Ah… This is my first fanfic for this fandom… I hope you all enjoy it.

Summary: One day, all the island nations around the world just disappeared. Gone. Without a trace of the people on the land or the personification of that country. Years later, the broken hearted nations of the world soon discover their lost companions that have apparently been reborn. US/UK/US some GreecexJapan, Franada, and other pairings I'm too lazy to mention.

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Arthur let loose a low groan while he extended his hand out to cut off his alarm clock. It was early. Way too early to be getting up on Saturday, that was sure. Lazily, he removed the covers from his body, revealing his pale blue colored pajamas before he set his feet over his bed and prepared to start his day.

Arthur Kirkland was an eighteen year old student at his final year of school. He was the Student President of the prestigious World Union Academy. He was typically your average young adult, or at least he thought so. The circumstances of his heritage might be proven as special and extraordinary to most, but to Arthur it was all in the past where it should be.

Exiting his dorm, he began his way toward the school campus in his school uniform; he wasn't particularly concerned about his attire, the teachers and faculty already knew his face and would know he had official business in the school if he had come out of his way to return on a weekend, but he felt the need to wear the uniform when on campus.

His sharp green eyes scanned the empty room silently. The Student Council Room… As he had expected, it was empty. Resisting the urge to roll his eyes and groan, he made his way in,

Propping himself a seat, he opened a filing cabinet, before pulling out a large stack of unfiled paper work with a scowl.

As soon as he did this, the door slammed opened, the sound like thunder from the previous silence Arthur was familiar with moments previous. Not looking up, he could hear the sound of huffing and heaving,

"You're late again Chelsey." The teen hissed out not bothering to tear his gaze from the stack of paperwork within his grasp. Slowly he gritted his teeth in irritation while he awaited a sorry and pathetic excuse to radiate from the other girl's mouth.

The girl he called Chelsey rocked her on heels with biting her bottom lip, her dark chestnut painted locks were tied with two large red bows that fell right over her chest, her dark skinned hands were curled into fists a her sides before she let loose a sound of exasperation, her chest still heaving up and down tiredly, "I know! I know!" She let out another huff; it was obvious she had done a lot of running to make it where she was.

"I woke up late!" She finished simply before dropping her bag off at the corner of the room. "Not to mention, on my way here some teachers stopped and asked what I was doing at the school campus on a Saturday! Seriously Angry Brows, why now?" She whined out the last part in irritation before she pulled herself a seat.

Arthur sniffed at the nickname the girl had adopted for him in growing aggravation. His eyebrows weren't that prominent. "As Student Council members it's our duty to make sure this paper work is filed. Since our Vice President is, ahem- sick at the moment, we both have to pick up where he is lacking. Not to mention, since you highly insisted on going to your dorm early last night, we have to do this now." His reasoning did nothing but make the girl play with the edge of her plaid school uniform skirt while mumbling something under her breath in defeat.

Chelsey nearly cried out as a huge stack of papers was pushed in front of her face along with a dainty pen with the school's 'World Union Academy' logo printed on its side.


"Hey, you look like you're almost finished." Arthur acknowledged as he stood by the door with his bag slung over his shoulder. Chelsey glanced up at him, her hands pausing from their scribbling, "Give me two or five minutes I guess, why?" She curiously asked the taller boy who blushed slightly while averting his gaze,

"Sorry for over working you. I appreciate you coming here and all just so you know. When you're finished, meet me at the diner right off school grounds if you want. Okay?" He stated slipping his hands in his pockets and exiting before he heard a response. She would come. He was confident about that much.

Despite the way he treated her, Chelsey was a girl with a big heart, and she forgave easily. That was a reason that she was one of the few people Arthur had the pleasure of calling a friend. His distant and bold words often deflected many from coming close to him emotionally.

Entering the diner, Arthur immediately asked for an iced tea, which he acquired after paying shortly after.

Finding himself a four seater booth in the corner of the place, Arthur slid his way in and kept his eyes at the door while he played with his straw idly. He still had to think about his career options for when the school year was over. It was a bit exciting and scary to think about himself finally starting his life on his own. If he remembered correctly, one of his friends, Kiku said something about how Arthur's writing ability could possibly be a path to chose.

Frowning slightly, he leaned back in his seat and watched as a few more people filed in the diner. One man in particular caught his eye… A man with wavy, shoulder length blonde hair entered the diner, his eyes scanned over the seating booth ahead of him as though he were searching for someone. Arthur silently watched the young looking man walk further down the aisle of the diner, he had a slight stubble on his chin indicating he was probably older then he appeared.

For that, Arthur couldn't help but snort as he took a long drink of his iced tea. His mind flashed back to Chelsey, where was that girl? Stifling a groan of impatience, he whipped out his phone and began to text female on her whereabouts.

Pressing the send button, Arthur nearly jumped in surprise as he felt someone tap his shoulder. Looking up, he found his eyes meeting with the man who had entered earlier. The stranger's eyes upon meeting with Arthur's instantly became wide, and the emotions bubbled within the blue irises were too many for the student to count.

"What?" Arthur asked annoyed that the conversation that didn't even start, was getting nowhere. He didn't even bother to mask his vex tone of voice.

The man frowned slightly, before muttering some of what Arthur believed to be French lowly as his eyes apparently went off into what looked like another world.


"May I help you sir?" He repeated once more, exasperated. The man now blinked, coming back to his senses slowly but surely, before the seventeen year old could register anything, the frown on the face of the other man was wiped off and replaced with a grin that made Arthur want to puke.

"Yes, if you don't mind, would you please allow me to use your phone? I really need to contact a friend of mine you see." He explained simply, Arthur blinked before his eyes looked down at his hands which held his cell phone.

Forming his lips into a thin neutral line, he extended his hand out to offer it, "Make it quick I suppose." Arthur waved off distractedly.

The Frenchman nodded as he took the phone before he stood off to the side of the booth and began to work his fingers on the device swiftly and excitedly. Arthur watched him in confusion and bewilderment…

Always being the Plain Jane of the world. Tsk tsk, poor you Angleterre.

Shut your froggy mouth! Best to be a Plain Jane then some worthless wanker!

A sharp pain executed his skull for a split second before it evaporated, the surprise attack left him holding his head with a flinch, "Oui, is it okay if I hang around with your phone until my friend texts me back?" The man questioned, bringing Arthur's attention back to him. Arthur nodded dumbly still slightly distracted.

The Frenchman observed Arthur now, his eyes like perpetual scanners that could see through his whole being, and instantly Arthur felt uncomfortable, "Is there a problem?" Arthur questioned putting his arms over his chest in an attempt to cover himself up.

A chuckle came as a response, "No, I just couldn't help but notice how plain your clothes are…"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Arthur's nose cringed towards the blonde with the azure eyes distastefully; he could feel his irritation growing by the second simply by gazing at the older man.

The blonde stranger laughed while waving off at him, "No, no, I assure you it means nothing, thank you for letting me use your phone." Smiling widely, the blonde took a seat in opposite to the student, who narrowed his forest colored eyes.

"You know its common curtsey for you to introduce yourself when meeting someone new." Arthur grumbled out propping an elbow on the table while he looked around boredly, he was hoping the other man would just leave.

"Ah, where are my manners?" The Frenchman pulled the cockiest and annoying smirk on his lips that Arthur had ever seen. The moment it was lifted, the green eyed boy wanted nothing more but to rip it off with his own hands. "My name is France… Excuse me, I mean, Francis." He set a loving gaze Arthur's way that made the student glare back in disgust.

Arthur allowed his arms to cross his chest even tighter than before, "I'm Arthur Kirkland if you must know." Stubbornly, he now engaged in a stare down with the older man.

Their match was cut short as a short and abrupt cough thundered through Arthur's head. Both men turned their heads to the end of the table where Chelsey stood looking at both of them with two big chocolate colored irises filled with curiosity. Her eyes looked over at Francis confused at how he accompanied Arthur at the table so casually. She made an uneasy noise that was like a moan of some sort,

The student allowed his eyes to leave Chelsey before turning back Francis.

He swore he heard the older boy let out a sharp gasp as he gazed at the younger girl. Not only that, but Arthur couldn't help but notice that just as when the Frenchman looked at himself, his eyes when set on Chelsey were nothing but a cocktail of emotions. Longing? Happiness? Realization? Hurt? It was a bit sad and confusing…

But mostly a hell of a lot creepy. He had to be Chelsey's ex- or something. Arthur concluded to himself dryly. The frog probably thought he and Chelsey went out or something gross like that.

Awkwardly, Chelsey began rocking on her heels, an anxious and embarrassment smile weaving its way on her face, "Is this a friend of yours…?" She questioned feeling insecure at the pair of eyes scanning over her, she kept her eyes on him, unable to look away, but it was clear to Arthur she was talking to him.

"Tsk. Don't you dare insult me like that." Arthur sneered out with low eyes as he picked up his iced tea and began sipping down its contents. His throat had gotten dry and he just noticed he had been trembling… What the hell? "I never met this frog in my life. While I was waiting for you, he used my phone and—"

Before he could fully explain himself and the situation, the wavy haired young man got up from his place in the seating booth; Chelsey took a step back in surprise as Francis got down on one knee and took hold of one of her caramel tinted slender hands. Arthur found himself gagging at the scene with a snort before he turned his face away. Typical Frenchie.

"Bonjour mon cher, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Francis Bonnefoy," His lips gently connected to her hand, "But of course, the pleasure is all mine." Charmingly, he titled his head upward a bit and flashed the young school girl a quick wink.

"Oh… You know French… Comme c'est gentil," She acknowledged still unsure of how to react to the random display of affection, "Moi aussi…" The words were released rather breathlessly as the young girl inwardly questioned herself on if she should withdraw her hand back or not. "Aah! My name is Chelsey…" The dark skinned female took back her limb flustered.

Francis got up from his knee and looked down at the girl flirtatiously, "I would expect as much. Un si beau nom pour une belle fille."

Despite his ignorance on the unfamiliar language, Arthur couldn't help but roll his eyes. Chelsey bit her bottom lip and turned her face away stubbornly, now coming to her senses, a scowl beginning to mask itself on her once passive face, "Thanks I guess. Flattery doesn't get you far with me you know. You're Angry Brows friend; he probably put you up to this, right?"

Her words were like a stab in the stomach as she walked around the wavy blonde, before scooting herself in the booth seat, she set her book bag on her lap while she put her eyes out the window. Arthur grunted, "Hey! Don't talk about me as though I'm not here you little—"

Once again, his words fell short as Francis let out a short laugh curtly interrupting his rant once again, "Would it be alright if I stuck around you two until my friend comes along?" Not waiting for answer, he took a seat next to Chelsey with a smile on his face, "I hope you lovebirds won't mind a third wheel, no?"

Chelsey and Arthur's faces immediately twisted into that filled with that of pure mortification.

"Me and Angry Brows? No way!"

"Hell no! She has the class, etiquette, and not to mention odor of your average tuna fish!" Arthur continued, plainly ignoring the obviously discontent at his choice of words Chelsey held. Francis let loose a chuckle, "I see… But you both are dressed so similarly, you go to a school near here I take it."

Arthur sent the Frenchman a wary gaze, "Yes, in fact we are. We go to the World Union Academy not too far from here. We're both seniors." Chelsey nodded while tapping her fingers on the table in a stream of boredom, she felt her eyes go wide and she met eye contact with the blonde across the small table, who leered at her dangerously with a dark aura circulating around him,

Letting loose a soft and low whimper she turned her face away nervously, "W-what about you Francis? You never explained what you were doing here and all… Do you know Angry Brows?"

Francis let out a low chuckle, "Angry Brows… How cute… Why hadn't I thought of that?" He shook his head with a smirk on his face as he noticed the glare Arthur shot him, Chelsey nodded her head with a grin, "You probably would have eventually, I mean, you just met him."

"Ah, but in answer to your question, I was told to meet someone here not too long ago. Mathieu is always running late unfortunately, I had to phone him to be sure he remembered our meeting here." Francis supported a grin, "I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to meet you two if you want."

Arthur's eyes dulled, in all honesty, he wanted nothing more but to get up and walk away. But he needed his phone as well. Sighing, he slumped in his seat a bit more before sipping down more of his iced tea. A pit of anxiety squirmed its way into his stomach as he did so. "No thanks. I'm not in the mood to meet more of you." He distastefully responded setting his now empty cup back on the table.

Chelsey glanced over at Francis curiosity rimming her large eyes, "Mathieu is his name? Is he French too?"

The wavy haired blonde shook his head, "Non, however, he is of French descent, he is from Can.. Can.. Cur.. Cen, what's the word…?" Francis paused, his face going into concentration before his expression went neutral, "… Who was I talking about again?"

"Mathieu." Chelsey blankly answered slightly puzzled at how his memory was cut short so fast.


Arthur felt his eyes look up at the ceiling before they rested back down to around the small diner. Once again, the thought of getting up and walking away tempted his conscious alluringly, but he held it back with a sigh. This Francis man was certainly annoying… It wasn't unusual for Arthur to feel strongly for people he just met; hell, when he and Chelsey first met, he declared her his slave! But the firm irritation he felt for this Francis fellow was nothing short but weird. Perhaps it was because of the man's French descent… Arthur's experience with the French had never been pleasant… In-between his past French Cooking teacher insulting his cooking, the French Student Council Vice President constantly attempting to sabotage Arthur's rule of order, and then there was Chelsey… The annoying git of a pest constantly ruined everything she was assigned to do, and it wasn't even much.

"When is this friend of yours coming again?" Arthur asked interrupting a fleeting conversation the two across the table were engaging in with a rueful glare. Both stopped and turned to the blonde,

Francis shrugged, "When he decides to I suppose. But for now, I couldn't help but notice, your accent is a very unique one, might I ask what country you originate from?" He expectantly turned towards the other boy, leaning in eagerness written in his eyes.

Arthur arched one of his brows, "My parents were from the United Kingdom," He spoke out ambiguously, eyeing the man cautiously. His answer was like a the Sun to a Blind Man's eyes for the first time, seeing as Francis' face turned into that of pure bliss the second the words escaped his mouth.

"What?" Arthur questioned agitated stopping himself from continuing as the expression the other man wore was not comfortable to him.

As the Frenchman opened his mouth to answer, the sound of a gentle humming echoed throughout the table. Francis immediately took out Arthur's phone from his pocket and glanced down to read whatever text message was on it. His mouth formed an excellent letter 'o' before he stood up suddenly,

"Something wrong…?" Chelsey questioned concerned looking at Francis worriedly. Francis sighed while fanning his face dramatically, "Unfortunately, I must bid you both goodbye."

"Good riddance." Arthur muttered beneath his breath as he reached his hand out to take his phone back. Francis deposited the device back with a grin that only made Arthur's scowl become deeper.

Francis began to make his way out the seating booth, "I would like to invite you two back here though… Do you think you'd be able to come over here again tomorrow?"

Arthur wanted to say 'No' but Chelsey beat him to the punch, "Sure. We come here every day after school, even though tomorrow Sunday, I don't see why not." Innocently she tilted her head to the side,

"Great, it's a date then! I'll be sure to treat you both then!" He gave them a wave before he proceeded to jog out the diner with a smile on his face.

Chelsey waved back only returning the smile half heartedly until the man was out of view. Sighing, she turned back to Arthur whose eyes were leering into her being dangerously dark. Wincing and looking down at her lap, the pony-tailed girl pouted, "What?"

"You prat! What the hell do you think you're doing dragging me along on a date with some weird stranger we hardly knew for two minutes! ? The only thing we know about that creep is his name!" Arthur snarled out fury laced within his words making Chelsey flinch.

"Actually! If you were listening to our conversation, his name is Francis Bonnefoy, he's from France on vacation, and he's visiting family here in the States." The caramel skinned girl argued simply with a curt nod, "He seems like he's real interested in heritage and all that, he was real excited to find out my parents were from Seychelles…" She looked up at the ceiling remembering their talk in wonder,

Arthur scoffed making Chelsey purse her lips together, "I think he's in college! He probably has a project on what happened to the islands and what not." Chelsey thoughtfully continued. Arthur snorted, "Maybe that's why he looked so interested in my accent and descent. Not like I could be any help to him and that project anyhow."

"That's true," Chelsey let out a short giggle, "I mean, it's cool how we're both from those disappeared islands and all, but I doubt we'd be like, a secret key to unlocking the mystery to what happened to them, you know what I— Hey! Where are you going?"

Arthur slung his backpack over his shoulder as he exited the diner doors; he defiantly knew where he wasn't going tomorrow. The last thing he wanted to do was get caught up as a project helper or some crap like that. Chelsey could go back if she wanted; she seemed to like the guy enough.

However, as Arthur found himself entering his dorm room later on, he couldn't help but shudder at the eerie feeling of eyes following him. Glancing around the corridor twice, and seeing nothing, he walked into his room and prepared to make himself tea to wash the feeling away.


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