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Chapter 1

The hush of dawn whispered out onto the Central Park Zoo. Most of the animals were still asleep. But not Skipper and his crew. The penguins had been awake ever since a little before dawn. Why? Training, Skipper had said.

The penguins were now hard at work on swimming drills, and Julien had decided to get up early, too. Why? Bouncing on his bouncy.

"Time to bounce on the royal bouncy!" King Julien said ecstatically. He flipped onto his bouncy and he bounced and bounced and bounced…

Suddenly, he got very bored.

"Maurice! Come bounce with me!" Julien shouted. Maurice was busy sleeping.

"Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this…" Julien sighed, "MORT!"

"Yes, King Julien!" Mort said, coming up excitingly.

"Bounce with me! Now!" Julien ordered. Mort squealed and got up on the bouncy house and just sat there. He looked up at his King hopefully.

"What?" Julien asked, annoyed.

"I'm waiting for you to bounce first!" Mort answered.

"OK, fine," Julien said and bounced on his bouncy hard, sending Mort flying into the air.

"WHEEEEEEEEEE!" Mort squealed, flying across the zoo. Julien heard a crash and hoped that Mort was hurt really badly.

"I'M OK!" he heard Mort shout, than heard another crash and an "OW!"

"Less OK!" Mort assured him. Julien sighed.

Maybe I should ask those silly little penguins… Julien thought, going towards the penguin's habitat.

Skipper and the others were busy with swimming drills. Kowalski came up just as King Julien made his way to the fence.

"Good time, Kowalski," Skipper said, stopping a stop watch, "You're a natural."

Kowalski felt himself burning under his feathers. He looked and he saw King Julien waiting outside of their habitat.

"Julien, what do you want?" Kowalski asked. The other penguins turned to see Julien with his usual I want something look.

"Oh, hello penguins," Julien said shyly, "I need your help with something."

"Kowalski, since you're done for the day, help him out," Skipper ordered.

"But-" Kowalski started, but the look in his leader's eyes made him change his mind. He sighed and walked over to the lemur habitat with King Julien.

"OK, so here's what you do," King Julien explained. Kowalski rolled his eyes.

"All I have to do is jump up and down like a little idiot," Kowalski said, than shrugged, "I know the routine."

"Well, yes, except for the idiot part!" King Julien shouted, "Now go ahead, you bounce first."

"No, you bounce first," Kowalski offered.

"No, you bounce first," King Julien insisted.

"No, you," Kowalski said, getting impatient.

"No, you!" King Julien shouted.

"For the last time, you should bounce first!" Kowalski screamed.

"NO! I am telling you, that you should be the one who is bouncing first! So you just shut up, OK?" King Julien argued.

"Ugh, fine, but I'm the one that tires out easy," Kowalski reminded him. King Julien was too busy watching how he started to bounce to pay attention. Kowalski crouched down, took a big leap and bounced up.

"Is that how you start a royal bounce?" King Julien asked impolitely.

"What is there something wrong with that?" Kowalski asked as he bounced.

"No, it's just that you don't start like that, you start more like this," Julien said and started just like Kowalski did.

"That was just like I started," Kowalski pointed out.

"Well, I did more regally," King Julien said.

"Well, I thought I was a common person," Kowalski reminded him, playing along with his king act.

"Well, yes you are," King Julien said, "But that doesn't matter. Less talk, more bouncy!"

In about a second Kowalski turned from a maturely raised penguin into a carefree penguin chick. He laughed as he bounced up and down with King Julien. Suddenly, in 5 minutes, he got a little tired.

"OK…" Kowalski said, panting, "No more."

"What, but we barely just got started. More bouncy, smart-y penguin!" King Julien said.

"I know, just don't bother me. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go get some breakfast," Kowalski said, "Thank you, for, uh, you know the bouncing." And with that Kowalski left, holding onto his head, a little dazed from the bouncing.

"What made that silly little penguin so tired so suddenly?" King Julien asked.

Kowalski was now in the habitat, where the penguins had finally finished swimming drills.

"Kowalski, you were acting a little kid back there," Private pointed out, giggling a little, "Why?"

"Don't yell so loud guys," Kowalski moaned, clutching the sides of his head to block out the noise.

"Kowalski, we're barely…" Skipper said, than Kowalski groaned.

"Seriously, stop yelling. I gonna eat some breakfast, OK?" Kowalski shouted, than disappeared down the hatch.

"This is what happens when Kowalski gets a little too hyper. He gets a big headache," Skipper sighed.

"Well, at least we didn't feed him any candy," Private chuckled, than shook his head, reflecting on King Julien Day, "Boy we'll never make that mistake again, will we Skippah?"

"Right, Private," Skipper told him, "Alright, boys, than its time for breakfast. We need it. But I'm not sure if a good breakfast will cure Kowalski's headache. Rico, aspirin!" Rico nodded his head and hacked up a small pill bottle.

King Julien had watched all this with great interest.

"I do remember that the smart-y penguin did have a little rushed sugar in his system last King Julien day," King Julien recalled, than chuckled, "But, that is not the point! I need to get some candy to the smart-y penguin to make his energy last longer. Maurice!"

"You don't need to shout, I'm over here," A voice said behind him. King Julien looked behind him to see Maurice standing behind him. Maurice sighed.

"Let me guess. We need candy," Maurice sighed, already thinking of the possible places where he could get it.

"Yes, and lots of it!" King Julien said, laughing evilly a little.

Night had fallen on Central Park Zoo. The other penguins had left on a silly little mission, and Skipper left Kowalski at the HQ. For whatever reason, Kowalski didn't know. He didn't want to try to get into Skipper's mind. He had matters of his own to work on. Kowalski was in his lab alone, trying to experiment some more. He was concentrating hard on his work, but he was also alert. He was aware that even a tiny speck of dust out of place could mean trouble…

Kowalski shook his head. Is it bad that I'm becoming more like Skipper? Kowalski thought. Suddenly he heard a small crash from outside of his lab. He removed his goggles, a small growl coming from his throat. He crept towards his lab door very stealth like, ready to strike. He was clutching a test tube in his flipper.

3… 2… 1… Kowalski thought and than opened the lab door forcefully.

"YAH!" Kowalski shouted, pouncing on an unknown enemy. He attacked than recognized who it was the second he had struck.

"Julien, what are you doing here?" Kowalski asked, looking down at the lemur, who tried to look as innocent as possible.

"Oh, hello," Julien said meekly and than stood up.

"I was just trying to deliver a present to you," King Julien, adjusting his crown and pointing out a small cardboard box. On the top it said a bunch of scribble gobbly goop.

"It's not my birthday," Kowalski said, crossing his flippers across his chest.

"I'm early for next year," King Julien insisted, picking up the box and shoving it towards him. Kowalski shoved it back.

"My birthday was a month, two weeks and three days ago," Kowalski argued, pushing the box back. He decided to leave out hours and minutes. And seconds.

"I'm a little late… JUST TAKE THE PRESENT ALREADY!" King Julien screamed, than scurried out, leaving Kowalski alone with the box. He sighed, pushed the box in his lab and looked at it.

What is that twisted lemur up to? Kowalski thought as he took one of his knifes and tore of the poorly put on duct-tape. He opened the box carefully, expecting a bomb. He looked in and gasped.

"Good Galileo…" he whispered. Inside the box was all the candy any kid on Halloween could want. Bubble gum, jawbreakers, lollipops, chocolate, Peanut Butter Winkies, a lot of good stuff. Kowalski reached for the first lollipop…

"NO!" Kowalski said, holding his flipper back, "I have some self control!" He waddled off towards his work bench, put on his goggles, and continued to work. Suddenly he heard the hatch to the HQ open. He panicked, hid the box of sweets and pretended he had been knocked out by sleep on his work bench.

"Hey, look Skipper, Kowalski fell asleep working again," Private said, looking in the door, than giggled, "Just like you…. OW!" Kowalski had heard a painful slap and tried to hold in a wince. He knew just how painful Skippers slaps could be.

"Private, I do not fall asleep working. I just… rest my eyes," Skipper claimed.

"Awwww…" Rico said, looking at Kowalski.

"Come on, boys. Kowalski's stuck in a dreamland of mad science right now. It would be a pity to wake him from that," Skipper said. The lab door shut. Kowalski waited a few more minutes before lifting his head.

"Phew…" Kowalski said, wiping his forehead. He looked at the cardboard box of sweets and sighed. He waddled towards it, opened the lid and took a look at all the candy. Kowalski vibrated a little. A good scientific mind he had a lot of. Self control when it comes to this much candy. Not so much.

"Alright, brain," Kowalski assured himself, "Just one piece of candy and that's it." Kowalski grasped his flipper around a chocolate bar.

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