I Told You So

When Ginny was little all that she would ever hear about was the famous Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. She had heard his story a countless number of times. She could never find it in her to get over it. The story of how he lost his parents, how he survived a killing curse, and how because of him this most evil, powerful, wizard of all time was temporarily dead was amazing to Ginny.

She heard so much about this boy. She never knew him. She knew everything about him. She knew about the lightning-shaped scar upon his forehead. She knew how he went to live with his Uncle, Aunt, and cousin half way across the country from her. She knew all about him. She refused to believe the fact that he didn't know a thing about her and never would.

She found herself thinking about the famous Harry Potter constantly. She wondered about him too. Did he find his cousin as annoying as she found her six brothers? Did he love his aunt and uncle like she loved her mum and dad? Did he like chocolate as much as she did? She wondered about him all the time.

She never met him. She saw pictures of him. Pictures people took while he didn't notice. There were sections in magazines, books, and newspapers that she read about him. She still never met him. Despite the fact that she never met him, would possibly never see him, she found herself falling in love with this boy.

She was intrigued by his fascinating story. She wanted to know more about him. She wanted to know what he liked and what he disliked. What he wanted to be when he grew up. She wanted to know all about his life. She wanted him. She imagined herself marrying him. She imagined being Ginevra Molly Potter. She kept all her imaginative thoughts to herself.

Until one day she made the ignorant decision to tell her brother, Ron. Ron was the closest in age to her. Ginny thought that maybe he would understand how she was feeling. He didn't. When she told her brother he laughed in her face. "Ginny, we're never going to even meet Harry Potter. You are never going to marry him."

She had been so ineffably wrong in telling her brother. She soon enough told her entire family. She was then mocked hugely by the twins, George and Fred, and Percy shook his head. Percy was all into the logic of everything. His little sister marrying the Boy-Who-Lived was impossible in his eyes. His mind didn't stretch far enough to imagine that at all. As far as he was concerned, Ginny was never going to meet the legendary Harry Potter.

Her mother looked at Ginny sweetly and explained that he was probably nothing but a crush. And "that poor little boy" was never going to meet her. So then she left her imaginings to herself. She let her family think she had in fact gotten over it. She wouldn't let anybody know that she had a picture of Harry Potter underneath her pillow which she would take out and talk to every night like a diary.

When she was ten she went with her brothers to see them all off to Hogwarts. She was going to be alone all year, the two of her brothers that were out of school would always be at work. She would be spending nine months with her mother and father. She was not thrilled to be exact. She would miss even having Ron around to joke around and play with. Arriving at Kings Cross Station, which was packed with muggles, they were encountered with a boy about Ron's age. He had dark, messy, black hair and round glasses that were being held together by a piece of scotch tape.

Her mother kindly showed the boy how to get through to the platform and he was on his way. He got onto the train and Ginny and her mother said goodbye to all of her brothers. She didn't know it at the time but that boy was the legendary Harry Potter. Her brother chose to sit with him on the train on the way to Hogwarts. Throughout the year they had become best friends and ever saved the sorcerer's stone. Ron came back home after a ton of stories to tell about the Boy-Who-Lived. Ginny listened intently, wanting to know everything there was to know about Harry Potter. She listened about the boy who had been in her mind for so long.

At the end of that July, she was still ten but nearly eleven; she had come downstairs from her bedroom for breakfast. Sitting down at her kitchen table, in the flesh, was Harry Potter. She actually has Harry Potter in her house.

"Hi," was all he had to say to make her blush. It was only one simple word, sometimes even said to a stranger. She turned around and ran all the way up the stairs to her room. She couldn't believe she had just met the Harry Potter. Her family said that it would never happen. She held in the need to tell her entire family 'I told you so.'

Then all that year she found a diary. She began to write in it. She told it all of her troubles. She told it of how Harry Potter could never like her. Her fears of how Harry must think of her. Harry would never like her. She wanted to accept the fact but she just couldn't.

She didn't know at first that the diary possessed her to do horrible things until it was too late. She had become emotionally attached to the book. But she knew what she was doing was wrong. She tried to get rid of the book, but it was near impossible. It would always come back good as new. She didn't know how it did it.

She spent the entire term having blank memories of what she did, where she went, and when it was. Then one day at the end of term she entered the Chamber of Secrets to be nearly dying from the horcrux of Tom Riddle. She was slowly dying and there was nothing she could do about it. It was her own stupid mistake. In the end though it was Harry Potter who had saved her.

Harry Potter had saved her finally but she still held in the need to say 'I told you so.'

Over the years, she learned more about the legendary Harry Potter. He did find his cousin annoying. But he also found him fat, repulsive, and mean. Even if her brothers bothered her to no end she loved them and always would. He didn't love his aunt and uncle nearly as much as she loved her parents. They treated him badly. They didn't want him. He could never find it in him to love them after how they treated him. He did in fact like chocolate.

She grew up getting more comfortable in Harry's presence although she still liked him. She liked him before she even knew who he was. She thought that she would always like him. She found it hard to speak in his presence. She was nervous. She would stutter and then run away. She wondered what Harry must think of her. He probably thought that she was a freak!

Then the summer before her fifth year she asked Hermione for help. She was smart, she might know. How could she get Harry Potter to like her?

Hermione reckoned that she ought to act more like herself. If Harry saw how she really was then he might fall in love with her as she fell in love with him. She always knew Hermione was smart, but definitely not this smart.

The last quidditch game of the season and the results would determine where they would stand. Would they be in first place or last place? Harry had landed himself in detention so therefore he couldn't be there for the most important game of the season. He had Ginny play his position of seeker. She had caught the snitch and they had won by the points guaranteeing them first place.

When Harry entered into the portrait hole Ginny ran straight to him and engulfed him in a hug. She was so happy he was here. She was so happy that they had one the Quidditch cup. She was just so happy. Then something she did not expect was when Harry Potter kissed her. He kissed her in front of a common room full of people. And the strange part about it all was that she did not mind.

After their kiss there were calls and whistles. After a moment of silence between the two Harry motioned to the portrait hole and they went for a walk around the grounds. Before she knew it she was the girlfriend of Harry Potter. She was the girlfriend of Harry Potter and she still held in the huge need to tell her family 'I told you so.'

Soon after the death of Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter broke up with her. He said for the heroic reasons Ginny knew he would always have. He would always be the hero. That may be one of the many reasons Ginny fell for him in the first place.

She tried to stay strong but she was heartbroken. She could never be sure. Harry said that he cut it off so Lord Voldemort wouldn't go after her. But he could be lying. He could just want to get rid of her, he didn't like her, but he wanted to do so without hurting Ginny's feelings. He might have just said it because his best mate was Ron, and their friendship might fall apart if he wounded his younger sister.

She went back to Hogwarts the next year while Harry fought a war. He fought a war either in the mind that he loved and missed her or not even thinking of her at all. School was horrible. She tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor but was caught by Snape. They tried to continue Dumbledore's army but it was so hard without Harry. It seemed that everything had to be hard without Harry.

Easter break they had to go into hiding. They went to their Aunt Muriel's home which was not a pleasant experience. Her Aunt Muriel was not always the nicest and was an old, slightly cranky lady. One day Bill came over to return their Aunt's goblin made crown his wife had borrowed for their wedding last summer. He also brought the news that Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and her brother, Ronald Weasley was staying with them at their house. Ginny could feel her hear skip a beat. She heard of everything about Harry. There were articles left and right in the Daily Prophet and magazines like Witch Weekly. She had no idea what was true and what was not. He could be dead and she may never know. She now knew that he was safe. She wanted to ask Bill to take her back with him and see Harry. She wanted to, but knew that she couldn't. Although she missed him so much, how did she know if he still even liked her as a friend?

Instead she just told Bill to send her love. At the moment, it was the best she could do to let Harry know that she still loved him. She loved him even though there was a possibility that he did not love her back.

And then there was the final battle at Hogwarts. She had thought Harry had died in their last moments. Hagrid came in crying, holding a lifeless, limp, Harry in her arms. Lord Voldemort had announced that Harry had died trying to save himself. She knew that he would not have died trying to save himself. If anything at all, he died trying to save the world. She knew him for nearly six years; he was too heroic for his own good.

Her screams were one of the most loud and terrible. She had to hold back the tears. Now she never had a chance. Now she never would be able to know how Harry felt or see him ever again. Her heart might have broken in that moment. Then, he came back to life. She had no idea how. She supposed she may or may not find out later. War had broken out again. Lord Voldemort was battling Harry and these were the last moments. It would define all. And then it happened Harry had killed the most evil, powerful wizard of all time and for good this time.

She was so happy that Harry was okay. She was happy that Lord Voldemort was out of their lives forever. But she was also mad. She was so infuriated that she felt the need to slap someone and she did. She slapped Harry in the face for making her think that he had been dead, even for just a moment. But after that all was forgotten as they started dating yet again. They had no threats in their way that time, besides her brothers.

They dated for years and years on end after that. After four years of dating Harry Potter popped the question. He had asked Ginny to marry her. She really was going to become Ginevra Molly Potter, just as she always hoped. But even though it was really happening and she had a diamond ring on the special ring finger to prove it, she never once let out a knowing, 'I told you so.'

But then came the day of her wedding. She was wearing a white dress and in a few hours time she would be meeting Harry at the altar. Her mother and Hermione were the ones to help her get ready for this big day. Hermione was going to be her Maid of Honor. She was the one after all who had given her advice on how to get to Harry.

She walked down the aisle and said her 'I do' and she was kissed by Harry Potter. She was now Mrs. Harry Potter, which before had only happened in her imaginative dreams. It was really happening.

She had her first dance with Harry and they had a wonderful reception. Everything was perfect. It was all better than all her dreams and daydreams put together. It was almost time to go with Harry on her honeymoon but before she did she was surrounded by her family.

She was hugging her mom who was blubbering and couldn't believe how all of this was happening so fast. She couldn't believe her little girl was married. Her brothers were around her saying how they'd kill Harry if he ever did anything to hurt her. They said how they couldn't believe she wasn't their little sister any more.

Here she was marrying Harry Potter as she had always imagined. They all had said that it would never happen and here it was unraveling before their very own eyes. Before she knew it the words that have been bottled up inside her for such a very long time were now set free.

"I told you so."