Kowalski lay in his bunk, holding onto his head. He had already taken two aspirins and had a bag of ice on his head. Now he was dealing with the consequences of his sweet tooth. He had also thrown up a lot, not when he got out of the incubation chamber with his muzzle off (in which the boys and King Julien had dragged him, tied up and muzzled), but in his lab, and two times in a bucket next to his bunk.

"How are you doing, Kowalski?" Skipper asked, coming over to Kowalski's bunk. Kowalski groaned, holding his stomach along with his head.

"I have a headache, but I think the worst part of the stomach ache is over," Kowalski sighed, groaning a little, "Oh and by the way, come here."

"Why?" Skipper asked, leaning in a little.

"STOP YELLING!" Kowalski shouted and covered his mouth. But he was surprised to see Skipper laughing a little.

"Since it was a doing of Ringtail, I'll let it slide," Skipper said, "But if I ever hear about another sugar rush from you in this unit, you're gonna get more than a punishment."

"You mean that I can go now? That I'm not punished?" Kowalski said hopefully, suddenly sobering up.

"Get a couple pieces of candy for yourself. Only a couple, Kowalski. Besides, what happened with the throwing up and the head aches is punishment enough," Skipper said kindly.

"Yes! Candy! CANDY!" Kowalski shouted, running towards his lab to get the candy in the box. Kowalski opened the box and looked in, only to find that there were two measly pieces in there.

"Well, Skipper did say a couple," Kowalski said, not bothering to comprehend why there were only two pieces left. Kowalski ate them whole and savored the taste. This is the last of the candy I have… he thought and suddenly a light bulb went off in his head, WAIT A MINUTE. I didn't eat all the candy! He looked a box and whimpered. At least I think I didn't…

Suddenly, he heard laughter coming from one of the rooms in his lab. Oh boy.

"Private is that you?" Kowalski shouted.

"Private is not the moment, this is Etavirp! Please leave a message!" Private shouted very quickly. Kowalski opened the door and a whoosh of air went by. Private ran out of the room, running around and saying random jibber jabber. Kowalski looked at Private for a few seconds, running around the HQ, bouncing off the walls, doing random things. Kowalski closed the lab door awkwardly. He stood in his lab, alone, listening to Private and Skipper fighting over something. Than Kowalski sighed, like he was physically exhausted.

"Here we go again," Kowalski sighed, holding onto his forehead.