Give Me Faith

Faith walked into The Mystic Grill and sat in a booth facing the bar. The waitress handed her a menu and she opened it and peered over it surveying the room.

There were not many people out that night but she was only interested in finding one. And then she saw him.

She knew it was Damon Salvatore instantly.

He was sitting at the bar with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He was staring back at her. Faith felt her heart racing and her breath caught in her throat.

He was gorgeous, but dangerous. She knew exactly what he was.

Damon stood up from the bar stool and slowly walked towards her. In his 100 plus years it never changed.

He could feel the attraction, smell it. He liked the game, cat and mouse if you will. He was always the cat, a big black cat. "Don't play with your food." he thought and raised an eyebrow.

The air around him seemed to move with him. He heard her take in a ragged breath as he moved even closer.

"They are all the same" he thought smugly. Women were just as bad as men but never voiced their thoughts, but he could read her thoughts now.

She saw a smirk spread across his face. The strength of her pulse was almost defining to him. His mouth began to water. He bit back his want for her.

There was a time that Damon would think nothing of taking this girl home, loving her for the night, draining her then leaving her body in a shallow grave in the woods.

But now he was different, changed. Living in this town he had to curb his appetite for women and fresh blood.

Unlike his brother Stefan who was on a vegetarian diet of small animals Damon still drank human blood, albeit from blood bags he "acquires" from the Blood Banks.

Damon studied her as he moved closer. She was pretty. Her long blond hair was twisted into a messy bun and secured with a clip.

She wore a purple V-neck top and Damon noticed a glint of silver around her neck.

He found himself staring at her neck, tracing the blue veins from her neck down her chest. He caught her scent … sweet, musky, fruity. Strong.

He felt her flowing through his body. He had not been affected by something like this in a very long time.

He exhaled sharply.

"Hello." he said, his voice as smooth as silk.

Faith did not answer immediately. She shook her head and looked at him in then eyes again.

"Hi." she said quickly then broke their gaze.

"Thank you. Yes I will sit down." Damon said and smoothly tucked in the booth opposite Faith.

He folded his hands, placed them on the table then leaned forward and looked into her eyes again.

This time she was not fazed by him. "You're Damon Salvatore right?" she asked.

He leaned back, resting his shoulders on the tufted leather backing of the booth.

"You have heard of me?" he asked, smirking again.

"Your reputation precedes you."

Damon opened his mouth to rebut as the waitress came back and took Faiths order and looked towards Damon. He shook his head no and she left.

"OK so you know who I am. Who are you?"

"My name is Faith Andrews. And I need your help."

"MY help? So thats the reputation that precedes me?"

Faith shifted in her seat. "Stefan sent me." she said as she ran her index finger down the side of her neck and looped it around a thin silver chain. Faith pulled the chain up and produced an ornate silver locket.

Damon narrowed his eyes and lifted his glass of whiskey. He took a long, slow pull of the amber colored liquid then set the glass down again.

"And knowing my little brother that is full of vervain." he said and motioned to the locket. Faith nodded.

She reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a small plastic baggie.

"And I am ingesting it too." she said and shot him a look warning him not to try it buddy. I've got it covered.

They sat silent for a while. The waitress came back with Faiths burger. She was starving and took a huge bite, chewed and swallowed. Damon watched her, getting hungry himself but not for hamburger.

She had blue green eyes that were avoiding his gaze at the moment.

His eyes moved down taking in her face: cheek bones, nose and lips….pink and pouty, kissable? Where did that come from? Damon shook the thought from his head.

He took a deep breath and was hit again in the face by her scent. It overpowered him, pulled him in. Something deep down inside of him was stirring again.

Damon closed his eyes and took another long deep breath.

Finally he broke the silence.

"OK you have slightly peaked my interest Faith. Why has my little brother Stefan sent you here for my help?"

Faith steadied herself and started.

"I need your help to find my sister. She has been taken."

Damon snorted a laugh. "Kidnapped?" Faith nodded.

"Call the cops. Missing persons is their job." Damon said and moved to get out of the booth.

"NO please." Faith said and reached to grab his arm. Damon looked at her startled. Faith pulled her hand back quickly.

She clasped her hands together nervously and began to pick at the cuticle on her middle finger.

"NO please Damon. She was taken by …" Faith looked around and leaned closer to Damon. "a vampire." she whispered.

Damon leaned closer to her. "And I should care because?"

"Look I need someone who can track and I was told that you are a great tracker." Her tone was annoyed and defiant.

"Yeah honey I am a great tracker but maybe you should call on Rin-tin-tin or Lassie to help you with this one. I am not interested in playing the hero. That part just doesn't fit me well." Damon stood up this time.

Again her heart was pounding. Faith was trying her best to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes.

She stood up and slammed a twenty dollar bill on the table, grabbed her backpack and turned from the table.

Damon reached the bar again and turned around, he saw Faith leaving The Grill. She hurried past the large windows along the front of the building and was out of his site.

Damon took a deep breath in and blew it out quickly. He had that feeling in the pit of his stomach that he had not felt in years.

"Shit" he said under his breath and drained the rest of his whiskey and walked out the door, after Faith.

Damon walked out on to the street. It was eerily quiet. Not a soul out that night. He looked up and down the street but did not see Faith.

"Where could she have gone already?" he wondered aloud.

He took a deep breath and held it. Then he shut his eyes and listened. He heard the noises from inside the bar, the bartender just dropped a glass.

He heard the TV on in a house down the street. He heard the small animals rustling in the bushes across the center square.

And then he hear her. A low muffled whimper. His eyes flew open and he scanned the street again, focusing.

Then he saw, across the street in the alley between the hardware store and a boutique.

Faith struggled against his meaty forearm but it was no use. He was a lot stronger than she was.

She looked up into his yellowed eyes and shuddered. He leaned his face close to hers and sniffed her exposed neck then ran his tongue along his fangs.

"Oh you are a stubborn one." he chortled. "By now others had been in a quivering mess. Crying and pleading with me."

Faith bucked again him hoping that maybe he would be caught of guard and she would gain some sort of advantage.

"Come on baby don't move around too much, it makes the meat tougher."

Faith felt the bile rise in her throat so badly that it burned. She felt as though she was going to pass out.

The vampire leaned closer yet and opened his mouth bearing his fangs.

"Hey. I wouldn't do that if I were you." she heard Damon say as the light came back to her.

"And why not?" asked the meaty vampire.

"She's full of vervain. You're not going to get much of a meal out of her before you are knocked on your ass." Damon said taking slow, calculated steps towards them.

The vampire looked at Faith and she shrugged, his hand was still covering her mouth.

He leaned back a little and looked her over. He released his grip on her slightly and laughed.

"Well maybe I don't feed off of her but I get something else." He raised and eyebrow to Faith.

"OH MY GOD" she thought. Faith looked towards Damon, her eyes were pleading but she was screaming in her head.

"Get outta here." the other vampire yelled.

Damon turned on his heals and started to walk away.

Faith felt like she was going to pass out again. She clawed at the vampires hand and did her best to hurt him but nothing.

She yelled Damon's name but it was muffled under the vampires hand.

Then Damon turned and punched at the wall. Faith had not noticed there was a wooden pallet leaning against the wall. In the one punch Damon splintered the wood in pieces and grabbed the longest plank.

He stepped forward and cracked the vampire in the back of the head. He stumbled back and released Faith. She fell to the ground and watched them.

Damon's eyes were red with fury and his fangs were out. He lunged at the other vampire and grabbed his head. As he jerked him down he raised his knee and connected hard with his jaw.

The vampire stood up straight. He was now pissed and a lot bigger than Damon. He grabbed Damon and threw him against the wall and held him there by is throat. Faith was almost paralyzed crouched on the ground next to them.

Damon's eyes darted to her then back to the vampire. Faith saw his grip tighten around Damon's throat and some brick crumbled off of the building as he was pushed almost through the wall.

Faith got to her feet and shoved her hand in her pocket. She produced the baggie of vervain and pulled out a sprig. Not exactly sure that what she was going to do would work Faith lunged forward and shoved the vervain in the vampires face.

He stumbled back as the flower sizzled on his skin. Faith took another hand full and shoved it in his mouth. Damon got his bearings back and roundhouse kicked the vampires legs out from under him.

Now he was on his knees and you could see the fury in his eyes.

Faith stepped forward and finding her opening she kicked the vampire in the groin. He doubled over in pain. Faith looked towards Damon. With a quick lift of his foot the plank of wood sailed up in the air.

Damon caught it with his right hand and came down hard stabbing the vampire in the heart.

Faith watched as he writhed in pain and his flesh turned ashy and crumbled. When he stopped moving Faith let out a breath of relief.

"Is he dead?" she asked Damon.

"He was always dead Faith now he is just really dead."

Damon and Faith stood side by side looking down at the expired vampire.

"You had to go for the good old kick in the crotch huh?" he asked.

"What would you have done? He was pissed and I was afraid he would get back up and kill the both of us."

"I had it covered Faith."

"Oh sure I could see that by the indent in that brick wall he was pushing your body through."

Faith turned from him and walked to pick up her back pack.

Without looking at her Damon spoke. "So do you think you can stay out of trouble for five minutes while I get my car?"

"Trouble? I was doing fine on my own."

"On your own. You almost got yourself killed Faith. You do realize that?"

Damon grabbed her by the arm and turned her towards him. He saw something flicker in her eyes.

"Now stay here with our new friend and I will be right back."

"Why do I need to stay?"

"Because Faith, I am not going to leave this body here for someone else to find. We have to get rid of it."

"Rid of it? How?" she asked and turned to find Damon gone.

Faith looked around the alley nervously checking out all of the shadows. What if this guy had friends?

She turned her head toward the alley opening and saw the red reverse lights of Damon's car.

He back up as close as he could and cut the engine.

He got out of the car and popped the trunk open.

"Come on. Help me."

"Help you?"

"Yeah lift his feet and get him in the trunk. We need to get him back to the house and get rid of him."

Faith dropped her backpack on the ground and bent over to grab the dead vampires feet.

She and Damon lifted him and placed his body in the trunk. Damon slammed the trunk shut.

"You know you could have done that on your own."

"Oh sure I could have but what would have been the fun in that. You need to start earning your keep."

Damon walked back to the drivers side and got in the car.

"You coming?" he said.

Faith took a breath and grabbed her backpack off of the ground and got in the passengers seat next to Damon.