual trademark scowl wasn't present and he looked a lot better that way. But remembering to put on his usual facade, he quickly covered up the calm expression and glared at him.

"Alright, I've been feeling this odd spiritual pressure since yesterday, it's not like it's threatening or anything, just really odd in a creepy kind of way. Have you felt it too?" Ichigo asked with a worried expression. Grimmjow frowned. He had detected a spiritual pressure unknown to him enter Karakura yesterday, but he just shrugged it off as being paranoid. The feeling didn't quite feel right though, it didn't feel like any other human spiritual pressure, nor shinigami.

"Yeah I've felt it, but it ain't something I've felt before ever, and it feels pretty damn weird. You know I–" Grimmjow is cut off by a large crash outside, that shakes the house, making things fall off shelves, and chairs to topple. Ichigo frowns and gets up and dashes toward the door, Grimmjow right behind him. The make it outside, scanning the area for any damage. They both notice a cloud of smoke in front of them, a dark figure slowing appearing from there.

"Tsk tsk, I didn't mean to make such a ruckus, I apologize for that." the figure spoke, and the smoke slowly dissipating. The figure clacked towards them, once the smoke finally cleared, it revealed a tall lithe man with black hair tied in a long ponytail, pale ebony skin, a scar running down the right side of his face, cold coal-colored eyes stared lazily at them, and thin lips pulled into a all-knowing smirk. He wore black trousers and a crisp white shirt with black Italian leather shoes.

"Who the fuck are you?" Grimmjow growled. Ichigo scowled, waiting for an answer. It never came, the man appeared behind Grimmjow slashed with a sword they hadn't seen him hold before, and Grimmjow barely dodged it before it cleaved his left arm. He cursed and turned back, awaiting the next move.

"Such ignorant things, using profanities, how uncivilized." Grimmjow couldn't identify where the voice was coming from. This time a slash was added to his arm effectively, leaving a big gash on his right arm blood spilled out of the fresh wound. Grimmjow hissed and grabbed the arm, trying to stop the bleeding by adding pressure to the wound. Ichigo's eyes widened, and he went over to Grimmjow, who's breathing had become labored.

"Grimmjow! Grimmjow, are you okay?" Ichigo screamed, this wasn't good, since Grimmjow was human now, that meant he was defenseless otherwise. He was any other human being that could die from a wound like that if he didn't get treated soon. Grimmjow winced, but nodded.

"I'll be fine, be you better be careful. That fuckin' bastard is still around here somewhere, keep your guard up." Grimmjow groaned, his arm dripping with crimson liquid. Ichigo frowned, and took out the small green pill that he took out of Kon this morning. He swallowed it and his shinigami self came out, and Kon awakened.

"Oi Ichigo! What the hell is going on?" Kon yelled. Ichigo turned around to face him.

"Kon! Take Grimmjow away from here! Take him to Urahara, he needs medical treatment now!" Ichigo ordered. Kon gasped and turned around to look, seeing Grimmjow know on one knee, panting, blood endlessly flowing from his arm.

"HURRY!" Ichigo yelled. Kon nodded quickly and ran over to Grimmjow, who at this point was unconscious. He carried his body with ease over his shoulder, and looked back at Ichigo once more before leaving. Once he left, Ichigo sighed. At least I got Grimmjow away from here, he can't fight at all in his state. Now to get back at the task at hand. Ichigo frowned and looked around for the man. After a year, Ichigo was able to attain a higher level of fighting from training with his father, so whenever he transformed, he would be in his bankai immediately. He raised Tensa Zangetsu in front of him and scowled.

"Show yourself. There's no need to hide, the fight's gonna be just you and me. And I'm gonna make you pay for hurting my friend." Ichigo said as he gripped the hilt tighter. He heard chuckling all around him, but he didn't know where to attack, apparently he had hid his spiritual pressure.

"So you're the great substitute shinigami that everyone in Seireitei knows hmm? You deem to be more of a big talker than a fighter to me. How about you put your sword where your mouth is?" the sword swung down from above Ichigo's head. Ichigo blocked the sword with Tensa with ease and swung him off. He shunpoed away and raised his sword again.

"Hmm, not bad, you're strong and fast, I'll give you that. But.." a black blob formed and began shooting small projectiles towards Ichigo. Ichigo blocked the attacks easily, but his eyes widened when he say what they were.

Black bird feathers? Suddenly the attacks came heavier, and all the feathers that had fallen limp behind him began to merge and form into something. A figure began forming, and soon appeared the man. He smiled with a cold grin. He raised his sword and slashed Ichigo on the back of his arm. Ichigo yelled in pain, grabbing his arm.

"...can you be able to evade all my attacks?" the man smiled evilly. Ichigo flashed-stepped away from him quickly, and reappeared somewhere farther, catching his breathe, he growled.

"This isn't going anywhere, if I keep on standing around like this, I might end up dead!" Ichigo panted. Black feathers flow around the air as the breeze picks them up. One falls silently on Ichigo's shoulder, and he frowns. The bleeding on his arm has stopped, but it still hurt like hell. Ichigo raised his bloodied hand to take the feather off, and he examined it. When these attacked me, they were like mini daggers, but after I cut them and blocked them, they turned back to regular old bird feathers. Also, when they were destroyed under my feet, he was able to form out of the scattered bird feathers. So it seems his power is to manipulate these feathers...

"Hmm, so it seems you have discovered what my powers are. That is impressive, while in the heat of battle, you are still able to deceiver the enemies abilities. Perhaps you might be of use to me after all." Ichigo frowned. What does he mean by that? The man appeared in front of him and smiled. Ichigo froze, his body couldn't move for some reason. The strange man grabbed his hand and kissed it, and smiled once more.

"Until then, oh, and you may call me Tsukishira." he dissolved into black feathers and quickly disappears as the feathers are blown by the wind. Ichigo blinks, finally able to move, moves his hand up, and opens up his fist to reveal a black feather in his hand.

"Tsukishira..." Ichigo said slowly as his mind began to haze. Then the world turned black.