Following Gypsy

By Merrie McKinnon.

I dedicate this story to my darling daddy, who helped me write a not so morbid piece of writing. Thank you.

Following Gypsy.

In the rapidly darkening forest the little girl rode. So fast She flew through the trees. The horse's breathing in time with her own. Hard and deep.

It was a maze of branches, thick undergrowth. She didn't think she would ever be able to escape the confusion of the forest. She was scared and didn't know what direction was north. She just kept going forwards.

She was "The girl with a mind of her own". This is what the village people whispered as they walked by turning their backs, as they wanted nothing to do with her, which was in fact the case. they would never admit to it. They announced her as a poor helpless little girl who was born with too big a mouth and too little sense.

All the men and warriors would come after her, set the hounds on her, she would suffer.

She spurred her horse on, in hopes they would get to the other side of the forest, out of the land she'd grown up in, yet now loathed.

she was now out of the forest and cantering in a wide plane with wild lushes green grass with wild flowers.

The horse was getting dirty. A dapple grey Gypsy cob, now turning to shades of brown with large chunks of mud and grasses in its hooves.

"Come Nadya we must get to the village before sunset!" She kicked her horse into a faster gate and rode away behind the trees and out of sight to where lay thatched roves of cottages made of a mixture of mud and wood and where caravans of traveling Gypsies that were now entertaining the villages in exchange for being able to occupy pieces of land and be able to drink at their taverns. It was this village little girl was so eager to reach.

As she climbed the steps of the cottage at the end of the lane she wondered if the woman would relegate her to the pig sty.

"well" she thought "even if my aunt does throw me to the pigs, the flask will be in good hands, it doesn't matter what happens to me as long as its safe"

She knocked on the door of her aunts house expecting to be dismissed right away, but as the door opened to the beautiful round faced, brown haired green eyed woman the only expression on her face was relief.

"Nuri I thought you were dead! I received a letter…"

Nuri, just shook her head interrupting "They murdered mama, papa and Jaelle, but I escaped".

Her aunt, just wrapped her arms around Nuri.

"Aunt Lala I have it, the flask is with me, I must give it to you or mama and papa died for nothing. Then I must go back to the forest with Nadya and face my punishment" her aunt shook her head.

"Aunt Lala they will inform the men and warriors here, then the flask will be in danger. I go now, the secret is safe and you've nothing to worry about!".

Nuri stepped out of her aunts arms and rode back towards the lightening forest. She had ingured two men whilst escaping. Now it was time to face her fate in the forest

"No matter what happens Nadya the flask is safe!".