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Puck's Fresh Meat Four

Three's Company Too

"Well Evans, we're waiting," Puck growled. He was still buck naked, his mohawk and his erect dick both jutting out from his body threateningly. Kurt stared curiously from the bed, the blanket still wrapped around his pale body.

With a deep breath Sam recounted how he found Puck and Kurt in bed. "Okay," he began, "I saw you guys at school." After Sam was silent for a minute Puck's ire grew.

"And? What the fuck, is that the end of your story?" Puck screamed.

"Noah," Kurt reprimanded, "calm down. And for Valentino's sake, put some underwear on." Puck huffed, crossing his arms and refusing to cover himself up. Rolling his eyes at Puck's stubbornness, Kurt leaned over the foot of the bed and pulled Sam so he was on the bed as well. Glancing down at Sam's softening prick Kurt graciously offered a pillow to cover it. Sam blushingly accepted and set the pillow on his lap, clutching it tightly. "Sam, what exactly did you see at school?"

"Oh," Sam said, tearing his eyes away from Kurt's exposed throat and collarbone. He'd never seen so much of Kurt's skin before, and to see it now unobstructed was hypnotizing, like watching fresh cream being poured into a beautiful glass pitcher. Shaking his head he said, "I, um, was in class when I saw Puck carrying you out of school over his shoulder. I thought he was like, kidnapping you or something, and I got worried. I didn't even realize I was out of my desk, but by the time I caught up with you guys you were already pealing out of the parking lot. I followed you here and came inside."

"Ever heard of knocking, you little perv?" Puck snarled.

"You didn't lock the door," Sam shot back. "I would've knocked but the freaking door pushed open with the breeze."

Kurt glared at Puck. "I've warned you before about locking the doors!" he screamed. "We've almost been caught twice by your sister, and remember that time Finn walked in on us? Thank Gaga we were able to convince him we were just playing leapfrog in our underwear!"

Puck laughed at the memory. About a month ago Puck had been unbearably horny and during a study session with Kurt in his bedroom he'd managed to slip his cock out of the slit in his boxers and tear a hole in the back of Kurt's briefs so he could fuck him without being completely nude. Finn had walked in when Puck was balls deep in Kurt, fucking him doggy style. It was only thanks to Kurt's hasty thinking that Puck hadn't come face to face with the barrel end of Burt's trusty shotgun.

"Man, your brother is gullible."

"From now on, we lock the doors no matter what," Kurt said strictly.

"What the fuck does it matter now? Evans here is gonna flap his huge lips to the school and out us," Puck sighed, leaning against the wall.

"I'd never do that," Sam said sincerely. "I mean, what you two do in your own time is your business and no one else's. Besides, are you really gay Puck, or just horny?" Sam asked disbelievingly.

"That's fucking offensive," Puck said as he strode over to where Sam and Kurt were sitting. Pushing Sam aside he leaned into Kurt, throwing an arm over his shoulder and kissing up his neck. "I haven't been with anyone since Kurt and I started fucking around two months ago. And if I do get hard and Kurt isn't available, I don't go strolling for pussy. I just rub one out and call it a night."

"'Fucking around'?" Kurt sighed. "I suppose that's the closest I'll ever come to hearing you call us a couple." He chuckled as Puck bit playfully at his ear.

"Come on, Princess," Puck said, slipping his hand under the blanket Kurt had wrapped around himself. "You know you're the only guy for me. I'm fucking crazy about you. You think I'd let anyone else stick their dick up my butt? Dude, that's like super VIP access," he said, running his tongue over the cartilage of Kurt's ear. "You're it, Princess. You're my babe."

"You are such a softie," Kurt smiled, kissing Puck on the nose. "You play the badass, but underneath it all your heart is bigger than your dick."

"Babe, nothing's bigger than my dick," Puck said as Kurt peppered his jaw with kisses. "Except maybe Evans' mouth." Seeing Puck's dick harden even more, and Kurt slip his hand over the smooth shaft, Sam excused himself. Clutching the pillow tightly to his exposed crotch he began to rise from the bed before Puck pulled him back by the scruff of his shirt collar. "Hold up there, Sammy boy," Puck said. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Well, you guys look like you're busy, so I was just…" he began.

"I don't fucking think so," Puck said. He let Kurt slip off his lap as he pulled Sam further up towards the headboard of the bed. "Besides, you weren't in such a hurry to leave when you were spying on us." He gripped Sam by the throat, staring deeply into the terrified yet aroused eyes of the blond jock.

"I – I…" Sam said at a loss for words. Puck choked him lightly, running his thumb over Sam's prominent Adam's apple.

"You're right, Noah," Kurt said, lying next to Sam. "Samuel, you did a horrible thing, spying on us. You should be punished." He brushed Sam's bangs from his forehead, kissing it lightly. He set his head next to Sam's and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry. Noah gives the best punishments." Sam turned his head and looked worriedly at Kurt. "Oh my Gaga, Noah, he thinks we're serious."

Puck relaxed his grip on Sam's throat. "Dude, we're just fucking with you. We weren't really gonna hurt you or anything."

"You – You weren't?" Sam stuttered.

"Do I detect the slightest hint of regret in your voice?" Kurt asked accusingly.

"What?" Sam said a little too loudly. "No! I mean, I knew you guys were just pulling my leg," he said. He tried to sit up but Puck simply pushed him back down.

"Wait a minute there, Sammy," Puck said. "Do you – I mean, do you want to play with us?"

"What? Like, fool around with you guys?" Sam asked disbelievingly. "Wouldn't that be…a little weird?"

"I'm game if Kurt is," Puck said excitedly.

"I wouldn't mind," Kurt said, running his hands through Sam's flaxen hair. "Besides, I've always had a little crush on you, ever since the whole 'duets' fiasco."

"Babe, I'm sitting right here," Puck said. Kurt rolled his eyes before grabbing Puck by the dick and pulling him down for a kiss.

"Yes, Noah, I know you're still here," Kurt assured him. "But I'm sure there's more than enough of me to go around. Besides, didn't you always say you wanted to see me in action with another guy?"

"Yeah," Puck smirked as Kurt kissed down his chest. Sam was trapped between the two of them, Kurt's body rubbing against his as the countertenor leaned over to administer to Puck's body. Puck meanwhile was absentmindedly running his hands under Sam's shirt, feeling up his hard abs.

"And now we have someone that can tape us like you always wanted," Kurt suggested. "Remember how we couldn't even see anything last time because the camera was set so far away?"

"Fuck babe, you are so right," Puck agreed. He kissed Kurt passionately before rolling him off his body and addressing Sam. "Alright, blondie, you're in."

"Wait…what? Don't I get a say in this?" Sam asked lamely.

"Dude, you're pitching major wood and if you were really uncomfortable you woulda left a long ass time ago," Puck said. "Congratulations, butt munch, you're gonna get it on with the hottest couple in the state." Puck pulled a still dumbfounded Sam up so he was sitting, and Kurt crept around his back and lifted his shirt from his head. Puck untangled Sam's pants and underwear from around his feet and stripped them off so Sam was just as naked as they were.

"This is…insane," Sam announced breathily. He'd never been naked with another guy before, let alone two. The locker rooms didn't count; he never really paid attention to the guys in there. But for some reason he noticed Kurt, never more so than when the countertenor announced the dissolution of their duet while he was showering. He never admitted it before, but while Kurt was there talking to him he sprung the hardest erection he'd ever known; luckily the partition was there to block his painfully engorged dick.

"Don't worry," Puck assured him. "I know it's a little weird at first, with us being guys and all. But trust me, dude, it gets sooo much better." He traced the outline of Sam's pecs and ran his hand down his abdominals until they reached the tangled wire of pubic hair at the base of Sam's dick. Sam's breath hitched as Puck teased his erection.

"Holy shit," Sam said breathily. Kurt was tracing circles along Sam's chest, rubbing his nipple to erection as he giggled at Puck's teasing of Sam. Sam looked over to Kurt, a scared, confused expression on his face as he tried to sort out the exciting, new emotions running through his body. Kurt saw this adorable look on his face and couldn't help himself. He leaned in and kissed Sam, his own lips seeking out the plump, fullness of Sam's. He darted his tongue in Sam's mouth, and Sam willingly allowed him further access. Kurt was running his tongue over the back of Sam's teeth when Sam let out a short, whimpering moan. Puck had just traced the pulsing vein on Sam's erect dick with the nail of his index finger when Kurt had kissed him; the two new sensations sent Sam into overload. His body clenched as his dick spurt out a small wad of pre-cum, more than he even knew was possible without fully cumming.

"Oh my God," Sam breathed. "Oh my fucking God," he said again as Puck thumbed his now sticky cockhead.

"Dude, you're dick is awesome," Puck said enviously. "You still got your foreskin intact."

"It's adorable," Kurt said as he glanced down onto Sam's penis. "It's like a tiny turtleneck."

Sam summoned up all his strength to deny his body orgasm and explain why he was uncircumcised. "Yeah, a lot of guys from my part of the South are uncut. I was born in a bathtub so my parents didn't really feel the need to take me two towns over to the doctor's just to snip it off."

"Well thank God they didn't," Kurt said as he joined Puck in rubbing Sam's dick. "You don't need lube or anything. The foreskin slides up over your head like its own personal protective covering. It must feel wonderful," Kurt said enviously. Both he and Puck looked up into Sam's scrunched face.

"Fuck," Sam moaned. He'd barely gotten used to feeling one person's hand on his dick; now there were two, and he cold hardly stand it. He melted into the bed, his body slackening as his dick got harder. Puck held him as he fell onto his back. Sam's eyes were closed as he let the wonderful feelings swelling in his crotch wash over him. Puck let Kurt administer to the blond's cock as he ran his hands hungrily over his enviable torso.

"Dude, you body is so cut," Puck said as he felt Sam's muscles ripple beneath his fingertips. "I want to like, rub my fuckin cock all over your chest." Sam moaned as Kurt began massaging his cock faster and faster. Puck stopped him, keeping Sam from cumming. "Princess, let's let Sammy suffer a little more."

"If you insist," Kurt said halfheartedly. He really wanted to watch the cum erupt from Sam's dick. Kurt helped Sam sit up. The blond jock's head was still vibrating with the sensations Puck and Kurt had just exposed him to. He leaned on Kurt as he got his bearings together. He looked down on his dick and flicked it back and forth; he didn't think it could get much harder than it was now without breaking into a million pieces. He looked up into Kurt's smiling face. He blushed as he realized Kurt had been watching him.

"You are too adorable for words," Kurt said, rubbing his palm on Sam's hard nipple. He leaned into Sam and kissed him, taking a page from Puck's playbook and nibbling on his lower lip as they came up for air.

"Alright, alright, alright," Sam smirked in his best Matthew McConaughey impression. Kurt buried his face in Sam's shoulder as he erupted into laughter. Puck, who laid down in the middle of the bed while Kurt and Sam made out a few inches away, pulled the blond back so he was laying on top of his tanned body, chest to back. With Sam atop him Puck ground his dick into the cleft of Sam's ass crack, Kurt biting his lip as he watched the two boys' act of frottage. Sam let his head loll about as Puck pressed their bodies together. Puck buried his face in the nape of Sam's neck, inhaling the fresh scent of the blond jock.

"Okay, that's enough," Kurt said, pulling Sam up from Puck's greedy embrace.

"Babe! I was just about to stick it in," Puck whined, sitting up so he was face to face with Kurt. He stuck his bottom lip out, pouting in that way Kurt found both annoying and irresistible at the same time.

Kurt kissed Puck lightly and then pushed him back down. "Shut up Noah," Kurt commanded. Puck obeyed, only because he knew the more demanding Kurt got the hornier he got as well. Kurt slunk down between Puck's legs; motioning for Sam to join him.

"Ever indulge in fellatio before?" Kurt asked conspiratorially.

"You mean suck a dick? No," Sam said, eyeing Puck's monstrous cock bouncing before them with every intake of breath the mohawked teen took.

"Well I've tutored you in French before, so I think I can teach you how to give a blowjob. And what better aide than Noah's fantastically gargantuan member?" Kurt said, taking Puck's dick in his hand and jacking it lightly.

"Are you two going to suck it or what?" Puck asked, raising his head to look at the two boys laying between his legs, playing with his package.

"Noah, if you don't keep quiet I'm going to get the chastity device and strap you in for a week," Kurt threatened. Puck whimpered, relaxing his head back on the pillow as Kurt continued teaching Sam the secrets to getting him off.

"Okay, first of all, you have to know Noah has a remarkably easy trigger," Kurt explained to a sniggering Sam.

"Babe!" Puck said loudly. Kurt stared him down, so once again Puck was laying flat on the bed.

"As I was saying, Noah can cum very fast," Kurt said, "so the trick to keeping him going without fully getting him off is to take your time and build him up. Once he reaches five minutes without cumming, he can go all night long."

"Seriously? If I can get Puck hard for five minutes without cumming than he can fuck til sunrise?" Sam asked. Kurt nodded.

"But you have to take it easy. If you suck too hard or even lick the wrong part of his head for too long, you could end up with a mouthful of…well, you know," Kurt blushed. "Lick here," he instructed. He pointed to the underside of Puck's dick, the most sensitive part of all. Sam tentatively leaned forward and swiped his tongue across the smooth flesh.

"Fuck," Puck moaned. Kurt smiled before licking the same place again. Once Kurt had finished a large drop of precum trickled down the length of Puck's dick.

"See," Kurt said, scooping up the clear fluid. "One more lick and Noah would be spurting like the Trevi Fountain." He offered a finger of precum to Sam, who licked it up, as did Kurt. "Now let's just focus on his balls." Kurt leaned down and took one of Puck's smooth balls into his mouth. Following his lead Sam took the other one into his mouth as well. Kurt was much more experienced in rolling Puck's large balls around in his mouth than Sam, but it wasn't exactly rocket science and Sam picked it up easily. With his large mouth he was able to roll around much more of the testicle in his warm mouth than Kurt was.

"Show off," Kurt said, letting Puck's ball fall from his mouth with a plop. Sam smiled, Puck's testicle still in his mouth. Kurt licked down past Puck's ball sac, stopping at the beginning of his crack. Sam followed the sticky trail with his own tongue, but stopped once he realized where they were going.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked, sensing Sam's hesitation. Sam couldn't really say what he was thinking, but Puck knew what was the matter.

"Not a fan of ass eating, Sammy boy?" Puck asked, sitting up.

"I…I don't know if I'm ready to do that yet," Sam said ashamedly.

"Don't worry, Sam," Kurt said comfortingly. "You don't have to."

"The fuck he doesn't," Puck objected.

"Noah," Kurt said warningly.

"Well not with my hairy ass," Puck said. "Kurt's probably the only guy who loves me enough to brave that jungle." Kurt rolled his eyes, resisting the urge to sit on Puck's face himself if only to shut him up. "But you've got to get a taste of Princess' asshole. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed."

"I don't know," Sam said. "It's kinda weird, eating another guy out."

"Noah, don't force Sam into doing something he's not ready for yet," Kurt said.

"Dude, trust me," Puck said, stroking Sam's cock. Sam's eyes glazed over and he rested his head on Kurt's shoulder.

"I guess I could try it out," Sam said, his eyes still glazed and his breath uneven. "Just to see if I like it or not."

"Awesome!" Puck exclaimed. He led a hesitant Kurt onto his back, pulling his legs back and forcing Sam to join him by Kurt's ass. The hole was still a little gaping from Puck's earlier fucking, but even Sam couldn't deny the fact that it was a sexy sight to behold. "Pretty fucking beautiful, huh?"

"Yeah," Sam said, following Puck's finger in tracing the pulsing hole. "But…"

"But you don't wanna face dive into it, right?" Puck said knowingly. Sam nodded in agreement. "Don't worry, dude. Hey, how about I eat him out first and you watch, and then if you still don't like it than you don't have to do it."

"Alright," Sam said sheepishly. Puck winked at Sam before pressing his face into Kurt's hole. Kurt's body arched and he let his legs slip from his grasp, but Puck caught them, knowing he would have this reaction on his boyfriend. Puck continued to munch on Kurt's ass, slobbering over the asshole and forcing his tongue deep into his sphincter. Kurt moaned, and Sam watched the effect it was having on Kurt. He was writhing uncontrollably, and he couldn't even keep his eyes open. His dick was rock hard, and Sam saw it was shiny with precum without it even being touched. Puck pressed his body even further into Kurt, as if he was trying to force his entire head up Kurt's ass. Sam wondered how he was able to breathe with Kurt's bubbly butt cheeks wrapped around his head, but Puck didn't seem to mind. Nothing seemed to exist to him except his tongue and Kurt's ass. Finally Puck came up for air and grinned greedily at Sam. "So, look hot to you?"

"Yeah," Sam agreed.

"Wanna try?" Puck asked, pulsing Kurt's hole with his thumb. Sam was at a loss for words when Puck said, "If you're worried about the taste, don't be. It tastes like an armpit; or in this case, a really fucking clean armpit. My baby here keeps his ass pristine as fuck, so there's nothing to worry about. And dude, did you see how much he fucking loved it? I fucking love that the best. Come on, bro, you have to try it. It's so fucking hot."

Seeing Puck's excited expression and Kurt's expectant hole seemingly calling out to him, Sam acquiesced. "Okay," Sam said, "I'll try it."

"Fuck yeah," Puck cried, kissing Sam passionately, the faint taste of Kurt still on his lips. "You won't regret it, dude."

Sam leaned down and examined Kurt's ass. It was almost hairless, except for a faint amount growing around the hole. His cheeks were pale, but around his hole it started to darken in color, turning a dark pink that looked almost the color of a tongue. Sam stuck his tongue out and closed his eyes as he licked along one of Kurt's ass cheeks. It was soft, like a girls'. Puck prodded him on, so he licked further, tracing lines until he came to Kurt's hole.

"Like it, babe?" Puck asked, rubbing Kurt's stomach.

"It tickles," Kurt said softly. "He's not aggressive like you are. It's different, his hesitancy and nervousness. It's cute. And it feels…ah-mazing…" Kurt choked out as Sam began to swipe his tongue over his hole.

"Keep it up, Evans, and you might put me out of a job," Puck said. He lay down next to Kurt, scratching lazily at his boyfriend's pubic hair as he chewed on his earlobe.

"This is so strange," Kurt admitted to Puck. "It feels odd to have you up here playing with my ears, which you know is one of my special spots, by the way," he said as he playfully tried to shoo Puck away before he caused him a premature orgasm, "while still feeling someone down there between my legs."

"Kind of hot, right?" Puck said, kissing his shoulder.

"Kind of surreal," Kurt sighed as Sam continued to lick his ass.

"Alright, Evans," Puck said, tugging on Sam's hair.

"Huh?" Sam said, looking up from between Kurt's cheeks. "Oh, s'okay. I'm having fun down here."

"I know that, dumbass," Puck said, hooking an arm under Sam's armpit and pulling him up effortlessly so he was level with him and Kurt. "But you're giving my babe a lot of good feelings, and it's kind of hurting Puckzilla's feelings that he's not the one giving it to him."

"He gets a little possessive," Kurt whispered to Sam. "But you were doing amazing things down there, Samuel, especially considering it was your first time. Bravo," Kurt said as he kissed him on the lips. Sam couldn't help but blush at Kurt's compliments.

"Alright, that was pretty gay," Puck said as he waved his condom covered cock at the two, breaking up their kiss. "But it's about to get a whole lot gayer."

"When did you do that?" Kurt asked, grabbing his cock and making sure the condom was secured properly.

"When you two were swapping spit," Puck said as he lay down next to Kurt. "The Puckster's ready and Puckzilla's primed, babe. Hop on."

"Not so fast," Kurt said, his arm wrapped around Sam. "I think since Sam is our guest, he should go first."

"You want me to fuck Evans?" Puck asked. "Alright! Let's go, blondie. Prepare to have your hole massacred!" Puck said excitedly.

"No, Noah," Kurt said. "I think Sam should…fuck," he said, finding the expletive hard to mutter, "…me first."

"What? That's messed up! I've got my dick all showroom ready and he gets to jump in line before me!" Puck whined.

"Noah," Kurt said softly, knowing exactly how to handle his boyfriend's tantrum. "You can have me whenever, wherever you want. Sam is only going to get this once. Don't you think he should at least get the chance to go first?"

Puck mulled it over for a minute. "Wherever?" he asked, seeking clarification.

"Wherever," Kurt promised, grabbing Puck's hand and thumbing his palm.

"Awesome," Puck said, kissing Kurt and then biting his chin as he pulled away. "Alright, Sammy boy. You get the first ride on Kurt's Tunnel of Love."

"Really?" Sam asked. If giving his first blowjob and rimming his first ass was nerve-wrecking, he didn't even know how to describe the feelings in his stomach when faced with his first anal fucking. It really was his first time having butt-sex; up until then he'd only ever had sex with girls (well, a girl back at his old school), and even then she'd been hesitant to let him stick it in all the way, and only let him have about five or six thrusts before she deemed it too painful and made him pull out and finish himself off. But here, now, the only dude he'd ever crushed on was allowing, no, welcoming his dick into his ass, and his boyfriend was totally okay with it. He felt so lucky he thought about buying a lotto ticket on the way home after all this was said and done.

"You… have fucked before, right?" Puck asked skeptically.

"Yeah, totally," Sam said all too confidently. Kurt and Puck exchanged knowing looks, but rather than call him out on his virginity they decided to let him think he was fooling them while they subtly guided him through his first homosexual encounter.

"Okay, get over here then," Puck said. He had made himself comfortable between Kurt's legs and was lubing up his boyfriend's asshole as he waited for Sam. "Wrap it up."

"Huh?" Sam asked. Puck held out a Magnum condom for him and then, looking down on his dick, rethought it.

"I think you'll be okay with a regular one," Puck said, digging around in his drawer and pulling out a plain old Wet 'N Wild condom that he kept around for Kurt.

"Hey! I could fit a Magnum!" Sam said, his ego hurting.

"No dude, I'm serious," Puck said, checking the package for punctures before tearing it open. "If you use too big a condom it defeats the whole freaking purpose. It should be snug, like a second skin. If it's too loose it could slip off and then there's fucking cum everywhere, including up my baby's asshole where he could get infected."

"I'm not disea- I'm clean!" Sam said. He'd never been tested before, but he thought that one time couldn't have infected him.

"No dude, it's cool. I mean, we trust you. But we can't take any chances. Besides, we always play safe, right babe?" Puck said, scratching Kurt's stomach. Kurt nodded in agreement. Sam slowly nodded in understanding as he made to put the condom on his dick. Before he could even reach out for it, though, Puck leaned over and slipped the condom on, rolling it down with his nimble fingers and then slipping his mouth over it to make sure it was secure. Puck smiled and slapped Sam on the ass as he motioned for him to get comfortable between Kurt's legs.

"There's nothing to be ashamed about, Sam," Kurt said as he lay on the bed, his head propped on a pillow. "Anyone would feel inadequate about their size next to Puck's impressive member."

"It is impressive, isn't it?" Puck said, slapping his thick cock against his palm, reveling in the weight of it.

"Sometimes I think he likes to play with it more than I do," Kurt said with an eye-roll. Puck quickly rolled under him and then pulled Kurt back on top, tickling him as he made his quick move.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked as he now lay on Puck instead of the bed.

"I want to feel what it's like for you as you get fucked," Puck said as if it were obvious. "Come on, Sammy, we don't got all day!"

Sam walked on his knees over to Kurt's awaiting asshole. He slowly rubbed his covered cockhead over Kurt's entrance, testing the feel of it and steeling himself for any surprises that might make him lose his load. He tried humping in, but his dick kept sliding up and he'd miss the entrance completely.

"Oh fucking hell," Puck said from under Kurt. "Here," he said. He grabbed Sam's dick and, using his other hand for guidance, aimed it at Kurt's hole. Then he hooked his leg around Sam's ass and brought him closer so that Sam's dick was buried to the hilt.

"Fuck!" Sam grunted, the first friction taking his breath away. He could feel Kurt's hole clenching and moving, fucking moving, around his dick as if it were alive. It was so warm in there, and smooth. His dick pulsed as the warmth seemed to travel up his cock and enter his entire body. Kurt groaned in impatience, wanting to feel the motions of Sam's dick pistoning in and out of his body. Puck was playing with Kurt's cock and chewing on his earlobes as he raised his eyebrows to Sam, a silent order to fuck his boyfriend good.

Slowly, Sam began to pull his dick out. Then, when he could feel the edges of Kurt's hole on his cockhead, he plunged back in, making Kurt's body arch. He did this over and over again until he found a rhythm and began fucking Kurt. It was monotonous, without any real skill or technique, but Kurt found it enjoyable enough, especially with Puck's calloused hands running all over his chest. Sam was leaning down, his brow sending droplets of sweat down on Puck and Kurt, his breath fast and ragged. He let himself drop on Kurt's body and gave the countertenor a lingering kiss, halting his fucking as he licked inside the other boy's mouth. Puck pulled him to the side for his own kiss, chewing playfully on Sam's big lips before slapping his ass and telling him to get on with it.

Sam was fucking Kurt so hard that the headboard of the bed was slamming into the wall. Out of nowhere he heard Kurt howl, and looking down he saw Puck's hand was wrapped around Kurt's shiny pink dick, jacking it for all its worth. Puck told Sam to keep fucking Kurt, and Kurt began moaning and tried to push Puck's hand away, but Puck held it steady, knowing when his boyfriend really wanted to cum and when he wanted it to last. This was the former of the two.

Kurt began to scream and Puck covered his mouth, afraid the neighbor's would think there was a murder going on. With Puck's hand on his mouth and the other on his dick Kurt came. The first wave was really just a dribble that puddle in Kurt's pubes, but the second spurted out with such force it went over their heads onto the headboard. The third and fourth ended up on Puck's forehead and cheek, respectively, with the last few spurts trickling out onto his chest, painting his stomach and navel. His chest was heaving, and Puck pulled his hand away from his mouth and let his boyfriend breath easier. Kurt's eyes were still closed, and Puck began kissing all over his shoulders and cheek, nuzzling up to Kurt in the afterglow of his orgasm.

Meanwhile Sam was still fucking away. Kurt bit his lip as the pain that had been dulled in his lust was now fully felt after his release. Puck felt Kurt's body tense with ever thrust, and, recognizing when his boyfriend was hurting, and figuring things needed to hurry along, he began digging around behind Sam's back. Finding his ass, and more importantly his asshole, he slowly teased the opening, making Sam's jaw tighten, before thrusting his finger inside his hole.

As if on cue Sam began cumming. He couldn't control it, couldn't have held it back if he wanted to, and he wanted to, because if it were up to him he'd never stop fucking Kurt. But he came, and he could feel his dick stiffen repeatedly as his cum burst into the condom. Pulling his dick out by the base he cringed as he had to pull the condom off, the sensitivity of his cock making him want to faint. Holding it up Puck let out a whistle.

"Fuck. That rubber is fucking full," Puck said, eyeing the condom impressively.

"So? How was your first time?" Kurt asked, the cum quickly congealing on his tired body.

"Incredible," Sam said breathlessly. "Fucking incredible." Kurt pulled him down into a kiss, the cum squishing between their bodies. Kurt smiled contently as he was sandwiched between two of the hottest guys in school, Puck slowly rubbing his hard cock against Kurt's back and Sam sighing peacefully as he played with Puck's armpit hair. He closed his eyes, reveling in the love and lust that filled the room, wishing that it would last forever and that they'd never have to go and face the world outside.

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