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A/N: This Omake has been sitting around on my hard drive for a while, it's about time that it saw the light of day. It's a Harry Potter/Twilight/Anita Blake mashup that assumes that Harry has gone to Forks and bonded with both Edward and Jacob. The resultant Triumvirate not only protects Forks and the surrounding environs against all comers, but also scares the willies out of the established factions. This is the scene that occurs when the boys are forced to go to St. Louis to meet with representatives from the Ministry, Council and Volturi (the Axis of Weasels), with Jean-Claude, Richard and Anita 'volunteering' to play hosts.

I wish that someone would actually write this story, as I just don't have the time or energy to do it justice. *sigh*

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WARNING: Slashy goodness HEAVILY implied. You have been warned.

Triumvirate Omake

"It's a retiring closet, or room," Harry said, absently warding the door as it clicked shut. "We'll wait here until time for us to be presented," he smirked. "Then, I suspect we'll go through that door," he went on, nodding to the far end of the smallish room.

"At least we dressed for the occasion," Edward smirked. This earned him glares from both of the other men in the room as that particular argument threatened to flare up once again.

Edward had insisted, with Harry's reluctant agreement, that power dressing was the only possible approach to take in this situation. Consequently, Edward himself was wearing clothes that would have been appropriate in the French court of the mid-1700's—cream colored frock coat, embroidered waistcoat, stockings to the knees and lace at ankles and wrists. Harry was wearing the severely understatedly attire of a wizarding Lord: formal robes of acromantula silk very neatly set off his dragon hide armor and boots. The black robes were trimmed in shades of green that brought out his eyes, and his hair—which now spilled down his back, and that Jacob and Edward both loved to play with—was tied with a single emerald thong. This pulled his hair off of his face and left his scar in plain view, which Edward insisted was the point of the exercise.

"Yes, let them see the scar! They'll be wondering about it, so you have to flaunt it, Harry!" Edward had been absolutely convinced of the need to be brazen about who and what they were, and the other two had reluctantly agreed. That was why the Potter and Black signet rings, as well as the Ring of Resurrection, all shone on Harry's hands. Last, a shimmering cloak was fastened on Harry's right shoulder, close to hand while setting off the outfit stylishly.

So, Edward was dressed like a courtier, Harry as the very image of a powerful wizarding Lord, and Jacob...

Jacob had flatly refused a frock coat, or anything with sleeves. Instead, a sleeveless black shirt of some sheer, clingy fabric had been painted onto his chest, with loose linen pants and plain shoes finishing the all-black ensemble. He'd dressed simply, because "I'm not the one on show here, you two are"; also, there was less fabric to be sacrificed if he had to shift.

Harry and Edward had disagreed that Jacob wasn't as much on display as they were, but they both agreed that Jacob's huge frame was well displayed by the outfit. "Black in black...Harry likee," had been Lord Potter's first response on seeing him earlier.

"You realize that you're not only intimidating as hell, but smoking hot, don't you?" Edward had asked.

Jacob's only answer had been to roll his eyes.

Neither of his two companions said anything further as Harry walked the length of the room. Jacob and Edward fell in behind the wizard on either side, their eyes sweeping the room for danger, or signs that they were being watched.

Finally Harry turned. "Wards are up, we can talk now."

Edward nodded, once, while Jacob took a deep breath then blew it out.

"We're finally here," the shifter said. "The Council, and the Volturi, and the Ministry, all together at once."

"It occurs to me that we've already engendered more cooperation between them than they've had to endure for decades," Edward's cool voice made the others smile.

"No doubt." Jacob's smirked.

"More like centuries, I should think," Harry mused, still looking around. "We've made them admit that they were aware of each other all that time; they can't be terribly happy with us about that."

"So, does that make them dirty lying liars who tell lies, or just hypocritical bastards?"

"Jacob! Language!" Harry laughed even as he protested.

Jacob Black, on the other hand just raised his eyebrows. "You...Mr. "Wait until I put up a silencing charm because I'm a screamer" Potter is calling me out over my language?"

Harry blushed to the roots of his hair, but only grinned in reply. Edward, however, surprised himself and his companions by bursting out laughing.

"Considering how some people howl," he managed to gasp out, "I don't think either of you can say anything to the other," he said, still laughing.

Harry and Jacob's eyes met, and a message flashed between them. A twitch of Harry's hand froze the vampire in place, and Jacob moved with inhuman speed to stand beside the copper-haired man.

"You," Jacob whispered into the struggling, frozen vampire's ear, "should be the last one to go to that place."

"Unless, of course, the sound of splintering headboards doesn't count," Harry joined in, having moved to within touching range of the others. The wizard twitched his fingers, then he and the shifter caught the suddenly-released vampire between them.

Edward shook himself, snarled minutely at first Jacob, then Harry just for forms, sake, then snaked an arm around both, pulling them into a three-way embrace.

"I love you both; now, let me concentrate," Edward whispered, his cool body going absolutely still, his eyes dropping shut. For several long moments the trio stood there, Harry and Jacob each gently caressing each other but not disturbing Edward.

At length, Edward's eyes opened. "It's...not good," he began, his eyes flicking to the door at the far end of the room.

"Worst first, " Harry said flatly.

"Some of the Council and the Volturi, I can't read. For those I can..." Edward paused. "Most of them seem to think that we'll be eliminated as a matter of course. They see us as a threat, or as a new locus of power outside of their control. The Ministry has basically the same position, except that they are determined that you, Harry, return to England to 'be properly rewarded' for your actions," Edward smiled at Harry's snort of disbelief. "Actually, the 'proper reward' is going to be drafting into the Auror corps until the last of the Death Eaters have been mopped up, then off to Azkaban and the Kiss for doing what it will take to deal with the last of the Death Eaters. There's also a small group who want you Kissed immediately before you 'reveal yourself' as the next Dark Lord."

Harry snickered at that one. The first time it had been painful to hear that, but after that cartoon came out in the Quibbler of 'Dark Lord Potter' forcing all the magical children in England to eat chocolate frogs and sugar quills, most of the sting had gone out of the silly title. Of course, Luna was still doing her part, running a continuing series of 'exclusive reports' about how Harry was the secret leader of the Rotfang Conspiracy.

That the ever-resourceful Ms. Lovegood had three rolls of film of Edward eating blood pops (and a few of Jacob absolutely demolishing an entire box of chocolate frogs) made sure that there was plenty of 'proof' of her claims.

"Harry's done enough for them," Jacob snarled, then calmed quickly when Harry smiled at him.

"There's no way I'm going back with them...at least, not without the two of you with me!" Harry qualified. "I may not be able to avoid going back to England for a short time, but after that..." he looked up at Jacob and smiled. "I miss spending evenings sitting on the porch, talking with the Elders. And," Harry turned, "I miss cooking with Esme, and the rest of the family."

"I bet the Pack misses you cooking with Esme, too," Jacob grinned, leaning down to nuzzle his imprint's neck. "Only Harry Potter could have used shepherd's pie to bring the Coven and Pack together," he said, pulling Harry back against him when the shorter man tried to wiggle away.

"Stop that, puppy, we don't have time," Harry hissed. Then, he relaxed back against the largest of his lovers. "Although, there are worse ways to await one's inevitable doom," the Boy Who Lived grinned, pulling his vampire mate closer, leaning his head up in a clear invitation to a kiss.

Edward Cullen was only too happy to oblige the British wizard. While still 'young' as a vampire, Edward was by far the oldest of the trio. Consequently, he usually felt the need to be the 'responsible' one. Being with Jacob and Harry, thought, was changing the vampire in ways that no one could have predicted. Edward would rarely ever be the life of the party (well, unlife), but he was becoming more and more comfortable enjoying the (un)life he had, and openly showing his enjoyment. It was a marked change from the broody figure that for decades had worn the shape of Edward Cullen.

"So, the general consensus—except for the idiots from the Ministry—is that we're going to die before the sun rises?" Harry asked lightly, very firmly held between his two bonded.

"I think the Master of the City, as well as his own triumvirate and their people, would very much like for that not to happen, but they're terrified," Edward said quietly. "Jean-Claude, I'm sure, knows just how much we offend the various Powers just by existing. I'm not sure if Anita or Richard quite grasps the subtleties, but they certainly understand the salient points. That we've shown ourselves ready to stand by their side at need has them thinking in terms of...other possibilities.

"Except that powerful members of both the Council and the Volturi want us all dead, whereas the Ministry only wants Harry on a choke-chain. Couple of great choices, there," Jacob said quietly.

"And it means that we've got no choice, except to stack the deck in our favor," Harry murmured quietly. He reached out and took Edward's hands in his own while Jacob's arms wrapped around Edward's neck, pulling them all as close together as they could possibly be while standing.

"Harry...Jacob...I..." Edward began, but couldn't manage any more.

"Listen to me, leech," Jacob's voice was warm and loving enough to turn the insult into a caress. "There's nothing wrong with this, and no shame in enjoying it. That it will give us a fighting chance in there is a convenient excuse, but there's no reason why you couldn't have had this long before now."

"I never wanted it, and I don't want it now," Edward protested. "I know that I have to, because it is the only way we're likely to survive the next few hours, but I don't have to like it."

"Like it or not, we're doing it," Harry said, the bonds between the three ringing with his authority and power. "And it's not going to change a damn thing between us," he hissed.

Edward looked at his two mates...the two other members of their bond, what the locals called a triumvirate. Fiery green and flashing brown eyes looked at him from stern faces.

"I can't loose you, either of you," the vampire finally said.

"You won't," Jacob insisted.

"Not a chance," Harry's mouth pressed into a thin line. "Now, let's do this and be done! Someone's probing the wards, and we may not have much time."

The trio separated just enough for Harry to slip out from between Jacob and Edward. Taking a shot glass from a convenient sideboard, he carefully added six drops of clear potion to the glass from a tiny vial he produced from some hidden pocket. Then, shrugging off his outer robe, he bared his left sleeve.

"Jacob, help me here," he asked, then handed the cup to his lover. "Hold this, while I draw the blood," Harry asked. Nodding, Jacob held the glass in front of him, some few inches from where Harry placed the tip of his wand on the inside of his elbow. One whispered incantation later, and the glass began to fill with Harry's blood. When the glass was half full, he carefully pulled his wand from his arm, healed the tiny puncture, and lightly placed his palm over the top of the glass.

"I, Harry Potter, do willingly give of my blood, my life and my power to my bonded, Edward Cullen. I do this freely, and with love."

A quick flash of ruby light from inside the glass was the only sign that anything had happened. Holding out his arm, Jacob couldn't keep the tiny wince off his face when Harry used his wand to draw the shifters blood.

"Easy, love," Harry smiled, keeping up the gentle pressure the blood collection spell required until the glass was almost full. A quick healing charm and kiss to make it better from Harry, and Jacob was holding his own palm over the glass.

"I, Jacob Black, give willingly of my life, my blood and my power. Let Edward Cullen, my bonded, use this power as he will. I give this freely, and because of my love for him and our little wizard," he grinned, the ruby flash between his fingers showing that his words had been accepted by the magic.

Harry's dirty look at Jacob's improvisation couldn't hide his amusement, especially when the glass flashed brightly. After all, it was the intent that mattered, and Jacob's intent could not have been more clear.

Taking the glass, Harry beckoned Edward over with his eyes. "Edward, love," he said softly, holding up the glass between them. "This is the blood, life and power of your lovers. Drink, because of your love for us, and use our powers to protect us all." He very carefully ignored Edward's fears that, once he'd tasted his lovers, he'd never again be able to resist the siren call of their blood.

Edward's hand was as steady as a marble statue when he took the glass. "Because I love you both more than life itself," he whispered, then drained the glass with several long, deep swallows.

As the first of the blood passed his lips, Edward shuddered at the sweet, tangy richness filling his mouth. Predators like bears and cougars kept him more or less satisfied, while human blood was a delicacy he'd long since denied himself. This was something much, much more...human, yes, with all of it's perfect taste and bouquet, but more...this was magical blood! Blood from (arguably) the most powerful wizard alive and from an alpha shifter in the prime of his life; this was the stuff of which vampire dreams are made. And he had it, given freely, and he could taste that, too; he could taste Harry and Jacob's love for him as they were giving of themselves in the way that would benefit him most.

With that rush of power also came their determination to give of themselves to him every single day for the rest of eternity, if that was what he needed. The amount of love and devotion behind that determination left him feeling blessed beyond all imaginings, and he knew that his fears had been groundless—if not a bit silly. He, Harry and Jacob were bound together in ways that transcended the usual limits of all of their powers—why should his having a bit of their blood be anything but good for all of them?

And then, as the power rushed through him, Edward realized that his lovers were right. They did need this advantage, if they were to survive this night. The vampire closed his eyes, letting his body adjust to the energy now coursing through it. He flexed his fingers—the glass shattered like a soap bubble—cracked his neck right then left, and then looked at his lovers. He let a tiny bit of his new strength flow into their bond, and the bond flared wide open in response as Jacob's and Harry's power responded to him.

"Edward...your eyes..." Harry whispered.

"They're glowing...red and glowing," Jacob's voice was also low.

"I can feel you, both of you," Edward smiled gently. "It's different from knowing your thoughts, Jacob, Harry; I can feel you," he said, then shrugged. "I can't really explain it."

"You don't have to," Harry smiled, then turned to shrug back into his formal robes. "We feel it, too. Help me with these, will you?" he asked plaintively.

Edward moved to help his mortal lover, careful of his new strength. The billowing formal robes could be a bit much for one person to manage.

"They finally have someone competent on the wards," Harry said suddenly. "I think that we're about to go on, gentlemen."

One last twitch of robes, and Harry and his companions were set. Checking his wand holsters, Harry briefly touched his holly and phoenix wand on his right and the Elder wand on his left. As usual these days, touching any one of the Hallows gave him a brief sense of the other two, the cloak fastened on his shoulder and the ring on his finger.

"The Hallows?" Jacob asked, knowing what Harry was doing.

Harry nodded grimly. Despite his ambivalence about the artifacts, Harry couldn't risk not using their power to protect Jacob and Edward.

Edward took Harry's hand and kissed it lightly.

"We do this because we must, love," he whispered. Then, louder, he looked at Jacob. "Because I love you both, we will do what we must this night!"

Jacob nodded grimly, while Harry only set his face into a determined look.

"I love you both," Harry said, and collapsed the wards.

As the far door opened, Harry Potter, flanked by Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, went to meet their destiny together.


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