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It was finally the wedding day; Rita and Flynn had been preparing for this moment since the day that Flynn proposed to Rita. They were going to have it in the same cathedral that Yuri and Estelle married in and the priest, as usual, was Raven though he had promised Rita, under pains of death, not to mess it up. Robert had spend the last two weeks helping Rita prepare for the wedding and between time he also talked to her, catching up on the last 18 years of Rita's life. He was impressed by her role in the destruction of the Adephagos and was proud of his daughter's achievement but he was more impressed by her attitude, Rita was the complete opposite of what he and Diane were 19 years ago…she was hot-headed, brash and prone to fits of violence especially if someone really annoyed her, though it calmed down by now since her heart's condition, Robert wondered about this…was it because she had been alone for 18 years? Robert didn't know and he had no intention of finding out since he was partially to blame for Rita's behaviour but since he's arrival Rita had acted more like a lady and less like a tomboy.

Robert went to Zaphias castle where Rita and Flynn were preparing for the wedding ceremony. He was impressed on how Zaphias had changed over the 18 years he left, it was only a small capital back then with only a battalion of knights stationed here but now…he was simply amazed at how far Zaphias had come, he now began to regret ever running away from Aspio and began his life as a wandering mage. He entered the castle and went straight to Rita's room, he knocked on the door and after getting permission he entered the door and was stunned at what he saw: Rita was dressed in a crimson wedding dress that was adorned with various gems and jewels, at first Rita didn't want the dress but after hearing how Flynn was the one who ordered the dress she decided to wear it just to make him happy, and finally she had a tiara, courtesy of Princess Estellise, on her head. He almost thought that his wife, Diane, was back with him on their wedding day. He approached her and kissed Rita on the neck, he did this instead of somewhere else since Rita was still not comfortable with Robert kissing her anywhere else the first few times he did resulted in him being punched but now Rita was more comfortable with Robert kissing her, "You look wonderful Rita" he said.

"Thanks dad" Rita said smiling, she still had to get used to calling Robert 'dad' and sometimes she stumbled over her words, "I'm nervous" she admitted.

"Don't worry you'll be fine" Robert said looking over his daughter, "I was nervous for my wedding with your mother…you look just like her."

"You had a wedding in Aspio dad, I'm having a wedding in Zaphias, the capital city, in front of thousands of nobles and knights not to mention my friends."

"What's the difference?"

"The difference being that you only had the mages as witnesses, if you screwed up you could've had a laugh about it but here…ergh I don't even want to think about it."

"Hahaha" Robert laughed, "you're just like your mother…she was also worried about how the wedding would go."

"Was she?" Rita asked sarcastically, "well I guess we know why then."

"I'm proud of you Rita…" Robert said softly, "you saved the world with some fine friends…and you've lived this long without me, you're truly the greatest daughter a father could want."

"Thank you father…that means a lot to me today" Rita said smiling.

"Now come on, don't want to keep Flynn waiting do you?" The two of them then went on board the carriage that Estelle had reserved for them, they made their way to the cathedral where the bells were ringing twice as loud as it was during Estelle's wedding day…in fact it nearly deafened her but she didn't mind…today was her special day, the day where she would be with Flynn for the rest of her life. They got to the dressing room where Estelle was waiting for them, "hey Estelle" Rita said.

"Oh Rita you look wonderful today…" Estelle beamed, "it's just like my wedding day."

"Ah…" Rita laughed nervously, 'no it isn't' she thought but decided not to argue, "thanks…" she muttered.

"Thank you Princess Estellise for being my daughter's maid of honour" Robert said bowing, "we owe you a debt of gratitude."

"Oh no…" Estelle said blushing, "the honour is all mine…I just want to help Rita just this once like she always had since we first met."

"Still thanks Estelle, I owe you big time" Rita said smiling. Soon it was time for the ceremony, Robert left to take his place while Rita and Estelle prepared themselves for another wedding, then when the music started playing they got out of the dressing room and walked down the aisle where Flynn was waiting along with Yuri who was, uncomfortably, dressed in a tuxedo. Rita came up next to Flynn who was nervously waiting for the ceremony to end, perhaps because he was embarrassed that a lot of nobles had actually come to the ceremony much to his dismay, "what's wrong Flynn?" Rita asked, "nervous?"

"You're not?" Flynn asked surprisingly.

"Just a bit…but you're a lot more nervous than I am" Rita said.

"And why would I be?"

"Because you're marrying me?"

"That's not a good excuse to be nervous."

The rest of the ceremony then went on smoothly, which surprised Rita because knowing Raven he would've done something to make sure that Rita had a special day. As Flynn and Rita went out of the cathedral she saw a carriage that was waiting for the both of them, it was gilded in gold and had phoenixes and horses engraved on it, Rita chuckled a bit as she knew that it was most likely Flynn who had arranged the whole thing, "God Flynn…isn't this a bit too much?" she asked.

"If it's for you…" Flynn said smiling at her direction, "nothing is too much." Rita laughed at those words and happily went on the carriage as it sailed through the streets of Zaphias and straight to the reception hall where Rita and Flynn would be greeting guests, setting the place up and all sorts of things as well as resting since it was going to be an eventful night. Rita arrived at the reception and the first thing she did was go to the bridal room and collapse on the chair, "urgh…is this what Estelle felt like on her wedding day?" she asked herself, "I'm completely exhausted."

Robert then went in and sat next to Rita, "That was exhausting wasn't it?" he asked with a smile earning a glare from his daughter, "was that a serious question father?" Rita asked.

"I'm proud of you Rita" Robert said ruffling her hair a bit, "you've grown into becoming a fine woman."

"Thank you father" Rita said then after a while, "what was mother like?"

Robert sighed and sat back, "Oh Diane…she was a beauty, there was no flower that could be compared to her for she was a flower herself, kind and caring she always took care of the other mages when they were overworked from figuring some formula or another…perhaps that was what made me fall in love with her at first…because she cared for me."

"And that changed?" Rita asked.

Robert nodded, "As we started dating more and more I found that what I loved wasn't her caring personality, well I did but that's not the main reason, but it was her smile that did the trick for me…that smile that always brightened by life whenever I see it."

"Don't all men say that" Rita commented smirking earning her a light punch from her father, "do you miss her?"

"Everyday…there isn't a moment that goes by that I don't think about her…you know you actually look like her in some ways."

"I do?"

"Your eyes for starters…it's the same colour as your mother, azure blue, then there's your hair, fiery red and then…there's your height."

"What about my height?"

"Short just like your mother."

"Oi!" Rita yelled as she tried to punch her father only to be held back by his long hands making both of them laugh, then the door opened and Estelle came in, "hey Estelle" Rita said.

"Hello Rita, Mr Mordio…what are you two doing?" Estelle asked cocking her head to one side.

"Uh…nothing…" Rita said as she got up, "anyways…what are you doing here Estelle? Where's Yuri?"

"Yuri's with Flynn preparing for the reception" Estelle said just as there was a loud explosion, "oh dear…" Estelle said looking out.

"Old man Raven and Karol?" Rita asked exasperatedly as she closed her eyes trying to calm herself down.

"Yes…along with Judith as well" Estelle said with surprise in her voice.

"Judith? What would Judith want with those two?" Rita asked, "actually on second thought don't tell me because I don't wanna know."

Robert chuckled and got up saying, "I'll see what those three are up to…you take a rest Rita 'cause it's going to be a long night."

"Okay see ya father" Rita said yelling after Robert, "phew…that's done and dusted."

Estelle closed the door behind her and inhaled and exhaled before saying, "Rita I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Rita asked, "and what's with the closed door."

"I can't let anyone else hear because it's supposed to be kept a secret…but I'm pregnant with Yuri's child."

Rita's face instantly went hot as she tried to imagine how her child was going to be and nearly fainted, "Wh-what? So soon?"

"Yes" Estelle said nodding, "even the doctor said that it was a complete surprise."

"Congratulations Estelle, I'm so glad for you" Rita said shaking Estelle's hand up and down, "so what are you going to call him or her if it's a girl?"

"I don't know…" Estelle said sitting down, "it's all so sudden that I've barely even made plans for a baby."

"Don't worry we'll help you Estelle, you can always count on Brave Vesperia."

"Thank you Rita…you're the best friend have I ever told you that?"

"Hahaha…several times in a month."

"I should leave you to rest Rita…it will be tiring as your father says" Estelle said leaving Rita alone in the room, Rita smiled and she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep on the chair.

She was woken up by a loud knocking on her door, startled she jumped and crashed to the floor resulting in the door opening rather loudly, "Are you okay Rita?" Estelle asked rushing to her aid, "is it your heart? Do you feel fine?" and other questions relating to her health. Rita grabbed Estelle's shoulder and said, "I'm fine Estellle…my heart is fine it's just that you scared me when you knocked on the door."

"Should I have knocked a little softer then?" Estelle asked.

"No it's fine…look is there something you wanted?" Rita said deflecting the statement.

"Oh yes…it's time for your reception" Estelle said joyfully.

Rita blinked a few times before the whole thing dawned on her, "Oh crud the reception…I completely forgot" as she rushed here and there to get ready while Estelle stood there laughing softly before coming to help her get ready, "I thought my father would have woken me up sooner than now" Rita grumbled.

"He did but…but he said you looked cute sleeping so he decided to let you sleep for a few moments but he must've lost track of time" Estelle explained.

"Anyone else came with him?" Rita asked fearing that Raven or Karol came with and she wouldn't hear the end of it if that happened.

"Not that I know of" Estelle replied.

Soon Rita was ready and she took her position just as the whole thing was beginning, she could hear Raven talking and pulling off a couple of jokes before she could hear him say, "And now…ladies and gentlemen let's welcome Mrs. Rita Scifo" and the door opened to the sound of the crowd clapping, Rita was taken aback for a moment before she smiled and walked down the aisle to where the Flynn was, sitting at the table of honour, along with her father and Yuri who was trying his best to look interested. After a lengthy talk about Rita and Flynn and how they first met each other it was time for the dance, Rita wasn't even aware that it was time for the dance as the whole even up to that time had been a blur, Flynn stood up and offered his hand, "can I have this dance?" he asked with a smile and Rita smiled back before taking his hand.

They went to the dance floor where they danced to the slow tune of the music, Estelle must've picked it because of Rita's heart condition but she didn't mind…as long as she was near Flynn that was all that mattered to her, "You look beautiful tonight Rita" Flynn whispered. "Don't I always?" Rita asked back smiling.

"No but you really do look more beautiful than ever tonight" Flynn replied.

"I never thought you would be the one that I would marry…in fact I never even thought of marrying until I met you."

"There's always something that will surprise you…even for a great mage such as yourself."

"Ex-mage…I retired remember?"

"Ah yes…who could forget?"

"Don't be so sarcastic…"

"When am I ever sarcastic?"

"I love you Flynn…"

"I love you too Rita, from now until the end of time." They then kissed much to the joy of the crowd, then suddenly a loud crack resounded and Rita jumped only to hear a whistling sound before the sky just beside them burst into blue, red and green lights…other colours then erupted in the sky as Ba'ul suddenly appeared and roared before flying off again, "I guess now I know what those three were up to" Rita said referring to Karol, Raven and Judith's meeting.

"Is that so?" Flynn smiled looking at the sky.

"You knew didn't you? Did father knew as well?" Rita asked.

"Nah…just me and those three you mentioned and maybe Yuri since he's always poking his nose where it doesn't belong."

"Hey…I'm right here you know?" Yuri said leaning on the wall and smiling as he watched the night sky turned into day. As Rita watched the sky she looked around to see Estelle chatting with Robert as they watched the fireworks, Repede sitting down next to Yuri wagging his tail and barking now and then as though he was commenting on the fireworks, the twin Gauche and Driote were busy eating the food though they were also transfixed on the fireworks and finally Judith, Karol and Raven, who had rappelled down the roof since she later found out that it was quicker than using Ba'ul, smiling at her in joy. She closed her eyes and mentally thought to herself, 'thank you everyone…for always being there for me, I truly do love you all…I will always cherish you as friends and family…but most of all thank you God for giving me Flynn and showing me that there is always a light at the end of the darkness' as she watched the firework she knew that the rest of her life would be a peaceful and bliss one and that was all she needed to know.