I have wanted to write a Wildfire fanfic for a really long time. Honestly I never thought I would have the guts to post this, so I am really hoping someone will read my story. Any reviews are good reviews.

Disclaimer: I do not own Wildfire or any of the characters from the show - no copywrite infringement is intended.

Marrying Junior felt like a dream. The magical moment when Dani, Pablo and Jean first stepped out from behind the trees in the Raintree meadow, to the moment when I saw Junior telling me it was time to get married – the dreamlike quality was there. So surreal, so perfect. I really should have woken up then, when the dream started taking on that wishful quality. I didn't though – I allowed myself to be swept away into the moment. I allowed all my wishes to come true. Jean and Pablo giving me Wildfire. Dani and Matt together, on the verge of starting their own life. Ken Davis attending our wedding, happy and content as I have never seen him. Junior standing up with me in front of our family and friends, pledging his life, his love to me.

I knew it was a dream – I just couldn't wake myself up. I couldn't turn away and miss my moment, the moment when everything I ever wanted, ever dreamed of came true.