1. Something Sweet

Alec blinked. "Excuse me?"

Magnus laughed, taking a sip of the absurdly priced drink he had insisted that Alec share with him. "I said," he repeated patiently, absolutely adoring the confused expression he was receiving in return, "I got us a grande caffe mocha, no sugar, extra whipped cream, au lait skinny extra shot with four pumps of peppermint."

Alec's expression didn't change with the dawn of comprehension. In fact, if anything, his nose just crinkled as his brows just scrunched up more in confusion. "…I… just wanted coffee…"


2. Pick Me Up.

"You are an idiot," Magnus hissed, though there was no bite to his words. His fingers crackled with blue sparks as they traced what remained of Alec's open wounds. "I told you to call me. Call me immediately, Alec, not three days after you've decided to let the demon poison fester."

Alec bit back a pained sound as Magnus prodded a tender spot on his back none too gently, but felt the skin begin to knit itself back together under his care. "Sorry…" he murmured.

"Don't apologize, just promise you'll call," Magnus muttered under his breath, and Alec could hear how drained the warlock must be feeling after that. He felt the weight roll off of him and he sat up, and spied as Magnus ran his fingers through his wilted hair. "Stupid Shadowhunters, with your useless iratzes…" he muttered bitterly, but Alec knew it was out of exhaustion and not truly out of ill feelings.

"I'll call next time," Alec said as he got up, and honestly meant it. He was surprised when Magnus's only reaction was to lift his own arms above his head.

When Alec raised a brow, the warlock's lip quirked weakly. "Alec Lightwood, I canceled all of my afternoon appointments because my boyfriend was an idiot and didn't call me when he needed me. The least you can do is carry me home."


3. Only Pretending

"Jace…" Alec had whispered against the warlock's lips only a week after Chariman Meow's birthday party.

Magnus had said nothing, only pausing briefly before continuing at full speed. He wouldn't admit that despite their short acquaintanceship, he almost would rather have had Alec pull out the dagger in his back pocket and jab his heart with it. At least he could have healed that.


4. Look who's on top!




"Whaaat…" Magnus drawled, reluctantly bringing himself out of his sleepy haze to direct attention to his boyfriend.

Alec, who had moments before been resting his head peacefully on the warlock's chest, looked a bit uncomfortable. "Umm, your…cat…"

Magnus blinked slowly. "My cat…?"

"Yeah, he…" Alec glanced back. "He got in and… his nails are digging into my back…"

With a single raised brow, Magnus pushed himself up onto his elbows, glancing over Alec's shoulder. After a moment, he snorted, watching as Chairman Meow kneaded at the Shadowhunter's back with his paws in preparation for a place to sleep.

Alec looked back up at him. "Maybe…he likes me now?"

Magnus chuckled, settling back into his next of blankets "Mmm, maybe you just have a comfy butt."


5. Flowers

Alec's phone went off early in the morning.

From: Magnus

happy 4 month, babe 3333

c u 2nite? ;)

Alec's stomach sank. He'd forgotten. He didn't even have time to get Magnus anything, and he hadn't thought of it the first three anniversaries, either. (Magnus had insisted that they have one once a month. He had surprised him in his bath tub the first time, and last time…well, cleaning all of the chocolate syrup out of his sheets before his mother saw was a surprisingly difficult feat).

To his surprise, there was already a bouquet of the most neon-colored flowers Alec had ever seen in his life. At first glance, he thought that Magnus had already dropped by, but he found the note before the guilt could effectively make him nauseous.

Figured you could treat your boyfriend right this month. Thank me later! Preferably in the form of those cute shoes I saw last week.

Love, Izzy


6. Elope

"And do you, Church, take Chairman Meow as your magically wedded bride?" Magnus asked, grinning from ear to ear. "Your silence will count as a yes!"

Alec shifted the large cat in his grip, making him release a discontented mewl at his position. "I can't believe you wore your tux for this…"

Magnus shrugged, and Alec could have sworn he saw glitter falling from his shoulders. "I thought it was appropriate. Wouldn't you want your parents dressed up for our wedding?" He smiled at the flush that spread across Alec's cheeks and turned back to his own cat. "I now pronounce you cat and wife."

"Isn't Chairman Meow a boy?"

"Cat and wife," Magnus repeated with a sense of pride, holding his cat up to Church so that they meet nose to nose. "You may kiss the bride."


7. Cherry Flavor Medicine

Magnus fell into a fit of sneezes, and if Alec didn't know any better, he would have thought that some glitter had just floated up the warlock's nose.

"Can't you just use magic to keep from getting sick…?" Alec inquired as he set the tray down on the table in front of them. He heard Magnus mutter in a stuffed voice, only catching bits and pieces. Something about 'demon pox' caught his ear, but he didn't get a chance to ask about it.

"This bug messes with my magic… it's kind of on the fritz," Magnus explained, though the stuffed nose made it difficult to take him seriously. "This morning I tried to conjure up a nice romantic breakfast for us, and I nearly fried off all of Chairman Meow's fur…" He poured some of the thick, red Mundane medicine onto a teaspoon before carefully moving next to Alec, shivering miserably.


8. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

There were few moments since his childhood that Magnus felt he could cry, whether out of sorrow of pure joy.

And yet, he feels tears building up when Alec is the one to stand before Magnus and get down on his knee.


9. Meow~

"Did you… get into the catnip?"

Magnus stared, his green cat eyes dilated as his gaze focused on Alec before he burst into giggles and poked Alec's cheek. "You… you're too cute," he babbled, pinching the Shadowhunter's cheek and tugging affectionately. "You're so cute… I could… I could eat you…"

Alec brushed his hand away, looking mildly amused but still peeved at Magnus's state. "You got that for Chairman Meow," he stressed, "so that he wouldn't bother us when we…" He trailed off, glancing away with pink stained cheeks. "Er, so… he wouldn't bother us… tonight…"

The lazy, dazed grin that spread across Magnus's lips was still absolutely wicked. "Don't worry… you won't notice him at all~" he drawled before pouncing on the unsuspecting boy.


10. Indecent Exposure

While Alec hadn't been sure what to expect during his stay with Magnus, he was certainly unprepared when he saw the warlock standing stark naked across the room.

From his sleeping position on the couch, Alec jerked awake when he realized exactly what he was looking at, averting his gaze. "U-uh…"

"Hmm?" Magnus turned and Alec's flush turned brighter. "Oh, hey… didn't think you were up yet, cutie. Did I wake you?"

"Uh, well…" The boy was having trouble stringing his sentences together. "Kinda… since you're…" he trailed off, unable to do anything but motion at Magnus's current state.

"I'm…?" Magnus prompted before looking down at himself when Alec implied something was wrong. It took him a moment to find anything out of the ordinary before it dawned on him. "Oh, right," he murmured as he waved his hand. A pair of silk pajama pants solidified around his body a moment later. "Sorry, honey. I'm not used to house guests."

If nothing else, Alec had saved poor Jace's virgin eyes by swapping places with him.


11. Pain

"I'm not Jace," Magnus told him. His voice was serious, almost jarring in comparison to his usual tone.

Alec's voice, when he finally found it again, was strained. He choked on his words. "I know."


12. Between the Sheets

Alec gasped for breath, feeling the aftermath of that burst of… something. He felt warmth spread across his body, completely different from the rush of a freshly applied Rune, rushing through his fingertips and curling his toes.

He vaguely felt something shifting, and watched as Magnus's wild air peaked out from the blanket, soon followed by Magnus himself. He had a wicked grin across his mouth, and his tongue flicked out across his lower lip as his eyes flashed in the dark. He licked his lips with intention, looking as pleased as a fat cat with cream. Alec flushed a little darker the second that the thought crossed his mind.


13. "What a waste."

Magnus's eyes are dry when he watches his beloved's body blaze before him. The room is almost blinding, with the Shadowhunter all in their formal wear, all white and reflecting the light of the flames.

An "occupational hazard," Alec had called it.

This is not the first time someone close to him has left. It was one of those things that came along with immortality. Everyone who wasn't left in the blink of an eye.

And so Magnus had simply learned that crying did not, could not, bring back the dead.


14. First come, first serve!

Their target was in sight.

"Tonight…" Alec said slowly, circling around the chair that held their prize, "is the season premier of Survivor."

"Tonight…" Magnus repeated, his eyes never leaving Alec's as they made their way around the room, "is the Desperate Housewives marathon."

A twitch of Alec's fingers was all the signal Magnus needed, and they both dove for the remote.


15. Consummation

"Are you sure?" Magnus checked a last time. He knew how this went, and he couldn't bear to see that lovely face twisted in discomfort.

Alec's face was flushed, but he was forcing himself to stare into the glowing eyes and fight off his bashful nature. "Magnus, I'm naked, hot, in bed, under you, and like this—" he rolled his hips for emphasis, and the warlock knew what he was implying, "and you're asking me now?"

"It hurts."

"So does demon poison."

"I don't think demon poison has ever hurt you here." Magnus's eyes flashed playfully. "Unless there's a kink you're not telling me about. I am half demon, if that makes it better for you."

"Magnus," Alec hissed in embarrassment, and pulled the other man's head down to silence him with his mouth. "I need you."

And the last of Magnus's concerns for his lover melted away not a moment later.