Good Job

When Ginny was in her third year of school she had decided she had enough. She had enough chasing around Harry freaking Potter like a lost puppy dog. She knew she had to stop as he had no interest in her whatsoever. She had to do one of two things; it was either date him or forget about him. She didn't know what she should do though so she did the only thing that was logical to her. Go to Hermione Granger for advice.

Hermione had suggested to her to date around a bit and be more like Ginny Weasley. So she took that advice to heart, Hermione wasn't only book smart, and tried her best to stick to what Hermione said. She started dating more guys, and being more of herself. At first, it was quite hard to forget about Harry. He still came to her house nearly every summer. He was still her brother's best friend. She still forgot though and moved on. She went days, weeks, without even a single thought on the boy. She thought she was recovering.

It happened though in her fifth year. She had nearly forgotten about Harry and was happily in a relationship with Dean Thomas. They started dating at the end of the year before. She liked him, a lot, and possibly was on her way to love. She didn't have a single romantically-linked Harry Potter thought.

It was a slightly windy day out in the Quidditch Pitch. She was going out for the Quidditch team and Harry just happened to be the captain of the Gryffindor team that year. That was no big deal though. It was just Harry. When she went out for team, most of her family was surprised she could even play. None of them knew how she would sneak out and ride broomsticks at night when she was younger. She was actually an excellent player and dreamed of going professional someday. She made the team as a chaser and was extremely happy about the decision.

She had practices though, a few every week, and each practice she couldn't help but rediscover those amazing qualities of Harry Potter. She liked how his already messy hair went this way and that way when he zoomed around on his Firebolt. She was mesmerized by his enthralling emerald green eyes. She even noticed how toned his chest really was.

She noticed something new each day and she talked to him more and more, she got excited to talk to him and it put her on an adrenaline rush. She didn't notice what was happening at first. She convinced herself she was so happy to be with him because they were on their way to being great friends. Yes, that was it, they were friends.

But she only really realized what was happening one day in the Gryffindor common room while sitting on a loveseat with Hermione. She was supposedly doing her Potions homework and Dean was away at detention for McGonnagall. She was watching Harry though, hoping to be discreet. Hermione notices everything though.

"Are you looking at Harry?" Hermione asked in a whisper, although she most likely already knew. Ginny looked down to her book again though and pretended that she hadn't a clue what that girl was going on about.

"No, I'm not," she denied although it was still quite obvious she was.

"You do," she said with a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"No, I'm dating Dean."

"That doesn't mean you don't fancy Harry again," she said knowingly.

"Maybe I do," Ginny admitted and Hermione's smile was getting bigger. "But then again, maybe I don't."

Hermione just rolled her eyes, knowing the latter of her confession was just Ginny being stubborn. "This is going to be great."

Ginny ignored Hermione then, going back to her Potions Essay. Ginny was surprised how much easier Potions had got since they got taught by a new professor, but now Defense was horrible. She didn't know how she would survive if she didn't have the D.A. last year. Harry had taught her so much…

She shook the thoughts from her mind and desperately tried to focus on the Potions Essay in front of her. No, she didn't like Harry. She didn't fancy him a bit. She got maybe an inch more before she decided to finish it later. She slammed the book shut and stood up. She muttered a goodbye to Hermione and how she was tired. She wasn't really tired, not at all. Ginny felt though, that the common room was just a bit humid though and lying in bed with her pajamas on didn't seem like a bad idea.

The next day, after lessons were over, she was at the Quidditch Pitch. They had a game soon and Harry was working them. Alicia said though that Harry wasn't working them nearly as hard as Wood had. That seemed scary to Ginny, and she was glad that she never had him as a captain.

She focused on the scrimmage they were doing at the moment. She zoomed through the people and caught the Quaffle. She threw it through the centre hoop and Ron missed it, although he nearly had it. It was actually quite a nice play.

"Good job," Harry yelled at her from twenty feet away as he saw her play. He had a smile on his face and he looked like he really meant it. That's all it took then. She stopped lying to herself in the exact moment. She got over him for two years, but now all that hard work is over. She was that little ten year old girl again who saw Harry Potter for the first time. She daydreamed about them getting married.

It was two simple words that meant nothing really, but they meant everything to her. She was falling for Harry Potter again. She just couldn't get over him. She didn't want to like him, she shouldn't. But it was how it was. She tried to stop it, but now it seemed like an unstoppable force of nature. She couldn't just stop liking him. This time, she was going to get Harry Potter. Her liking him for all these years must mean something, right?

After she left practice in a daze she went straight to Hermione and told her everything. She had an I-told-you-so smile on her face but Ginny hardly noticed it. She was gushing over Harry in a way she never gushed. Hermione helped her figure out what she wanted to do. She was going to get Harry Potter this time around. You can't just love someone for five years and have it mean nothing, can you?