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"Well for 17 you are all very mature." Carlisle said breaking the silence.

"Thank you." my sisters and I said at the same time like the cliché triplets.

"Well what do you say we put this whole issue behind us and go hunting? You guys are still newborns and I'm sure your throats are burning." Carlisle said

"Ok then its forgotten lets go hunt my throat is on fire." Alice said. And with that, we all went hunting.


Dear diary,

It has been 10 months since we turned and found the Cullen's. Since then many things have happened. For starters, Edward and I are a couple now. I know I'm so happy I don't think I have been this happy in a long time. Alice and Jasper are together, and Emmett and Rosalie are together. We all found the love of our lives here in forks Washington. Emmett at first was way over protective with Alice and me even after we had the vision of all of us getting married with them. After a while he loosened up, I think it was because Rosalie and him started going out. We are going to be starting school in a week but before that we were going to spend Christmas weekend with the Denali's or like they like to be called the Cullen's cousins. Alice and I are a little nervous because rose told us that Tanya had a thing for Edward and that Irina had a thing for Jasper. What happens if they are all up on them we cant just kill them or act all over protective we don't own them and we don't have a ring on our finger to say that they are ours and we are theirs. So lets hope nothing happens. Oh diary I have to go we just got to the Denali's home.





Today I was going to ask Emmet for Bella's hand in marriage, I know who does that know a days but I was born and raised in 1918 and in those days that was the proper thing to do. I will admit that I was scared to death to ask but I calmed down a bit when jasper realized what I wanted to do and offered to come with me as back-up just in case something happened.

When we saw Emmet sitting outside on the porch we decided that it would be the Perfect time to ask so we went and when he turned to look at us we just froze in fear at what he would do to us, because incase you forgot he was able to cause you pain without even touching you.

"What's wrong with you two" Emmett ask when he saw us frozen

"We just wanted to know if you would like to go hunting with us…right now." Jasper said awkwardly.

"Sure I haven't Hunted in a while" he said

"Ok then lets go" I said

We hunted for an hour or so then the nerves were back and I knew that if I didn't ask him now I wasn't going to do it at all.

"Emmet you know that I love Bella right?"

"Yes I know that why?" he asked suspiciously

"Well we have gotten really close in the last 10 months and I would like to marry her" I said to him really fast.

"Dude are you asking me for my sister's hand in marriage?" he said with a smirk on his face.

"Yes I am. So what do you say are you going to let me marry your sister or not?" I said really nervous as to what he would say

"What would happen if I said no" he said

"I would probably beg you to let me marry her and if you still said no then I would ask you everyday till you said yes." I said knowing that he was going to say yes.

"You barely had the guts to ask me once and with Jasper as your back-up am I correct"

"Yes" I said and Jasper said "no" at the same time. Emmet and I both turned to stare are Jasper.

"What do you mean" Emmet finally asked

"Well the reason I came wasn't just to be Edwards back-up" he said

"What? Then why did you come?" Emmet asked him

"Well for the same reason that Edward came here today." he said

"So that's why you offered to come with me?" I asked

"yeah you honestly think I would face Emmet's wrath just for you?" he asked I didn't even have time to answer because Emmet started laughing, jasper and I just looked at each other and then at Emmet thinking that he was insane.

"don't look at me like that this is hilarious finding out that you two were to chicken to come ask me for my sisters hand in marriage alone. Anyway, I do not know if you guys realize this but Bella Alice and I are psychic and we long ago saw the three of us marring the three of you." Emmet sated

"and you didn't think to inform us of this why" I asked mad because he made us go through all of that knowing that it was going to eventually happen but then Jasper and I realized something.

"are you saying that you are going to give us permission to marry your sisters?" jasper and I asked

"I will on one condition." he replied

"what's the condition?" we asked at the same time.

"You have to let me marry your sister?" he said. Jasper and I stared at each other for a second then said " DEAL you have our permission." then we all laughed at how our conversation turned out from me proposing to Bella to all of us proposing to our love. We talked for a little longer and decided that all three of us were going to propose to them on Christmas which was only a couple hours away and we were going to be in Denali spending it with our family so it was perfect.

That's when jasper and Emmet realized they didn't have rings and started to freak out. I laughed at them and told them that we could just go and guy rigs right now. They agreed and we were of to the jeweler's, they both got beautiful rings that I was sure the girls were going to love. When we got home we all went our separate ways to hide our newly bought and wrapped rings in our suit case because we were suppose to be leaving in an hour.

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