My hands were bound above my head. That's the first thing I realized when I swam up from the depths of black unconsciousness. I wiggled my fingers, cold and stiff. My body was sore as hell, and I could feel bruises stinging me as I moved on the table I was strapped to.

Then my eyes shot open as I realized that I was really tied to a table. The dream became reality, and the surreal became fucking frightening.

I immediately screamed the word help, but no word could be formed with the bandana twisted and tied in my mouth. I shook my arms to see if I could slip my arms from the rope, but unfortunately for me it was duct tape, and wrapped pretty damn hard.

Stay calm, Jessica, I thought to myself. You can get out of this if you just stay cool.

I tried to remember what had happened, how I got here. The last thing I remembered was checking in on a patient and finding them dead, having passed away in their sleep.

A hooded figure stood above my head. The only thing I could make out was a paper mask; a wolf with a maniacal grin.

I wanted to ask what my capture wanted, but I couldn't work a single word out of my mouth while gagged.

The wolf held up one hand, and flicked something into the light; a razor. I'd recognized that straight razor, I'd seen it years ago, and fear welled in my stomach as I realized who it was.


The wolf walked around the table and ran fingers along my naked body, slipping a few between my thighs as I cried and shook to free myself. But I couldn't move.

I asked him why, but my words were muffled.

Cold steel slipped between my legs, and I felt the first sting of the razor as it dug its way effortlessly inside of my most coveted organ, my most sensitive flesh. It burned like fire licking my womb.

The first slice was the least painful moment of the hellish torture that would await me. I just didn't know it yet.