On The Brink 5

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Dean was at the motel, waiting. Waiting for Bobby. And his Dad. But John hadn't picked up his phone the four times Dean had tried to call. And he even rejected the call after two rings, the Winchester way of saying, 'Fuck of!'

So there Dean was, laying helplessly on the motel room of the month, while his baby brother was God knows where... his Dad had basically disowned him... AND a man who he hadn't seen in a few years that had been like a Dad to him was on his way.

Dean sighed angrily before hopping to his feet. He felt his rage build up and up until it overflowed and suddenly, he couldn't take it anymore.

He jumped over to the side of the room and started hitting the wall as hard as he could, a punch accented by a word, "What. The. Hell. Are. You. Thinking. Sammy? How. Could. You. Do. That. To. Me? I. Fucking. Love. You. You. Need. To. Come. Back!" He screamed the last one at the top of his lungs, his chest now heaving as he stopped yelling. But he just turned around and smacked the TV off of the dresser and yell, "THE HELL SAMMY? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE BACK ALREADY!"

Now, Dean sank to the floor, his strength from the rage depleted. His appendages felt like spaghetti and his brain felt like melted mush in a can. So Dean sat there, numbly, until Bobby barged in an hour later, saying he called a couple folks and they might have lead on Sam.

That was all Dean heard, and he kicked into action right away, asking Bobby all sorts of questions he wasn't likely to know the answers to. But Dean barrelled on anyway until he came to the most important one, "Where is Sam?"


2 Days Ago

Sam had trudged his way across another state border and crossed into Arizona. Sam was thankful for warm weather, his clothes were still wet from his plunge into the cold water back in Colorado. He was positive his cell phone was fried, he'd need to get a new one of those, and most of his clothes had probably shrunk. But he didn't mind. He was in a cozy motel, not at all seedy. Sam was proud to call it his temporary home, and even prouder to say that he was on the trail of a Wendigo. Needless to say that a Wendigo would be tough to take down on his own, but he knew he could do it with a good strategy. He had taken maybe 4 down in the past and was pretty sure he had the basics down.

So he could see no harm in trying. It wasn't like anyone would miss him. Dean was just looking for the sake of looking, that's what Sam told himself over and over... Until he started to believe it.


Dean's P.O.V.


Bobby had said that Sammy was somewhere in Arizona, one of the less populated and native areas. There had been rumours of many people going missing from one in particular, right off of a Navajo Reservation, and that's where we were headed right now.

I was practically buzzing in my seat, anticipation killing me. I needed to see if Sam really was here, and if he wasn't, well then I would need to keep looking. Whatever it took to find him.

Me and Bobby talked to a few Native's and they said they'd seen someone fitting Sam's description head into the wood's maybe... 2 or 3 days ago. Never saw him come out.

I felt my bood run cold and I turned to look at Bobby. His face was pale, really pale. I had a feeling that Bobby had peiced together what was taking people.

"It all makes senses Dean! Missing people, Native American area, woods! It a Wendigo! We need to find Sam and now! With any hope, he's still alive and just a little munched on." Bobby said, hurrying me along to the car. I growled at the last bit and pushed him away, getting myself to the car just fine.

I had a baby brother to find now, before he became chow for something uglier than a fuckin' gnome-clown hybrid. And those are some fugly SOB'S.


1 Day Ago

Sam's P.O.V.

I knew for certain I was hanging from something, my arms pulled like I was being crucified and my body having flashes of pain throughout it, like chunks of my were missing. Knowing I was hunting a Wendigo, I really didn't want to look at my body, so I did what I could and fought agains my restraints. But, to no avail. The bindings were as tight as ever, maybe more so.

And it was then I heard the footsteps, the heavy grumbling growl of the Wendigo. And it was then that I held my eyes as tightly together as possible and clenched my fists together. I had seen enough victims to know what happened next.

When it took the first bite, I screamed.

When it took the fifth, I yelped.

When it took the seventh and final, I didn't make a peep.

I was alive, but I was loosing a lot of blood and I knew it. I don't know if a Wendigo is smart or not normally, but this one was. It stopped biting me. I suppose it wants me for later then? I'd pray I would bleed out by then, but who, pray tell, would hear me?

Yes, it's short. But you love it, No?