Stefan step closer to Damon.

"Damon stop." he said softly.

"Just enough to heal her Stefan. I have to."

Stefan heard the desperation in his brothers voice. He took another step closer and placed his hand on his shoulder.


They both looked down at Faith. The blood from Damon's open wrist dripped out on her lips. Faith was unconscious again.

Damon moved quickly and stood up and walked towards the front door. With a loud growl he picked up an end table and threw it against the opposite wall. It splintered into a million pieces.

"Is she going to be ok?" she sobbed. Damon straightened up and turned back around. He walked towards Georgia.

"She will be fine. Her heartbeat is strong and her wound is already closing. See. " he said and pointed towards the wound that had not closed.

Stefan looked at Damon and shook his head. Then he motioned for him to go into the next room. They left Georgia with Faith.

"Damon. We have to get out of here. What if someone comes looking for Patrick?"

"Stefan we can't move her."

"Damon we have too."

"Stefan she could die."

"Damon we need to get her someplace safe."

Damon let out a frustrated huff and walked away from his brother. He knelt back down next to Faith and listened. Her heartbeat was the same. Stefan walked back in the room and watched Damon rip into his wrist again. He let a few drops fall into the open wound on Faith's neck. He watched closely and saw some healing begin. He reached forward and let a few more drops fall. He looked up at Stefan.

"Go get the car." he demanded. Stefan nodded and left.

"So your a vampire too." Said Georgia.


"And you brought her here to find me."


He looked at Faith and pushed some blood soaked hair out of her face.

"We should probably clean her up if we are going to travel." Georgia said. She got up and went into the kitchen and returned with some wet towels. Georgia began to clean her sisters body.

"Thank you for helping her find me."

"No Problem."

"So why didn't she use her power against Camille?"

"What?" Damon looked at Georgia.

"Her power. To get inside of her brain."

"You knew about that?" he said "Faith didn't even know she could do that."

Georgia took a second. She looked at Faith and cleaned her face.

"Our Mother had this power." she said not looking at Damon. Then Georgia laughed. "We used to wonder how she knew the things she knew. We always said that Mommy was psychic."

Now she focused on cleaning her neck. She smoothed the towels over her skin where the gash in her flesh had been.

"My Mother told me about the power she had when I was 16. I didn't get the power. Only Faith. Mommy said it was passed down to one per generation. Faith was the lucky one." she said and half laughed.

"There was a time that I hated her, resented her for this power. What about me? But Mommy never wanted me to say anything to Faith. She wanted to protect her. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her right? Apparently that was not the case. Patrick knew about her power and wanted to use it for himself."

Damon looked at Georgia almost shocked. "So you figured the best way to protect her was to NOT say anything." he said sarcastically. "I can tell you from experience that is never the best plan of action."

"Don't you think I realize that now. Yes we should have told her that. That is why Patrick was so intent of getting her. She thought she was the one pursuing him but it was the other way around."

"And how do you know all of this about Patrick's plans?" Damon asked glaring at Georgia.

"He told me. I suppose one night he felt very comfortable with me and decided that he would educate me on why I was where I was."

Damon sat back and looked back down at Faith. He heard her heartbeat getting stronger.

"Wait you said that your mother would get in your head and know things. When Faith did it to me it hurt like hell. Like my head was going to split open."

"That must be something that would affect … supernatural beings." She said and shrugged. "When Faith did it to me I was fine. No pain."

Suddenly Faith's body moved in a jolt of movement. He arms and legs twitched, and her torso arched off of the ground. Then she relaxed again. Damon moved closer and and touched her chest. Her heartbeat even strong. Again her traced his finger around the lines of her face his eyes fixed on her. Georgia watched Damon.

"You love her don't you?" she asked. Damon did not answer her right away. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

"Yes." he said slowly

Georgia looked into Damon's eyes. She smiled and reached to touch his face.

"She is meant for more than this human life Damon. She has always been just floating here."

He looked back down at Faith. He felt her move against his legs. Her breathing got deeper and stronger. He watched at her eyes began to flutter open. Faith's eyes darted around the room then rested on Damon's face. She smiled then furrowed her brow as she cried.

"Damon." she whispered. Her voice was horse. Then she felt another hand hold hers and turned her head slowly to the side.

"Georgia." she whimpered and reached for her. Hot tears slid down from her eyes.

"Are you ok?" she said barely a whisper.

"Am I ok? Are you ok?" Georgia said tears in her eyes. She bent her head down and laid it on her sisters chest. Faith raised her arms and put them around Georgia in a long overdue embrace. Damon stood and let the sisters have their moment. He heard their conversation. Georgia apologized for never telling her about the power and Faith forgave her. Faith apologized for the whole Patrick issue and Georgia forgave her. Stefan arrived with the car. He told him that Faith had woken up and she seemed fine.

He turned around to see Faith standing, gripping on to the banister. He hurried over.

"Hey hey. Take it easy. You were out for a long time." He looked in her eyes. They were full of tears.

"Thank you Damon." she sobbed. "And Stefan. Thank you." She raised her hand and touch the side of his face. She leaned in a kissed him softly on the lips. Stefan watched from the doorway and Georgia watched from the foyer.

"I love you too Damon."