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Title: Märchen Wolf

Author: Yun Akuma

Summary: The wolf was tired of waiting in the shadows. He wanted the girl who enchanted him years ago to be his and not the foolish hunter's. But who ever said the wolf had to wait any longer? -Kaka/Fem!Naru-


Once Upon a time in a land so faraway, there lived a lonely wolf. This wolf was no ordinary animal, for this beast was blessed by the power of the moon one fateful night. Many of his kind would call it a stroke of luck to be able to turn into their enemies form. Yet the wolf found this blessing to be a curse when he found himself watching his comrades die away as he stayed forever stuck in his age.

He had begged to the moon to let relief him of his curse yet with each sunrise, he found himself alive. While watching his past away relative's eleven generation children made his heart ache for the moments he could finally rest his eyes and sleep like the rest of his kind did.

Centuries past, the forest slowly began to change to where the silver wolf found himself leaving the pack he had for centuries stayed with and headed out of the dark forest. Howls echoed behind this lonely wolf's back, and the traitorous moon became his guide as he ran through the snow filtered lands of the north.

Mismatched eyes of this wolf could see his world change when he came upon a killing of the hunters which he would soon meet. Hidden in the shadowy cliff tops, he watched in amazement on how humans had developed during the winter season. Gazed at the group of hunters in boredom, he found himself noticing the small body between a tall man and his mate.

The smallest human he had ever seen stood with slumped shoulders seeing the carcass of the dead reindeer. Jumping quietly in the shadows, he walked closer to the group, never taking his gaze off the red cloaked human. Winced when a branch broke underneath his paw, saw innocent azure eyes glance towards his hiding spot. He didn't dare break the staring contest the child and he were in.

Yet the stare could of only last few seconds before the human child was picked up into the arms of its mother, the hood fell back to reveal curly ringlets of blonde hair and the wolf could only watch in disappointment as the group disappeared with their catch. Held himself back from following the group in plain light of the moon, instead took to the shadows where he kept himself close enough to see the human child. Ears flicked when he caught the soft bell laugh from the child, feeling himself becoming more enchanted by the red bundle.

Though his stalking came to a halt when they reached the village's tall wood fort, and sadly watched the humans enter the fort one by one. Leaving the young girl to be last as the mother helped the others bring in carcasses they had hunted down. Slyly approached the bundle, seeing the blonde head creature laughing to itself as it threw the snow into the air. Stopped when the those enchanting eyes turned his way and crouched down, waiting for the child to scream in fear so he could bolt away.

Yet he was the one who flinched in fear when the small girl, giggled and wobbled towards him and he let himself stay in place.

Chuckled inwardly when the child squealed in excitement on touching him and let wandering small hands ruffle his snow covered fur to her enjoyment. Pulled away when foot steps hurried towards him, seeing scared green eyes look at him and the mother's child. Grumbling to himself for not paying attention, the wolf nudged the child towards its mother taking a small sniff of the child before she departed.

The scent of milk and vanilla made his insides melt and lowered his head as the mother approached his new friend. He allowed the foreign hand to pat his head, and mismatched eyes could only follow the figures walk away and grinned inwardly when the girl waved at him before entering her home. Shaking away the heavy snow from his fur, he allowed himself on last look at the fort and quickly ran into the forest. It was no place for a wolf to seek a human's company...but maybe he could allow this one to be the exception.

End of Prologue.

Author Note: So I got inspired by hearing this one song from my favorite anime when I was younger and thought why can't I make a quick story while I type the other ones up? I know for sure this story will probably be least few chapters long because the plot will be simple and not all complicated. Though hopefully you'll enjoy a fluffy, dark story. Till next time! - Yun