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What She Didn't Hear

She wasn't conscious to hear what he said; he didn't want her to hear this. It would ruin his pride and put her in more danger than she already was in. If Orochimaru and Itachi knew what he felt for the pink-haired kunoichi, she would be in great danger.

That's why he knocked her out, because he couldn't bear to leave without saying these words. It didn't matter if she was awake or not, what mattered is that he said it to her. He stroked her hair, and then suddenly remembered when her hair used to be long. But she had to cut it to save his and Naruto's life. 'Naruto, huh?' he thought. He would miss him as well, and knew that Naruto would come after him as well.

Maybe one day he could return to Konoha, return to her. He wished that she could her his words, but he knew that was impossible. If she got injured because of him he could never forgive himself. That's why he was leaving, to get stronger. He had to get stronger, and this was the only way he could. Everyone though he was getting stronger so he could kill his brother, but there was another reason as well. It was so he could protect his friends. Friends, he never thought he would have friends. But Naruto and Sakura proved him wrong, very wrong. He even would miss Kakashi, that old man was right. He was just like him in some ways, but not everyway.

He placed her fragile body gently on the bench then stoked her face. He really would miss everyone, but he wasn't planning to give his body to the snake man. He knew that as soon as he got stronger than Orochimaru he had to kill him before he could take over his body. Then he would kill Itachi, and then hopefully return to Konoha. If he couldn't then at least return to Sakura.

He heard an owl call and knew it was time to leave his home he cherished and hated at the same time. It was time to say his final words to her; he leaned down towards her and whispered in her ear. Maybe he and she would meet up later, he couldn't wait for that moment. He stroked her hair one final time, straightened back up then walked out of Konoha without looking back.

She woke up and found Kotetsu and Izumo looking at her with worried looks on their faces. She looked wildly around, and then burst into tears. She heard the 2 chunin ask her if she was all right but she was too distracted to reply. He left, he left the village, he left her and all he said was "Thank You."

You don't know how wrong you are Sakura, your so naïve but that's what I love about you. I love you, Sakura Haruno.

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