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Title: Märchen Wolf

Author: Yun Akuma

Summary: The wolf was tired of waiting in the shadows. He wanted the girl who enchanted him years ago to be his and not the foolish hunter's. But who ever said the wolf had to wait any longer? -Kaka/Fem!Naru-

Warning: Pedophilia content, one-sided Yaoi.

((Chapter Three))


Kimi wo itsumade omotteiru no kaNA?

Tameiki ga mado GARASU Kumoraseta

Yureru kokoro Tomosu KYANDORU de

Ima Tokashite Yukenai kaNA?


Natsumi could remember when she twelve years old, that her mother always warned her about splashing around the lake alone would bring horrible consequences. But the young girl didn't mind her mother's words and found herself splashing around the lake shore with her skirt up to her knees as she stomped away the early spring's heat. Unknown to her a pair of amber eyes were studying her from afar, with a look of desire and growing pair of pants that seem to slowly start to tighten around his favorite anatomy part.

Yet the pale man couldn't help but stare at the child having an innocent time when her mother's back was turned. Smirk rose on his pale pink lips, he ushered his snake into the water and watched in amusement when its pet slowly slithered its way to the giggling girl. Yet when the fangs of his black snake were nearing the pretty tan ankle, a growl echoed through the clearing. Shiver of fear ran down the brunette's spine and watched a large wolf emerge from its hiding place, its wild mismatched eyes glaring darkly at the waters.

"Wolf!" cried the young child, watched in amazement as the blonde's small arms barely circle themselves on the neck of the animal. The snake hissed its reply in displeasure and it slowly swam back to him but when Orochimaru felt mismatched eyes look at him, he looked up to meet the angry animal's warning. He hated the way possessiveness that lingered in those eyes and bite his cheek from calling out to the animal. How dare the filthy dog think he would leave the child alone! The girl was his since he first laid eyes on her! Sickly white hands clenched in defiance as he watched the blonde child walk away with her protector and felt his insides rage. The animal would only be interfering in his plans, but his pet gave him a small squeeze around his neck in comfort.

"It's alright precious, the stupid wolf won't get in our way. I'll have Natsumi no matter what it takes and I'll use anything to get her." the younger man vowed as his heart warmed at the thought of being near the small blonde.


Orochimaru opened his tired eyes to see the dying flames in his fireplace, and felt his heavy heart crack once more when he remembered that day he was close to having the girl with him. He hated the way the foolish Uchiha had more interaction with his chosen bride but putting the anger aside, he knew the boy would bring the girl. Once the damn guardian of hers was put to sleep for good, Orochimaru could finally get close the blonde again. He had almost succeeded a few times but somehow the damn animal found ways to block his way or the damn village did. Yet the image of a blonde smiling his way was something even his cold, sadist heart didn't stop.

Oh, he can name a number of times the blonde had spoken to him during the summer days when she escaped the village to picks herbs and he would put himself to her use.

Yes he could of taken her there but the damn huntsmen her father sent her with were quite a disadvantage to the likes of him. Yet the way her azure eyes looked at him with no look of hatred or disgust was something new to him and he was a man whose heart was stolen by a small thank you when she was no older than seven. It was a day the snake charmer would never forget.


He pulled his hair angrily, feeling the long threads tug against his scalp yet the teenager didn't mind the pain. For his amber eyes glared darkly at the lake's reflection of where he sat. How could they label him a freak because of his appearance? Why did everyone pick upon his heritage in disgrace? The continuing questions made the pale boy's fury grow more as his heart started sinking in hatred by the teases his once lovely home now turned to ever growing problem since his parents had past away weeks prior.

"Are you okay?" the soft voice made the tugging on his head cease, turned his confused eyes towards its source where a small blonde hid behind a tall tree. Her hair in lose blonde braid laying on her shoulders, her dark green dress now sporting mud he could reckon her kneeling in her hiding space till now. Orochimaru frowned when he finally recognized the girl, her blue eyes was something he could never forget for she reminded him of the eyes of his once good friend Minato. Yet the girl had the features of her mother, that he didn't deny was something he liked looking at but looking at a child like that was taboo.

But his curiosity on seeing the child near made him lower his hands to his side, trying to make himself look less dangerous.

"I'm…" stopped himself when he saw the innocent azure eyes look into his own, and felt as dirty to even lie to her. The one person who finally showed him the attention he had wanted since his parents' passing. "I'm a little sad." he mumbled and saw her frown at his answer.

"Why?" watching her step towards him slowly, her precautious teachings were paying off, he noted silently to himself. Inched away from the girl's heat, he didn't enjoy how his body liking and instead gave the little girl a tight smile.

"My friends are being mean is all." he tried to put to the girl's understanding and Natsumi very well understood it and flinched when arms wrapped themselves around his neck in a tight hug.

"They're stupid! No one should be mean to someone else!" he laughed softly, his shoulder shaking at the innocence the child held but her arms still held on to him in comforting hold he had wished for someone to give when his parent's had passes away. He let himself hug the child, pushing back his darker thoughts on taking the girl with him from the sickening village that will sooner taint her like they had him. Patted Natsumi's head when he felt his back begin to ache from the long held position, amber eyes observed the tiny blush rise on her cheeks and it made him smile.

"You are just like your mother." he chuckled to himself, rising from the lake and brushed away the grass on his pants before holding a hand out to the girl. "Come along, I'll take you back home." saw a shy smile grace the little blonde's face.

"I'm Natsumi! What's your name?" they started heading towards the village and Orochimaru glanced down to the happy child.

"Orochimaru." waiting for the girl to recoil away from him but the hand merely tighten and azure eyes looked up at him acceptance.

"Will you help me pick herbs tomorrow? I'm not very good at it and momma doesn't like me going hunting with dad." and Orochimaru couldn't help but nod at the girl's words. He may have not gotten an understanding adult to be his friend. Instead he received an innocent girl who may just save him from going insane with the way the villager looked at him disgust.

"I'll be happy to teach you, Natsumi." let her bright smile make his confidence grow throughout the lonely night after he had taken the girl to her home and ignored the teases and insults the villager threw at him. For he had something no one could take away, a smile from a small angel.


Amber eyes gazed outside his home, ignoring the yells of the experiments and found himself petting his snake fondly. Would he bring Natsumi back here to his home if Sasuke did kill the wolf? Let his eyes go from one corner of the room to the next and felt his stomach churn at the thoughts his future bride would have once she stepped in here. 'This was no place for an innocent girl like Natsumi.' he thought and frowned when he recognized the steps echoing down the stairs from the basement.

"Lord Orochimaru. Is it true you sent Sasuke after the girl?" the disgusted tone made the brunette's shoulders tense, glanced over his shoulder to see his assistant standing bloody from whatever he was doing in the basement. Now he was quite certain to keep Natsumi away from here if that was the way Kabuto would be showing himself to her. Stomach churning in disgust at the thought, he shrugged before serving himself some tea. For even he didn't enjoy seeing blood while drinking his tea and kept his snake like eyes out the window.

"What if I did?" remarked the older man, ignoring the hard glare the other threw at him.

Kabuto pushed back his white hair from his eyes, ignoring the dried blood on his fingers and instead glared darkly at his partner. He was jealous of the way the stupid girl kept Orochimaru from truly enjoying their play time down in the basement! It wasn't fair that the girl had Orochimaru's attention when he had bloody himself up to even kept a mere glance yet the older man's head was off in the distance where the stupid girl was. At times Kabuto wondered why he loved the man who waiting for a naïve girl when he was there waiting!

Throwing back the darkening thoughts, the young man stepped towards Orochimaru and looked down to see the once sealed box. "So you gave him the sun's power." he whispered and saw the brunette nod.

"He has a matter of days before the wolf keeps Natsumi for himself and I was merely giving him a push towards their direction." Orochimaru shrugged though the way his pale fingers tighten around the cup told another story to Kabuto.

"I'm sure he'll find them." the young man assured and the words tasted vile to Kabuto but he gave a fake grin down to the brunette before heading towards the bathroom to wash away the blood.

Orochimaru's eyes gazed down to his half drunken cup, a small smile gracing his face, "I know so. Soon Natsumi, you will be with the right man. No one will ever truly appreciate you my dear." his pet snake hissed in agreement.


Kushina walked towards the small cottage hidden within the forest, her eyes darting from one side to another as her heart thumped against her chest in fear. She didn't know if the witch would truly help her find Natsumi or cast an awful curse on her person. Flicking back her red braids behind her shoulder, she continued on with her husband's huntsmen trailing behind her in defense. Green eyes narrowed at the small building ahead, pushed away the dry branches and ignored the warnings the men behind her said to her and felt her insides flutter impatiently.

"Witch of the Forest!" she called out to the cottage few yards away. Her eyes waiting for any disturbance within the cottage and her pleading for an answer came through when a tall blonde woman stepped outside. She wore simple dress of rich green, her pale blonde hair were in simple lose pigtails which were tied by white ribbons. In her hand was large sturdy staff where glistening beads rattled with each step she took from her home. Her brown eyes taking in the group of people outside her home and her red painted lips formed a smirk.

"What has the people of Leaf village come to me for?" glaring darkly at the crowd of people awaiting and saw the broken hearted woman in front of the men.

"I come for your assistance. My only daughter has disappeared last night with the wolf who haunts these lands. The best huntsmen within the village can not track her down or find a trace of the damn wolf." Kushina let the hurting tears drip down her face and the other woman merely laughed before waving her hand.

"You waste your time, child. Your daughter won't be found as she is now with the guardian of this forest. For the best huntsmen you have are no match for an animal whose lived centuries upon these grounds that neither our forefathers have lived to tell us such tales. You are wasting my time and everyone else's. Leave." the witch turned around to return to her cottage but a hand caught her the sleeve of her dress. Turning around to face the crying mother, "Kushina you are no match for this beast." the witch started but was caught off when the village leader's wife kneeled before her.

"Please aid me! My daughter is out there with an animal that I once trusted! I only wish to see if my daughter is well Lady Tsunade!" the red head woman cried and saw the dress flutter towards the cottage doors.

"Very well. I shall see if I can locate your daughter but I will not aid you anymore on this hunt. Understood?" the mother nodded and followed after the witch as the men stood outside the cottage awaiting for their leader's wife to return.


Tsunade sat before a large black cauldron, its sickening green water bubbled as she added the ingredients she needed. After throwing lizards tail and few more deer and chicken eyeballs, she let herself smirk when glancing up to see Kushina's amazement and nodded her head. "It may be hazy but it's the best I can do to find your daughter." With a large spoon, the blonde started to stir the disgusting waters and began to chant softly to the water where it soon started glowing lightly.

"Hear my prayers moon.

Gift me your light

Gift me you powers

Hear my requests

Let me see through quite eyes

Let me hear through keen ears

Gift me with your view to what I beg to see."

Soon the dark green water started to simmer heatedly and Tsunade watched the image start to appear and let herself smile smugly. Kushina stepped forwards when the other nodded her head and looked down at the hazy image within the water's reflection. There in the watery depths was her sleeping child, laying comfortably within what seemed to be quite crystal cave. With each turn of the wood spoon the image seemed to clear up, saw the wolf near her daughter quietly and gasped when the animal started to stretch and form a large man.

"Natsumi!" she couldn't help to warn her daughter but Tsunade's shaking head made her bite her lips in fear of what the beast would do to her daughter. Yet with another turn of the spoon she saw her daughter's eyes flutter open to see the man and a sleepy smile came to her face as she turned towards the man who now sat besides her in only pants.

"Wolf." Natsumi whispered and leaned towards the man who smiled down to the girl and leaned down to press a small kiss on her forehead.

Soon the image started disappearing and Tsunade stopped stirring the cauldron, her brown eyes looking up to see the shocked mother.

"My daughter is happy." Kushina began to laugh, her tears of content spilling down her cheeks as her heart now settled within her chest. She now knew her daughter was alive and well, didn't miss the way daughter's eyes shined with utmost glee to the beast who helped her escape. "Thank you Lady Tsunade." the redhead woman bowed her head towards the other and quickly left the cottage when the blonde waved her away.

"It would seem the wolf shall be quite content for many years." Tsunade chuckled amused and looked down at the cauldron where a certain walk was looking back her before the image disappeared.

End of Chapter 3

Author Note: There is the end of chapter three and the start of Natsumi's relationship with a certain wolf. Hopefully the chapter quenched your questions about why Orochimaru wanted Natsumi and what shall await in the future of this story. Well leave some love for this lonely writer and hope to see you next time! ~ Yun Akuma.