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House awoke early the next morning, his thigh throbbing from the activities of the previous night. He groaned digging his palm into it and shifting ever so slightly, trying his best not to wake a still sleeping Cuddy beside him. He let out a pained huff and felt her stir beside him.

"Your thigh hurts doesn't it?" She asked groggily, sitting up and running a hand through her hair. Before he could she stood and exited the room. She returned only moments later with a glass of water and three tablets of ibuprofen. "Here."

He took the pills from her and threw them into his mouth, drinking them with the water instead of dry swallowing them like he usually did before uttering a quiet 'thank you'.

"Always." She replied, assuming her previous position beside him, her arm draped over his chest and her head resting in the crook of his shoulder.

"You know, I never gave you your present last night." He commented, looking down at her.

"What present?" She replied, sitting up again.

He let out a soft chuckle at her excitement, his mind void of all pain in his leg. It never ceased to amaze him how focusing his attention and energy on her would keep his mind off of the pain.

"The traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary is something paper related, which I'm sure you know, seeing as there is an envelope addressed to yours truly in your panty drawer. That being said, if you go into the kitchen, in the bottom right cabinet where you put the dishware you never use, there will be a square package for you."

He shook his head as she left his side and practically ran towards the kitchen. He heard the sound of dishware being shifted in the cabinet and then the sound of its door creaking closed. She was at his side once more, sitting cross legged beside him, the package in her hands.

"What is it?" She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

"Why are you asking me when it's in your hands? Just open it Cuddy."

He watched as she carefully opened the present, not ripping the wrapping paper, something she had a habit of doing.

"Must you be so anal?"

"Shut up."

House rolled his eyes before she finally unwrapped her present.

"Happy First Anniversary. From me to you." She said out loud, reading the cover of the book.

"It's not what you think it is." He replied.

He had brought her a personalized couple's book that was basically a do-it-yourself scrapbook that asked questions about the relationship like their favorite things to do, what they hoped for their future, etcetera, but instead of having the usual procedural questions, he had created his own questions for it and had handwritten his answers in.

"What's the best sex you've ever had?" She read aloud, shaking her head as she read his response. "The christening of the new house on the island in the kitchen."

"There's a pen in there too, it's red, for you to fill in your own answers." He replied smirking.

"What is your favorite thing about the other? You said, 'your ass, your hips, your lips against my…, your face.'"

"Keep reading that one, it gets better."

"'Your personality, the way you've never given up on me…' You're sweet when you want to be." She responded, leaning forward and giving him a quick peck.

"I just choose opportune moments to be sweet." He responded, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"You do. Seeing as you've given me my present, I guess I should go get yours."

"I guess you should." He replied, watching as she stood and headed out of the room, knowing that extra sway in her hips was meant to tease him.

She took the stairs instead of the elevator of their home and when she reached the landing of the second floor, she checked in on Rachel, not at all surprised to find her curled up with her stuffed dog. She then checked in on Adam and smiled at his small hand covering his eyes. There were still a few hours before either one would be awake.

She waltzed into the master bedroom and over to her dresser, picking up the envelope addressed to her husband. She exited the bedroom and made her way back down the stairs and into the living room, letting out a soft laugh at the fact that while she had been gone, Zeus had taken the liberty of claiming her spot beside House, and House had taken the liberty of using Zeus as a pillow as he waited for her to return.

She shooed the dog out of her spot, laughing again as he whined and scooted over before she reclaimed her spot, only to have House use her lap as a pillow.

"This is for you." She held out the envelope for him to take and watched as he ended up dropping it on his face in his attempts to open it.

"You are a child." She teased, running a hand through his hair as he finally opened the envelope. She watched him pull out the letter she had written and set the envelope aside as he read it silently to himself.

"It seemed like the whole world was pushing us to get together and we were both too stubborn to do anything about it." He read aloud. "Well said Cuddles, well said. I think that is the best explanation of us I've ever heard." He continued, and she smiled down at him.


He turned his attention back to the letter and she continued to play with his hair. She could never get enough of its softness. She could never get enough of him in general, and she had made sure to make that clear in the letter.

It hadnt been easy for her to sit down and write said letter. It wasn't difficult for her to write down her feelings; she kept a journal hidden in her computer files. It was difficult for her to write down her feelings towards House. House, who infuriated her to the point of tears. House, who made her feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth. House, who despite her flaws and bad qualities had made her his wife; there were not enough words in the English language for her to be able to describe the love she felt towards her husband.

"I'm proud and honored to be called your wife. I think I have diabetes from how sweet and corny that line is." She heard him comment, causing her to roll her eyes.

"Note to self : never write husband a letter again. Ever. He will take sentiments and insult you. He will be an asshole."


She looked down at him as she heard his voice change into a serious tone.

"I'm always an asshole, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the little things like this letter. If I were a different man, I would have probably teared up a little at that letter, but we both know I don't cry often. But I'll tell you this, this letter you wrote? It takes a lot of balls to pour yourself out to someone like that, no matter what the status of the relationship is, and I respect that, just like I respect you."

At this point he was sitting up and facing her, their eyes watching the other.

"I may not be the type of husband who will say the right things at the right times, hell I'm the one who'll say the wrong thing at the wrong time and piss you off intentionally or unintentionally, but I will show you what you mean to me, even though I'm incapable of telling you."

It was rare for him to talk to her in that way, but when he did, she couldn't deny that she adored the man with all of her being.

She threw her arms around him with such force that she knocked him onto his back. She was thankful that the couch was so big, otherwise they would have ended up on the floor.

"I love you so much." She said into his shoulder.

"I love you too." He replied, kissing the top of her head. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

She remained in his arms for a few moments longer before remembering that there was a part of his present missing. She climbed off if him and reached around the couch for the envelope that had contained the letter.

"There's something missing." She said, finding the envelope and handing it to him. She watched as he raised an eyebrow at her questioningly.

"Go on, look inside."

"Two VIP tickets to see The Rolling Stones at Prudential Center in Newark, next Saturday."

"Wilson already agreed to babysit; he even offered to take the dog for the night too."

"Rock, booze, and the house to just myself and my lady for the night? Count me in."

"Sure as hell count you in, those tickets were almost two grand. If you had said no I would have shoved your cane so far up your ass it would have come out the other side." She replied jokingly.

"So volatile. I'm starting to rub off on you. I like it."

"Shut up House."

There was one thing House was looking forward to almost as much as the concert and that was getting to see Cuddy in leather. He knew she had some sort of rocker-esque apparel buried somewhere in the depths of her closet and he was sure she would pull something special up for the occasion. He was glad when he watched her emerge from their walk-in closet, wearing a Rolling Stones shirt, black jeans, and knee high leather boots. Her hair was slightly feathered and she was wearing silver hoop earrings.

"Your ass looks great in those jeans." He commented from his place on their bed.

"If that's your way of saying I look good, then thank you." She replied walking over to the vanity in the corner of the room and pulling out her make up.

"Your outfit is perfect for the occasion, but there's one thing missing." He commented.

He rolled onto his stomach close to the edge of the bed and looked beneath it, pulling out a large white box.

"What is that?" He heard her ask as he readjusted himself. He glanced over to where she was sitting, the mirror she was in front of allowing him the perfect view of her quizzical expression.

"You can't go to a rock concert without a leather jacket." He replied, opening the box and pulling out the biker jacket he had bought for her earlier in the week.

It was feminine but not too feminine, just like she was. It had silver studs on the shoulders and a zipper for a pocket that ran diagonally across the right side. He stood and limped over to her, holding it out for her too see.

"This is really nice." She said, emphasizing on the word really to show her genuine thanks.

"Only the best for my woman." He replied taking it from her and gesturing for her to turn around.

"Such a gentleman tonight." She responded.

"No, I just want to put this on you so I can see how well it hugs that small waist of yours. The more it hugs your waist the bigger your ass looks. I bet if you zip it up it makes your boobs look even better than they usually do."

"I don't think it's possible for my boobs to look any better." She replied wittily.

"Touché, they're just too good to be true."

He watched as she zipped the jacket up just below her breasts and smirked at her cleavage.

"I could motorboat you right now, but you need to finish your make up, and I know how you are about getting to places on time. Especially with the forty minute drive. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we're taking my bike."

"You know, I would normally protest to taking a ride on that death trap of yours, but it's fitting to the occasion. I mean so is your Mustang, but just for tonight I'll let it slide. And you're right, I do need to finish my make up, but if someone weren't such a distraction, maybe it would actually be possible for me to finish it."

"You're the one still standing here talking to me instead of fixing your lopsided eyeliner."

House could barely keep a straight face at her expression as she turned to the mirror and gasped at the fact that one of the lines above her eyelids was thicker than the other.

"I hate you." He heard her grumble under her breath as he walked away.

The few times they had rode his bike together, she had always kept a firm grip around his waist. He teased her for it afterwards, telling her that her grip of death probably had more chances of killing him than riding the bike itself. This time around she wasn't holding onto him as tightly. She felt relaxed as she held onto his shoulders instead of his waist.

"The first time I can properly breathe while having you with me." She heard him shout over the wind.

"Yeah, yeah, no grip of death this time. Nothing for you to tease me over later on. I'm enjoying the moment, something you still have no clue to do most times."

"Unless it's during sex, then I know how to enjoy the moment the entire time."

She could picture the smirk she knew was plastered on his face.

"Shut up."

When they arrived at the venue, it was much easier for them to find a parking spot than those around them due to the fact that a motorcycle could be crammed into any space big enough for it. That and the fact that not many people with a handicap sign on their motive of transportation were attending a Rolling Stones concert. She slid off of the bike and took off the helmet, running her fingers through her hair.

"Rock concert Cuddy, its fine if your hair is a mess."

She gave him the once over, not realizing until then that they were both wearing shirts featuring the band's logo. He looked pretty good in said shirt, his hair mussed from his helmet and his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket as he leaned against his bike. She walked over to him and placed her hand on his chest before pressing her lips against his.

She felt his hands move to grip her waist and she automatically wrapped her arms around his neck.

There was the sound of a wolf whistle coming from someone walking by.

"How the fuck does someone like that,land someone like her? Old man's even got a cane."

"Eh, she's probably a gold digger."

She felt House stiffen as they pulled away, and she could see his jaw tense as his eyes followed the two teenage boys who had just walked past them.

"Ignore them. They're young and ignorant. It's okay."

"It's not okay."

"House, it's not a big deal. They're teenagers; they don't know what they're saying. They called you old and me a gold digger because they know they're probably never going to end up with a wife this hot when they're your age, which by the way is not old. Let it go, let's go in there and just enjoy this concert okay? Besides, they're probably sitting in the last row, while we have seats in the first five rows. It's fine okay?" She said softly.

She ran her hand along his upper arm in attempt to calm him down, glad when he released the tension in his jaw. She grabbed his hand and led the way towards the entrance of the venue.

He had only been to concerts in his youth, and even then they weren't many. The venues had been dimly lit and smoky along with dank and musky. The Prudential Center had been the complete opposite of the venues he had experienced in the past. It was a clean building for one. The VIP lounge was small, but comfortable, fitting the few people who had actually been able to afford VIP tickets to a Rolling Stones concert. There was unlimited food and drinks along with complementary gift bags that he had no care for, but took one anyway. There was also special treatment for those with disabilities, which he usually would have declined, but seeing as it was giving him the chance to get into the arena before the rest of the crowds of people, he decided to take said opportunity, much to Cuddy's surprise.

They were currently sitting at the bar in the lounge, a glass of Scotch in front of him and an apple martini currently in Cuddy's hand.

"Look at this picture Wilson just sent me. And here I was thinking that you were the only one corrupting our children."

He looked at the picture currently displayed on the screen of her iPhone of a sleeping Adam with an empty bottle of beer beside him.

"I knew I was friends with him for a reason. That's the reason, this picture; this is why I've been friends with him all along. It's the moment I've been waiting for." He replied, shaking his head in response.

"Oh really? Twenty years of friendship and you've been waiting for him to send you a picture of your son and an empty beer bottle?" She challenged raising an eyebrow.

"Cleary, seeing as he doubted the fact that I would even ever have children. Proved him wrong, sucker!" He triumphantly declared, pounding his chest.

He watched as Cuddy broke out in laughter, unable to keep a straight face any longer. He couldn't help but flash the slightest smile at her amusement. There were few sounds in the world that he didn't find irritating, and one of those sounds was the sound of her laugh. After knowing her for so long and seeing her experience some of the things she went through, her laugh was a reminder to him that some people aren't completely broken by their experiences.

"You know, sometimes you get this look on your face when you're watching me, that makes me feel like the most important person in the world."

"Well clearly, you are the most important person the world."

"And it's great to know so."

Throughout her life time she had been to a few concerts, but none of them had ever been Rock concerts. The last time she had even gone to a concert it was in the mid-nineties and she had been forced into it by none other than Kat. It had been a Mariah Carey concert and when she looked back at the experience, she remembered it fondly, seeing as she and Kat had gotten so drunk that they had ended up leaving the concert after sobbing hysterically at one of the songs because of their lack of love lives during the current time.

The concert she was currently attending though was the complete opposite. She was having the time of her life with House as they enjoyed the performance from their tenth row seats. They weren't very far from the stage; she was sure she could count the lines on Jagger's face and the amount of hair plugs that Keith probably had from her current position.

When they started to play "Satisfaction" one of her favorite songs, she got a little more into it, playfully shaking her hair which she could tell amused House who was standing beside her singing along to almost all of the songs.

"I have clearly married a teenage girl. I was unaware of this hyper side of you." He commented, smirking.

"Never called for the occasion." She replied shrugging.

The rest of the evening was spent that way, unless it was a song that neither was interested in hearing. When those songs played they chose to sit and relax for a bit. She knew that standing too long would have toll on House's leg, and she regretted letting him take his bike there in the case that his leg hurt too much afterwards.

Towards the end of the show the songs began to whine down to the slower songs by the band. As they played out a song called "Memory Motel" she felt House's arms wrap around her waist and she instinctively let her head fall against his chest as they swayed to the music.

"She got a mind of her own and she use it well. She got a mind of her own and she use it mighty fine." She smiled as House sang the lyrics of the song into her ear.

There were rare moments when he sang to her, and it was something she treasured when it happened. It was always when she was least expecting it and it would always make her mood better if it was down or even higher than it was originally. She loved that fact that he would occasionally sing to her. She'd never had a significant other who would do that, or even attempt to express their feelings towards her in manners other than just saying it. House though, he showed it to her in different ways, often without even meaning to do so and she couldn't be more thankful for that.

The concert ended at a little after midnight, and after driving back to Princeton they stopped at a little diner that was still open to grab a bite to go. When they got home they took their food to bed with them and flipped on the tv before opening up their containers and digging in.

"You know what I just realized?" He heard Cuddy ask from beside him through half a mouthful of food.

"Wa?" He replied through a mouthful of food, swallowing after having attempted to talk.

"We've never recorded a joint answering machine and we've been together for four years."

"So, what's your point?"

"We're gonna record one. That's my point." She replied, taking their containers of food and putting them on the floor and reaching for house phone that was sitting on her nightstand.

He went to grab for his container only to have his hand slapped away. He retreated and furrowed his brow before pouting at her.

"Why can't we just leave it as the automated voicemail? Why do we have to record one?" He groaned.

He couldn't say he saw no point in recording one when he himself had a specialized voicemail for his cellphone telling people off.

"Because I said so." She replied matter-of-factually, pressing the record button.

"Hello you've reached Drs. Cuddy and."

He crossed his arms as she looked over at him, waiting for his response.

"House." She continued when he didn't respond. He smirked as she rolled her eyes at him. "We can't make it to the phone right now –"

"We're probably having sex." He said loud enough for the phone to pick up. His smirk grew as she shook her head.

"Please leave a message after the beep and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible."


"You are an idiot."

"Yes, I am, but you have to admit, that that answering machine recording is us in a nutshell."

"That it is. Speaking of us, I booked you as a speaker at a conference in two weeks in Chicago."


"I'm going with you, and it's only one speech. It's three days off work. You're going to this conference."

"But mommmmm." He whined, putting on his best pleading expression in order to attempt to get his way.

"Don't try to pull that with me. I'll make a deal with you. You do this speech, which is on the first day by the way, and we can spend the next day, the entire day, in the hotel room doing as you please."

"I see what you're trying to do. You're just trying to manipulate me into going so that I'll do the speech and then we can stay in the next day and fuck like rabbits. But that's not going to work with me Lisa Cuddy, because I know you enjoy sex just as much as I do, probably even more, you little nympho. So if it's what I want to do, we're playing call of duty the entire day, and then, maybe, if you're lucky, we'll have some fun times."

He was teasing her of course, but her expression of disbelief caused him much amusement No sane man would choose playing call of duty when he would have the chance the spend the entire day ravishing his wife's body.

"No, do you think I'm crazy? Of course we can fuck like rabbits."

"Hm, I thought so. Maybe we can start that marathon a little early. The kids are gone until tomorrow afternoon…"

He watched as she slipped off her top, leaving her scantily clad in her bra and jeans, his eyes widening in approval.

"What kind of question is that?" House replied, pulling her into his lap and wrapping her legs around him, his hands automatically moving to her waist.

"An offer I knew you wouldn't refuse."


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