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2 years later...

Amber-brown eyes were staring in deep concentration, orange trimmed eyebrows scrunched up in a deep frown. A sun-kissed tan hand gripped the poor Sharpie marker to death as he dragged it around the paper. Face lighting up suddenly in satisfaction, Ichigo leaned backwards in his seat, a grin making way to his face.

"There! All done!" He happily proclaimed as he grabbed the large piece of paper he was working on, and getting out of his seat, running out of the empty classroom. He made way into the huge stage hall, where the drama students usually practiced in. The large stage was now getting some technical changes by the 'Future Technicians' club. Now the grand hall that was the only thing the school was prided on was decorated with colorful banners, streamers, and students setting up booths. Orihime, who was talking to Uryu about the food that was going to be served, noticed the orange-maned boy coming in, smiling at him. She skipped over to him, Uryu walking slowly behind her, pushing his glasses up from his nose.

"Kurosaki-kun! Thank goodness, you're done with the poster! After all, that is the thing everybody is going to notice first when they come in!" Orihime beamed, her now short cropped hair just reaching the end of her chin swaying slightly. Uryu stood next to his girlfriend of two years, wrapping a gentle hand around her right shoulder, guiding her closer to himself. Right after the incident with Tsukishira, things had slowly returned back to normal, and just a week after everything had happened, Uryu had bravely declared his love of Orihime in front of the whole school, the ditzy healer bawling her eyes out with tears of joy and glomping the teen, nodding her head vigorously. Ichigo was happy for his two friends, and they have been a happy couple for two years now. Giving a small nod of the head, Uryu gave Ichigo a small scowl.

"Kurosaki. Finally you have that banner done. Do you have any idea how much time you have pushed back to the schedule thanks to your lazy self?" Uryu said grumpily.

Orihime turned her head up towards Uryu, giving him a small smile.

"Oh calm down Uryu-kun. It's fine, don't be so mean to Kurosaki-kun. Anyways, Kurosaki-kun, you can go hang the banner now. The ladder is already set up, please be careful, all right?" Orihime turned back to Ichigo, pointing towards the stage, where a metal step-ladder stood. Nodding his thanks he walked over to the stage, and taking a deep breath, climbed up the step-ladder. Making sure not to look down, he slowly made his way up to the top, grasping the banner tightly in his grip, he began to place it on the flat surface of the wall, flattening it out with the palm of his hand. Sighing with relief once it was stuck on the wall, Ichigo began to descend, but his foot slipped, missing the step. Suddenly feeling the world tilt sideways, Ichigo didn't even have time to register that he was falling before he heard several gasps and horrified screams from the students below. Ichigo clenched his eyes and teeth shut as he prepared to fall to the ground, probably killing even him, in his human body. But suddenly instead of feeling the hard wooden stage ground crack all the bones in his body, he was enveloped in warm, soft heat.

"Oi, I leave the damn room for one fuckin' second I and I come back to see you almost get killed. I really can't leave ya only huh?" A deep, husky voice wafted over him, and amber-brown eyes snapped open to his boyfriend and lover, Grimmjow staring back at him, devilish smirk in place on that handsome face. Blushing madly, Ichigo' eyes widened before turning his head away. The scene they were doing probably looked like a princess being held by the prince that just rescued her.

"...Put me down. Everyone is looking now." Ichigo muttered, and Grimmjow chuckled at his lovers antics. He's just too damn cute sometimes. Grimmjow thought to himself as he put his berry down, letting the boy stand up and he ruffled his berry's head, enjoying the way his face cutely scrunched up into a cute pout.

"You okay?" Grimmjow asked softly, and Ichigo nodded. All the other students were rooted to their spots, aware that once Ichigo' possessive boyfriend was here that he should be fine, so they turned away and continued working. Leaning down, Grimmjow placed a kiss upon Ichigo' forehead, said teen blushing madly before hitting his boyfriend in the chest hard. Grimmjow didn't even flinch, and chuckling before walking away. Ichigo stood still, looking at the broad retreating back of his boyfriend and lover. Yes, they had indefinitely made love– many, many times due to a insatiable Grimmjow – and had been happy ever since. This was Ichigo' senior year of high school, and soon once he graduated he would finally be able to live the life he wanted, by Grimmjow' side.

All was well after the Tsukishira incident, Uryu was able to declare his love to Orihime, who had been waiting for quite a long time, and now they are happily in love. Tatsuki got a scholarship for Tokyo University for a major in martial arts, and Chad had graduated earlier than anyone else, and now was in a university in Hokkaido, which they had visited him a week ago. Rukia and Renji finally got married, they had been secretly dating, and shockingly with Byakuya' consent, they had a large wedding and everyone they knew were invited. Now they were expecting twins. All in all, everything seemed at peace, and for once, it might stay that way.

If only he knew what was lying ahead in their path.

Later on in the day...

"Oi, Ichigo. They wanted us to meet with the performers now." Grimmjow' gruff voice brought Ichigo to look at his lover, and nodded. He collected his belongings into his book bag and followed Grimmjow into the stage hall. Everyone else had left, done with their duties for today, but Grimmjow and Ichigo had been chosen to stay after to interview the entertainment for the festival. They sat in the front row of seats in the room, the stage lit up brightly, and with the sound of shoes clacking on the ground, amber-brown and aquamarine orbs drifted to the stage. Ichigo took the clipboard that was next to his seat, the list full of names.

"Hi, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, and this is Grimmjow Jeagerjackes. I guess we're going to be the judges for today. And you'" Ichigo awkwardly looked at the sheet of paper, and a soft, angelic voice piped up.

"Maria Hino. It's a pleasure to meet you." Ichigo and Grimmjow looked up to see a petite, thin girl who looked no younger than twelve, with a snowy-white complexion. She had a heart-shaped face, half-lidded acrylic arctic silver-purple eyes that were shadowed by dark silver eyelashes, and long, cascading dark silver hair stopped right at her waist. Her pale pink lips pulled into a small smirk, but for some reason, Ichigo felt a chill go down his spine as the smile didn't seem to have any warmth in them. She curtsied in her dark amethyst dress, which stopped at her knees, the bodice bejeweled with what looked like sapphires. To Ichigo and Grimmjow, she appeared to be a doll that had come to life.

"...Yes. And you will be doing what performance?" Ichigo questioned, and the girl merely started giggling in a way that had Grimmjow' left eye twitching in annoyance. She stopped laughing and stared at the couple, and gave yet another chilling smile.

"Silly, I'm not a performer, heavens no. The ring master of this is here, but he is not I. I am merely just a puppet in his world of master puppetry." Both men shivered at the cold voice she used in her last sentence, her voice lowering an octave. She giggled and turned around to skipped down the steps towards them. Stepping right in front of them, she gestured them to stand. Then she directed her attention towards Ichigo, who felt slightly uneasy as he felt her eyes travel around his whole body. She lifted a small hand to grasp Ichigo', and with a tilt of her head, she smiled again.

"...You will be a good candidate. Come here, I'll–"

"Maria. You should not be bothering them. It is rude and insulting. Leave." A husky, monotone voice caressed Ichigo' ears, its voice almost matching Grimmjow' in a way. Three heads turned to see a man about Grimmjow' height with dark chocolate-brown hair that was styled fashionably, a few strands swiped onto the right side of his forehead, he was lightly tanned, and the thing that made Ichigo entranced was the beautiful, mesmerizing emerald-green orbs that was attached to that handsome face. He wore a crisp black button-up shirt with grey pin-stripped slacks and designer leather shoes. He had an appearance of a man who had a everyday office job, but with a body and face of a models. Maria paused in her actions to grab Ichigo' hand and placed it back on her side, obediently bowing before walking onto the stage and disappeared behind the curtain. The mysterious man stared at her retreating form before turning back to the couple.

"I apologize for that. She will not be bothering you two anymore, I'll make sure she is punished for disobeying me." Ichigo wanted to question the man, but emerald-green met with amber-brown for a split second before Ichigo felt his knees lose feeling as he suddenly fell, caught by a shocked Grimmjow.

"Ichigo! Oi, Ichigo!" Amber-brown were a dull brown, before they slowly returned back to normal. Blinking slowly a few times, Ichigo grasped onto Grimmjow' shirt, trembling terribly. Wha...What was that just now? Ichigo thought worriedly as he continued to tremble in his lovers embrace. Enraged, Grimmjow snapped his neck back towards that bastard that probably did this to Ichigo, only to find him gone. Returning his gaze back to Ichigo, he held him tighter, whispering reassuring things to calm his lover. He knew that look he saw in that bastards face. It was lust, and lust for his Ichigo. It had flashed for a split second, then disappeared as fast as it came. Just like Tsukishira. And no way in hell and back is he going to risk losing Ichigo again to some asshole who is attracted to his berry.

...Or can he?

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