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A curtain opens as Gir, having just finished his morning bath, is searching for his hairbrush. Having no success, Gir cries out:

Oh where is my hairbrush?

Oh where is my hairbrush?

Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, Oh where, Oh where,

Oh wheeeeeeeeeere!

Is my hair brush?

Having heard his cry, Nick enters the scene. Shocked and slightly embarrassed by the sight of Gir in a towel, Nick regains his composure and reports:

"I think I saw a hairbrush back there!"

Gir, overjoyed by the news, resumes singing once more.

Back there is my hairbrush.

Back there is my hairbrush!

Back there, back there, oh where, back there, oh where, oh where, back there, back there

Back theeeeeeeeeere!

Is my hair brush!

Having heard his joyous proclamation, one of the computer's cameras turns its attention to the scene. Shocked and slightly embarrassed by the sight of Gir in a towel, the computer regains its composure and comments:

"Why do you need a hairbrush? You don't have any hair!"

Gir is taken aback. No hair? What would this mean? What would become of him? What would become of his hairbrush? Gir wonders:

No hair for my hairbrush...

No hair for my hairbrush...

No hair, no hair, no where, no hair, no hair, no hair, no where back there

No haaaaaaiiiir!

For my hairbrush.

Having heard his wonderings, Invader Zim enters the scene. Shocked and slightly embarrassed by the sight of Gir in a towel, Zim regains his composure and confesses:

"Gir, that old hairbrush of yours...

Well... you never use it.

You don't really need it so...

Well... I'm sorry! I didn't know!

But I gave it to the Dib.

Cause he's got hair!"

Feeling a deep sense of loss, Gir stumbles back and laments:

Not fair for my hairbrush.

No fair! My poor hairbrush!

Not fair, not fair, no hair, not fair, no where, no hair, not fair, not fair

Not faaaaaaiiiir!

My little hairbrush!

Having heard his lament, Dib Membrane enters the scene. He himself in a towel, both Gir and Dib are shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of... each other. Still, Dib did come for a reason, and he intended to fulfill it.

"About that hairbrush." He said, though he was not singing. "Well, turns out I don't need it cause I had one under my bed all along, but... I can't give it back. It was full of gum and now it's stuck to my head."

Indeed, as Dib turned his head to the side, Gir could see his precious hairbrush clinging to the back of the human's skull. Simply unable to break such an intimate relationship, he decided.

"That's okay! You can keep it!"

"Uh... thanks, Gir..."

Yes, good has been done here. Dib exits the scene. Gir smiles, but, still feeling an emotional attachment to the hairbrush, calls out.

Take care of my hairbrush

Take care, oh my hairbrush!

Take care, take care, don't dare not care, take care, nice hair, no fair, take care

Take caaaaaaaaaare!

Of my hair brush.!


It is a lovely skool day for everyone. Everyone except for Dib, that is.

"Still have that hairbrush stuck to your giant head, Dib-smelly?"

Dib scowled. "MY HEAD'S NOT BIG! And you knew this would happen when you gave me the thing, didn't you?"

Zim was snickering too hard to answer.

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