So, I realized I forgot to do this! *BLUSH* It was late... that's my excuse. Anyway, this was inspired by HILLBOOK by StarvingWriterMaeve and was not an original idea. I TOTALLY wish it was... SO I got a comment that said this was confusing. So I put in more editing to try and make it less so. Hopefully it helps.

Also, I don't own Jimmy... Hope you have a laugh!

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Welcome back, Cindy Vortex!

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Cindy Vortex has an exciting surprise!

-Nicky Nick and three others commented on Cindy Vortex's status.

Nicky Nick: What is it?

Brittany Olsen: O.M.G. you are preggo, aren't you?

Sheen: I'm telling Jimmy!

Betty Quinlan: Sheen, Jimmy is probably the father you dunce.

Cindy Vortex: I am NOT pregnant. I repeat: I am NOT pregnant.




Nicky Nick- Okay….

Carl Wheezer- just sprayed himself in the eye with his inhaler for the billionth time.

-Sheen Estevez likes this.

Carl Wheezer: It hurts!



Libby Folfax-Cindy Vortex: I know what the surprise is. =)

-Sheen Estevez and two others commented on Cindy's wall post.

Sheen Estevez: What? You didn't say anything, Libby!

Libby Folfax: Cindy asked me not to.

Brittany Olsen: You are totally pregnant.

Cindy Vortex: AM NOT!



Cindy Vortex is not pregnant!

-Jimmy Neutron likes this.

Cindy Vortex: =)

Jimmy Neutron: I was starting to get a little worried.

Cindy Vortex: Shut it, Neutron.

Willoughby: Ah, young love.

-Miss Fowl likes this.



Sheen Estevez-Cindy Vortex: How come Libby gets to know the surprise and no one else does?

Cindy Vortex- Sheen Estevez: Well, number 1) she's my best friend. Number 2) I'm waiting for a few things to pan out.

-Sheen Estevez commented on his wall post.

Sheen Estevez: Jacques!

Cindy Vortex: LOL, don't type things you don't know how to spell, Estevez.

Sheen Estevez: You should tell me!

Cindy Vortex: If I tell you, everyone will know.

Sheen Estevez: That hurt, Cindy. That hurt real bad.




Sheen Estevez is now crying.

-Cindy Vortex likes this.

Sheen Estevez: You are such a jerk, Cindy.

Cindy Vortex: It's my secret; I'll tell it when I want to!

Miss Fowl: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I w-A-nt to.

Brittany: I am TOTALLY posting a poll now.



Brittany Olsen- Who all thinks Cindy is preggo?

-Sheen Estevez and 13 others like this.

Libby Folfax: Nope, she's not.

Betty Quinlan: You've got to admit it is a little suspicious.

Nicky Nick: Oh, yeah, she's got a bun in the oven fo' sure.

Cindy Vortex: Actually, ah, no I don't.



Libby Folfax –Cindy Vortex: I think you should just tell them, Cind. This is how rumors get started.

-Jimmy Neutron likes this.

Cindy Vortex: Yeah, yeah, yeah….. To be honest, this is kind of fun, keeping everyone in suspense.

Jimmy Neutron: =) You tease.

-Butch commented on your wall post.

Butch: I just threw up a little.



Carl Wheezer is in a relationship with Elke Sommers

-Jimmy Neutron and 13 others like this

Libby Folfax: YAY! You two finally got back together!

Elke Sommers: I just couldn't resist my fellow llama loving loser.

Nicky Nick: Who knew Wheezer would get a steady girlfriend? Honestly, dude for years I thought you might be swingin' for the opposite team, if you know what I mean.

-Butch likes this comment



Cindy Vortex Edit Profile

About Me- Basic Information:

Networks: Berkley College Graduates.

Siblings- Libby Folfax

Sex: Female

Here for: Friendship

About You: I love being me. I love my job, and my roommate. I know Karate, so don't mess with me or you'll get a beating.


Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jimmy Neutron

-Change relationship status:








-Changed relationship status confirmed.

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Cindy Vortex is engaged to Jimmy Neutron.

-Libby Folfax and 200 others like this.

Libby Folfax: Girl, I LOVE THIS! I can't wait to plan with you!

Nicky Nick: That's the way, Neutron!

Sheen Estevez: WHAT?

Brittany: This is so exciting! It's about damn time too!

Willoughby: I knew you two would make it from the first time I saw you arguing.

Miss Fowl: CongrAAts you two lovebirds!

Larissa: JIMMY NEUTRON FINALLY PROPOSED! Heaven be praised!

Jet: You go, kid!

Oleander: Arch rivals my ass.

Cindy Vortex: *BLUSH* Thanks you guys!

Sam- It's about time, yeah!



Larissa- Cindy Vortex: Do we get to see pictures of the ring? =) PLEASE?

Jimmy Neutron: =)

Cindy Vortex: Sure! It'll take a few minutes.



Eustace Strych wants to be your friend.

My dear Cynthia, my heart grieves to see you are engaged. Especially to my sworn enemy!

You have my sincerest condolences.


Friend Request Ignored



3 New Pictures added to Cindy Vortex's Album US

-Libby Folfax commented on your photo.

Libby Folfax: GORGEOUS! He is such a sweetie!

-Jimmy Neutron likes this.




-Brittany and four others commented on Cindy's photo album, US

-Brittany: Neutron's got taste!

Betty Quinlan: I am speechless! Where'd he get it?

Cindy Vortex: He made it! =) Years ago I guess.

Brittany: Seriously?

Betty Quinlan: Whoa!

Cindy Vortex: Mhmmm.

Sheen Estevez: What? Man! I feel so left in the dark!

Carl Wheezer: =)

Jimmy Neutron: Yes, I did make it.

Larissa: DANG!



Jimmy Neutron and Larissa Morrison are now friends.

Jimmy Neutron- Larissa Morrison: I don't think Cindy ever introduced us.

Larissa Morrison- Jimmy Neutron: She didn't need to. She talked about you all the time.

-Cindy Vortex, Larissa Morrison and Jimmy Neutron commented on Jimmy Neutron's Wall Post

Cindy Vortex: Larissa!

Larissa Morrison: What? It's the truth!

Jimmy Neutron: *grins*



Cindy Vortex-Jimmy Neutron: NEUTRON! You are such a pig headed… there are no words to accurately describe how annoying you are.

-Jimmy Neutron commented on his wall post.

Jimmy Neutron: You love me anyway.

Cindy Vortex: YEAH? Who says?

Jimmy Neutron: That ring on your finger kind of proves it.

-Sheen Estevez and Oleander commented on Jimmy's wall post.

Sheen Estevez: Do you two ever stop arguing?

Oleander: I can imagine they do… on "special" occasions, if you know what I mean. *waggles eyebrows*

Cindy Vortex: OLEANDER! I never guessed you were such a pervert!

Oleander: *Chuckles*



Brittany- Cindy Vortex: Congrats, Cindy! I knew it would happen someday! When is the big day?

Cindy Vortex: I'm not really sure.

Brittany: Why not?

-Libby Folfax and Betty Quinlan commented on Cindy's wall post.

Libby Folfax: Her mother had a cow when she told her.

Brittany: Oh no! =( Sorry , Cindy!

Cindy Vortex: it's no big deal. But, I'm thinking about a year from now.

Betty Quinlan: Why so long?

Cindy Vortex: Give my mother time to change her mind I guess. I would like her to be there. I mean she is my mom after all, even if she can be a little scary sometimes.

Libby Folfax: She won't change her mind girl. Just get hitched!

-Jimmy Neutron and ten others like this.



Larissa Morrison-Cindy Vortex: You know, that boy of yours certainly seems nice. =) You have to tell me how he proposed!

-Brittany and three others like this.

Cindy Vortex: He told me I could make it sound better, but I suppose it doesn't really do him justice so. He purposed in a parking lot, with me screaming and swearing at him.

-Jimmy Neutron commented on your wall post.

Jimmy Neutron: You didn't change it!

Cindy Vortex: I told you I wouldn't.

Larissa Morrison: What do you mean, you were screaming at him?

Cindy Vortex: We were actually having a fight at the time.

Jimmy Neutron: Actually, SHE was the one fighting.

Cindy Vortex: Shut it, Neutron. The whole time he insisted that I listen to him, but I was mad and so finally I asked what he wanted to say to me that was so important. Then he awkwardly yelled out that he wanted me to marry him.

Jimmy Neutron: You were NOT happy about that.

Cindy Vortex: I was pretty mad.

Jimmy Neutron: You are such a drama queen.

Cindy Vortex: Watch it bucko, I know where you live.

Larissa Morrison: ANYWAY, back on topic…

Cindy Vortex: It was really awkward, and badly timed, yet it some cheesy adorable way it was perfect.

Nicky Nick: *Gags*

Jimmy Neutron: You make me sound like a pansy, Vortex.

Cindy Vortex: That's because you are a pansy. Nick, you are a huge romantic at heart and we all know it.

Brittany: That is really sweet. Totally Jimmy-like.

Cindy Vortex: It was memorable, that's for sure. But, most things are with Jimmy.

Sheen Estevez: *GASP!* You called Jimmy, Jimmy! ON THE INTERNET where everyone can see it! Is the world going to explode or something?

Cindy Vortex: You are hopeless, Sheen.

Jimmy Neutron: *rolls eyes*



Libby Folfax –Cindy Vortex: I'm so happy for you, Cindy. You two are such a cute couple.

-Betty Quinlan and ten others like this.

Jimmy Neutron-Cindy Vortex: I love you, fiancé.

Cindy Vortex: And I love you.

-Butch commented on your wall post.

Butch: That is the second time you two have made me BARF!




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