Arthur managed to wake up with a slight buzz to his system; his head had a dull throb to it and his stomach shook a bit with each breath he took. Blinking his eyes, he realized that the room was now beginning to illuminate from the closed window to the side. Lying still, it took him a few moments to register the fact that he was still in America's house. Once that detail installed itself in his still, some-what sleeping brain, Arthur felt himself shudder.

Rising his upper body up slowly to not move the bed too much, he looked over at the American who snored lightly undisturbed. His face pointed at Arthur's direction, where he slept like a blissful, innocent child. His lingering thoughts from the previous night flashed to his head, and Arthur felt his face warm.

With a shake of his head he turned over to get his way off of the mattress. Grabbing his phone from the counter, he exited without giving the nation another glance.

The house was silent and for some reason held a sheet of tranquility at the early morning hour. Arthur found some pleasure in the fact, especially since he figured everyone was still fast asleep. Checking his phone, he discovered it was only five minutes after seven.

He frowned slightly, school started at seven thirty… Maybe, if he showered real quickly, got his stuff together, he'd be able to catch the bus and make it to school, even if he would be late. But then again, Arthur wasn't so sure if that was such a good idea. The teacher would probably question him on everyone else's whereabouts, and he wasn't in the mood for lying.

As he entered the kitchen, he jumped slightly at seeing Matthew leaning over the stove, flipping what looked to be pancakes. His bear sat at his feet patiently and turned to look at the Briton when he came in.

"Oh, Arthur!" The Canadian laughed with a sheepish smile on his face after he turned around to view the awkwardly standing Briton. "Sorry… I tried to beat everyone to waking up so I could make breakfast… I didn't think you'd be up so early…" The wavy haired blonde blushed pink as he leaned over to turn up the stove top, his curl bounced with his motions in a way Arthur somehow noticed.

Arthur scratched his cheek, "Well, I guess my body operates on its own clock. I woke up on my own." Taking a seat at the island counter, Arthur leaned his head on the cool marble and let out a content sigh. It smelt of pizza and pasta from what they all ate last night, and he couldn't help but watch Matthew curiously, "What time did you go to sleep?" He questioned intrigued.

"Me? Oh… Um… I can't really remember…"

Matthew's tone of voice got strained and he stuttered. Cocking an eyebrow, Arthur observed the back of his head intently, "Did you go to bed right after the movie…? Or were you up scared and alone?" Arthur attempted to tease with a small smirk on his face.

"N-no… I was sleeping with Francis…"

Nothing else was said.

Nothing needed to be said.

Arthur understood perfectly fine. And because he did, he couldn't suppress the shudder that rolled throughout his body when his eyes automatically landed on Matthew's ass and his thoughts fleeted to a certain slumbering Frenchman upstairs.

Silence reigned in the kitchen besides the gentle sizzling that erupted from the pancakes Matthew flipped in the pan, and the occasional splats from when they were deposited onto a large white plate. Frowning a bit, Arthur raised his head, "Do you want any help? I can help by making something…"

He couldn't help but have his eyebrows scrunch in puzzlement when he watched Matthew look at him incredulously.

"Did you hear me? Can I help? I don't want to just sit and watch…" Hopping off the seat, Arthur made his way to the refrigerator.

"Oh… Okay. Do you know how to cook anything?" Matthew questioned.

Snorting, Arthur retreated his head from inside the cool fridge, carrying out a carton of eggs. He gave the Canadian a smirk, "Of course! My food is top notch, I have you know!"

Matthew smiled warmly at that, "Haha, that's great! I got scared for a second and thought you inherited England's cooking skills or something… But just so long as you know what you're doing…"

Truth be told, Arthur didn't know what Matthew was trying to say with that. But it didn't really matter. Grabbing a bowl from one of the cabinets, he began to prepare himself to make some fried eggs.


Mei yawned as she was rocked awake. Squinting her eyes at the numerous amount of light that filled her vision, she shut her irises shut, before taking the pillow beneath her and putting it over her head to block out the sunshine that was giving her a headache.

"I want to sleep a bit more…" She moaned tiredly. However, the grip on her shoulder wasn't removed and she was still moved back and forth in a continuous rhythm. Swatting the hand away, she grumbled, "I'll bite you…" She warned, though it was mushed out from the pillow.

It seemed like an eternity, but the persistent hand soon retreated. Mei smiled a bit while she brought herself to snuggle in the covers.

She felt so at ease now that she could just breathe and be left alone in the comfortable bed…Her dream had been so amazing. Mei had been sitting on top of building, with Xiao. Both of them were watching fireworks light up the skies while people below them cheered in celebration. Xiao hadn't said much, but he looked pretty flustered when Mei had asked him some questions. His reactions were adorable and Mei found herself growing more attached to him despite it being a dream. She really didn't want to wake up from it. At all.

But whoever woke her up, better hope she could fall asleep and finish it, or else she'd make them pay.

Letting out a slight groan of frustration, she sunk into the bed more. Her heart rate was going faster and her breathing was growing inconsistent. She knew she wouldn't be falling back asleep.

Damn it.

Oh well, there was no rule saying she couldn't just lazy around in bed all day.

Within the silent room, she heard light footsteps enter. She wondered who it was and what they were doing when she suddenly felt slight pressure dip at the foot of the bed right by her own small feet. It had to be something extremely lightweight though… Blinking, she shifted a bit.

The sound of sizzling sounded through her ears.

Wait… Sizzling…? That certainly didn't make any sense to her. Maybe she was hearing things—

A big boom rattled throughout the Taiwanese's girl's thoughts as she flung herself up from her bed in pure panic. She let out a shriek as she got to her feet from the floor. At the top of the bed, a rather big show of lights popped off sparks into a small area of the room and created nothing but a continuous noise like gunshots that threatened to hurt anyone that came close enough to it.

"Oh my god! I'm awake! Please don't shoot me! I'm awake! I'm awake!" Mei screamed while racing out the room blindly with her hands on her ears. Nothing but pure fear and adrenaline forcing her forward, her earlier lethargic feelings forgotten.

Once she made it down the end of the hall, she felt someone grab hold of her wrist firmly, stopping her from running on. Opening her slightly teary eyes, she looked up at Xiao, who, if she didn't know any better, was smirking very small,

"Breakfast is ready, didn't want you to miss it." The brunet boy informed simply. Mei felt her cheeks warm up, "W-what…? Y-you did that…?" Biting her bottom lip, she watched him nod his head as though everything was fine and dandy.

"I could have died!"

"They were only fireworks. I doubt you would have."


Huffing, Mei snatched back her wrist, "You're crazy!" She stuck her tongue out before walking past him to go to breakfast.

Once she entered the dining room, she was a bit embarrassed to realize she was the only person missing. Or at least it seemed like it. "I'm seriously the last person awake?" She whined out with a pout on her face. Chelsey laughed, "Better late than never, right?"

"Nice bed head." Lovino snorted in sarcasm making Mei pat down her hair in worry.

"Don't worry about it. Just chill your nerves and get some food!" Bruce exclaimed cheerfully while chewing his pancakes.

Nodding with a slight blush, Mei took a seat next to Kiku, "Who made all of this?" She questioned curiously while reaching over to put some of the sausages on her plate. She tried not to twitch her eye in confusion at some of the more, colorful looking pastries at the end of the table.

Francis gave a whistle, "The pancakes were made by our lovely Canadian, the rest were a combined effort of Italy and I."

Across the table, Feliciano raised a hand cheerfully with a blissful smile on his face, "It was real fun! America doesn't have a lot of stuff to work with, but we managed~"

"Hey, where is Alfred?" Mei asked curiously while sipping her orange juice, she took a look around and also realized that their English friend wasn't present as well, "And Arthur?"

"Don't ask." Everyone at the table said in unison making the Asian girl blink.


"Is this the house?"

The Danish boy blinked his eyes as he looked at the reasonably fit house from within the confines of the car he sat in from the passenger seat.

"Yup, Teitr lives here alright." Glancing over at the man behind the well of the car he grinned, "His parents left for work hours ago. So it's safe to break in I guess."

The Norwegian gave a grunt before he proceeded to drive up the driveway. Once he parked the car, both he and Simon made their way to the front door. "Do you have a key?" Lukas questioned him plainly. Simon scratched his cheek while bending down to pick up a potted plant that was laid innocently by the border of the house. Beneath, a shiny silver key shone.

"Nope! But this is the next best thing!" Snickering, he allowed both of them entrance to the house.

"So little Teitr is actually Iceland! I should have known since he was in my dreams too!" Simon loudly exclaimed, causing Lukas to glare at him irritation, "You're loud." The shorter male stated though he went ignored.

Simon stalked down the hallway of the home before busting open the door, "Teitr! Hey buddy! I decided to visit!"

"S-simon!" Ice blue eyes widened in surprise, and a slight gasp was heard from the boy on the bed who was still dressed in his pajamas. Simon could have laughed at how funny the younger boy's expression was. Teitr dropped the book he had been reading to look at him in shock. "What are you—"

He stopped shortly when he looked past Simon and to Lukas who stood behind him. The silver haired male gave a slight gasp, "But how… He's real…?" Beaming proudly, Simon prepared himself to explain the whole situation, however before he could, he was pushed ahead with surprisingly strength and landing face first onto the carpet beneath him. Lukas, who had done the attack then proceeded to run over his back—adding to the pain— and towards the Icelandic teen.

Rubbing his face, Simon prepared to whine at the Norwegian, but stopped himself when he gazed at the scene ahead of him.

The two were held in an embrace, that Teitr was reluctant to return, but he did.

Smiling softly at the scene, Simon picked himself up from the floor and walked over to the two to pick up the fallen book from the ground. Curiously, he took a look at the cover and found himself laughing, "Really? The Art of Deciphering Dreams? Nice book Teits!" He mocked out with a snicker.

Teitr blushed and pushed away Lukas, "I don't even know what's going on!" He shifted his eyes away with pursed lips.

"Oh. I should explain then huh? Well to begin with—"

"You've been having weird dreams lately, haven't you?" Lukas interrupted calmly while taking a seat on the bed. Teitr nodded though he said nothing more. "You've never met me before in your life, but the dreams make you feel as though you have. Right?"

"How did you—"

"What if I told you, you're the reincarnation of a country? Not just any country. The country of Iceland." His words were flat and simple; however his eyes were intense and observant, watching the other intently for his reaction.

Simon also stared at Teitr who was still looking away silently. "He's not lying." Simon threw in, "If you need more proof… We have it."

"Common sense is telling me not to believe you." Teitr stated, "This could just be another one of Simon's pranks after all," He responded while locking eyes with the Norwegian.

Lukas was not swayed with the stare, "The fact that you're putting me in league with him is a bit insulting. But given the current situation, I'll allow it to slide. Tell me then, Teitr. What would I have to do to prove that you're the reincarnation of Iceland?"

The Icelandic teen shook his head and looked away, "I don't know…"

"The fact that he exists isn't enough for you? Geez!" Simon sighed out, "If this is what Eyebrows went through, I pity him for when he explained this to us…"

Teitr and Lukas looked at the Dane in confusion as he flashed up the book, "Teitr, your dreams for the past nights have been filled with me, Norge, and other people from foreign places you've never met before in your life. In your dream, you can't control what you do or say and it's like experiencing déjà vu. You call people by the names of countries and they call you Iceland. If I'm wrong, I'm lying. If I'm right, which I am then you should believe us."

He crossed his arms and looked at the silver haired boy to gauge his reaction. Lukas did the same and gripped the sheets beneath him anxiously.

Teitr hung his head, "You're… Right…" He hesitantly stated.

"Damn straight I am! The King of Northern Europe would never lie!" Simon exclaimed with a wide grin on his face. Lukas rolled his eyes before pulling Teitr into another hug.

"You two are unbelievable…" The Norwegian sighed out in exasperation.


Arthur sat on his bed with his knees to his chest. It had been several hours, but he still refused to leave the room. Ever since breakfast he had been cooped up in there. It was mostly due to anger.

He was being considerate. He helped Matthew make breakfast… And when all those ungrateful gits decided to just ignore it. Chelsey, Bruce, and Kiku all shook with fear and apologized to him when they learnt the eggs had been made by him. With that, Matthew, Francis, Heracles, Antonio, the Italies and Xiao all backed away unwilling to try.

He didn't even know why! Sure his creation was a little burnt here and there, but that didn't mean it tasted that bad! He took that opportunity to simply sulk in the corner of the dining room while everyone ate food from the French-bastard and the lighter of the Italies.

The Briton would have probably been fine with everything if America didn't just appear. The moron just swooped in and took a handful of everything that was offered at the table. At first, Arthur brightened immediately when it appeared the nation was going to eat his eggs.

He had to cover Chelsey's mouth when the girl prepared to warn America against eating what Arthur made, and he and everyone else in the room watched the nation take a spoonful of the food.

The nation's eyes got wide as soon as he began chewing and frantically questioned who made it. Before he got the answer, he was hacking and coughing.

All America had to say after he recovered was that Arthur sucked at cooking and it should be illegal for him to touch anything culinary related. Arthur never punched anyone in the throat harder.

"Knock, knock, I'm coming in." America declared as he entered the room without warning. Arthur glared over at him, "What do you want?" He snapped out in irritation. He really didn't anticipate the other coming in after their fight…

America shrugged, "To tell you how the next G8 meeting is this Sunday… Kiku already said he'll go, and I wanted to know if you'll go too." He casually asked while walking towards the bed to sit down at the edge.

Arthur blinked, attempting to make sense of what the other said, "Why are you only inviting Kiku and I? What about the others?"

"Japan and England were a part of G8. None of the others were."


Silence reigned over them and Arthur could only look away. He didn't know why America was harassing him now. It was so random… But he should have expected it.

"So," America started with a whistle, "You said before that your parents were from the United Kingdom… Tell me more about that."

Arthur shrugged his shoulders, accepting the sudden conversation, but uncertain of what exactly to tell him while looking to the ceiling, "Both my mum and dad were from England. They left to the United States when they were still kids, and soon after the islands sunk. My parents met, had me… The end." He hoped that story would be enough to appease the other young man, and he spared him a glance.

America's lips formed a tight line and his eyes stiffened and became a colder blue. Arthur found his eyes widening at this sudden change, however, despite the distant and harsh look in the nation's eyes… It wasn't as though he were looking at Arthur directly… Almost as though he were glaring pass or even through him. "The islands did not sink. That's such a common misconception nowadays that it makes my stomach hurt. The islands disappeared." Flatly, he spoke before turning his gaze wistfully.

That certainly wasn't what he expected. A weird reaction to say the least. But the way he said it, seemed to be so confident and undermining to Arthur's intelligence.

"Does it honestly matter though?" He snapped back with a scowl, "Who cares if you use a different term? They're still not here."

"I care." America retorted simply,

Arthur made a low noise in his throat, "That's nice… Why do you care though?"

"If the island sunk… We would have found them beneath the surface of the water already." America clenched the sheets under his hands tightly, "There would be evidence of something left behind. Something for us to have a trace to get back to what was gone. Something. But there wasn't and there isn't. We have found nothing. For thirty years we've made no progress…" America stopped and turned his face away.

Arthur looked down at his phone, though it was silent, it lit up. A message from his brother… Unconcerned, he flipped it over and looked at nation, "Yeah, no progress until us, I suppose."

"Yeah… Until all of you…" America mumbled out while getting up to leave.

For some reason, Arthur had a feeling that America wasn't saying the sentence for him to hear… But rather, for himself to understand. As though the aspect of them being reincarnated nations wasn't accepted or believed…

He hoped he was wrong.


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