Things Supernatural has taught me

NEVER go camping- unless you are willing to be tied up and kept as food (And that's if you're lucky)

Carry peanut M&M's- good for trail making

If your sink mysteriously begins to fill up with water, don't put your hand into it, you doofus

When the plane is going to crash, quit treating Dean like he's frickin' four

Humming Metallica is an excellent way to calm down

Never EVER go anywhere near a mirror, especially if you have some sort of dark secret. They're SCARY

Topless guys are attractive, that is until they start ripping their skin off, their teeth all out and they morph into some thing scary

Steam showers are AWESOME

That attitude is why I always get the extra cookie

Pranking can get way outta control

Editors wont notice when you call your brother Jared by accident

Dean Winchester isn't gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot

If a monster truck is driving behind you, park up and run for your life

Never invite a clown into your house in the middle of the night. In fact, screw that, never invite a clown round to your house anytime unless you want to get killed

The Impala + crowbar = not the best way of venting your anger

Improvise (But always place Spongebob side down)

Want to know if someone's really dead? Poke her with a stick

Aliens will probe you again and again and again and again and again and again..and then one more time

They will then proceed to slow dance with you

Castiel loves confetti

Never let an angel choose your TV viewing

The pizza man truly loves that babysitter

You can learn a lot from the pizza man

Look after your brother, ya idjit

Sammy's shoe is out there somewhere, and I shall find it one day

Chuck is NOT a God

And, most importantly, Possums kill!